Cody Rhodes vs Dominik Mysterio Set for WWE Money in the Bank 2023

Cody Rhodes vs Dominik Mysterio WWE Money in the Bank 2023
Cody Rhodes vs Dominik Mysterio WWE Money in the Bank 2023, Credits – WWE

Two generational superstars will clash as Cody Rhodes takes on Dominik Mysterio in a singles match at WWE Money in the Bank 2023 event.

The match was set up after Cody Rhodes interrupted Rhea Ripley’s Women’s World Championship title presentation ceremony during this week’s RAW episode(June 12). Cody said since Brock Lesnar was not showing up to face him again, he would challenge Dominik to face him at Money in the Bank 2023. Rhea accepted the challenge on behalf of her stablemate.

The storyline between Cody and Dominik started last week during The Miz TV segment. Cody was the special guest on the show and called out Brock Lesnar for a match again. The Miz then brought out Dominik saying that Dominik being a generational talent was the only other superstar who would understand Cody’s mindset. Frustrated by heavy booing from the crowd, Dominik called Cody a deadbeat day just like his father as he chose to come to RAW with an injury rather than spend time with her young daughter.

Cody said he respected Dominik’s father Rey Mysterio but he committed many mistakes, including the one standing in front of him in Dominik. Dominik then slapped Cody from behind after he teased leaving the ring. Cody was frustrated with the cheap shot from Dominik and vented his frustration by dropping The Miz with a punch with his cast arm.

Miz and Cody were booked for a match tonight on RAW. Before Rhea accepted Cody’s challenge, Miz tried to attack Cody. This distraction allowed Dominik another chance to take a cheap shot at Cody. Dominik and Rhea ran out just as Rhea accepted the challenge. Cody then defeated The Miz in a singles match.

WWE Money in the Bank 2023 is set for July 1 in London, UK. This is the first match to be announced outside of men and women Money in the Bank ladder matches.

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