WWE RAW June 12, 2023 Results, Live Updates, Winners

Matt Riddle vs Damian Priest WWE RAW June 12 2023

Welcome to the live results blog for WWE RAW June 12, 2023 episode which will be live from Wichita, KS, with the build-up to Money in the Bank 2023 PPV continuing.

Matt Riddle and Damian Priest will clash in the qualifier for men’s Money in the Bank Ladder match. They will clash to earn the last spot in the men’s MITB match. A women’s qualifier is also expected to take place on this episode to complete women’s MITB line-up.

Cody Rhodes takes on The Miz in a singles match. Dominik Mysterio is expected to be lurking around after he had an altercation with Cody last week. Imperium’s Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser will battle Tag Team Champions Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in a non-title tag team match.

Tune in below as we post results live from WWE Monday Night RAW June 12, 2023 episode with live updates, winners, highlights and complete action.


  • Cody Rhodes defeated The Miz in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Becky Lynch defeated Chelsea Green in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Damian Priest defeated Matt Riddle in Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier via pinfall.
  • Bronson Reed defeated Ricochet in a singles match via disqualification.
  • Shayna Baszler defeated Raquel Rodriguez in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Chad Gable defeated Erik in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn(c) vs Imperium(Gunther & Ludwig Kaiser) – WWE Tag Team Championship


Women’s World Champion & Dominik!

Rhea Ripley opens the show with her entrance. Adam Pearce is in the ring with the new Women’s World title under wrap. Pearce then unveils the new title and hands it to Rhea to recognize as the first Women’s World Champion. Dominik runs out and puts the title on Rhea’s waist. Rhea takes the mic and asks Dominik to tell us how amazing she is. The crowd starts to boo when Dominik takes the mic. Dominik says he is sick of this respect.

Cody Rhodes’ music hits and he comes out now. Cody says they can talk about Rhea’s new title and his respect for Rhea for being the champion. But, Cody takes us to a recap of Dominik taking a cheap shot at him last week. Cody says it would have been nice to hear Brock Lesnar’s music hits, but he does not think Brock has the balls to face him once again. Cody then challenges Dominik for a match at Money in the Bank PLE. Dominik says he has already embrassed Cody. The crowd starts to chant “You Suck!”

Cody highlights this and the crowd chants get louder. Rhea says Dominik is more of a man than anyone here. Cody intervenes to get the chants started once again. Miz tries to attack Cody from behind but Cody blocks it. Dominik hits Cody from behind before Rhea accepts the challenge. Cody clotheslines Miz out of the ring while Rhea and Dominik run to the stage. We cut to a break.

The Miz vs Cody Rhodes

Miz goes for a waistlock but Cody nails him with punches and a dropkick. Cody hits a signature dropdown uppercut before he sends Miz to the floor. He hits a kick on the apron to keep Miz out of the ring and hits a suicide dive. Back to the ring, Miz tries to attack from behind the referee but Cody hits him with a drop-toe hold. Miz drops to his knees when Cody goes for a whip. Cody is sent to the apron with a back body drop and then knocked off it.

Miz takes the control and hits several punches. Cody blocks a DDT and hits a suplex. Cody crashes into the turnbuckle as the Miz side steps a running corner tackle from him. Miz sends him to the floor to take us to a break.

Miz hits a corner clothesline as we return. He goes to the top and Cody meets him there. They get back down and Cody hits side-effect. Cody hits a snap powerslam and a disaster kick to get a close two-count. Miz blocks Cody Cutter and hits “It kicks” followed by a DDT to get a two-count. Cody hits Cody Cutter and then hits Cross Rhodes to get the pinfall.

Winner – Cody Rhodes

Becky Lynch Speaks!

Becky Lynch is backstage talking to Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn before she starts to walk towards Gorilla Position. She walks past Alpha Academy as Chad Gable teaches some wrestling to Maxxine Dupri.

Becky takes the mic after the break. She brings up Money in the Bank ladder match and how it has eluded her always. But, she has a good feeling this year. Becky says we are conditioned to think that the #1 person in the company is the champion. Becky argues that Money in the Bank winner has more power and hence, is the more important as he/she has power to scare the champions.

Becky then moves towards talking about Trish Stratus and says Trish needed an insurance policy to beat her. Zoey Stark comes out and says Becky can talk anymuch she wanted but she is not beating Trish. Becky praises Zoey for her in-ring talent, but says Stark does not have a personality. Zoey snaps at her and says Becky should look into a mirror before talking about personality. Stark says she will break her face at MITB. Becky says why does she have to wait until MITB.

Chelsea Green’s music hits and she comes out with Sonya Deville. Green says she did not hit back at Becky last week since she did not want to cost Sonya an opportunity in the Money in the Bank. Becky asks her to stop talking and get to action.

Becky Lynch vs Chelsea Green

Becky hits a spear to start. She hits an enzuigiri before Green gets to the top and tries to hit a boot. Becky then pushes her off the top and down to the floor.

Chelsea is in control. Stark is sitting on a ladder set up on the stage. Becky tries to fire shots but Chelsea takes her down with a snapmare. She kicks Becky into the corner. Becky fights back with puches. She goes to the top and knocks Green back down when she jumps up. Becky hits a suplex before Green rolls to the floor. Becky sends Green into the barricade a few times before getting back into the ring. Green blocks the Manhandle slam and rolls up Becky for a two-count. Becky quickly transitions into DisArmHer to get a quick submission.

Winner – Becky Lynch

We see a recap of Seth Rollins defending World Heavyweight Championship against Damian Priest. We see Judgment Day backstage but Finn Balor is distracted.

Matt Riddle vs Damian Priest – Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifier

Priest starts with big blows. Riddle catches a kick and puts on an ankle lock. Priest quickly gets to the ropes to break it. Riddle puts on the Kimura lock next. Priest overpowers him to break free. Priest sends Riddle into the corner before Riddle fires back with some strikes. He hits a running tackle before a running forearm in the corner. A big right from Riddle before he uses a low bridge to send Priest to the floor. Riddle goes for a penalty kick on the apron but Priest grabs his leg and trips him on the apron.

Riddle gets up as the referee starts a countdown. Riddle sends Priest over the announce table when Priest tries to attack him on the floor. Back to the ring, Priest hits a flatliner. He stomps on Riddle in the corner. Riddle hits some punches but Priest hits a backbreaker. Priest keeps Riddle under control for a while before Riddle hits him with a monkey flip. Riddle hits some quick strikes and a Pele kick. He hits an exploder suplex and a broton before Priest moves to the floor. Riddle hits a penalty kick from the apron and a moonsault on the floor.

Back to the ring, Priest tries to counter only for Riddle to hit a bridging German suplex for a two-count. Riddle hits some more quick strikes but Priest blocks the Pele kick and trips Riddle. He hits a backbreaker to take us to a break.

Riddle hits sidekicks before he puts on ankle lock. Priest hits some kicks to attempt a break. Riddle puts on a sleeper choke. Priest has to slam his back to the mat to break free. Riddle puts on a sleeper back quickly but Priest breaks free and hits a clothesline. Priest cuts off Riddle’s springboard move with a big uppercut. He hits a headlock driver next for a near fall. Riddle blocks a chokeslam and gets to the top. After some back and forth, Riddle hits a fisherman superplex to get a near fall. Riddle sets up floating bro but Priest gets out of the way. Riddle gets to the top once again but Priest picks him up to hit a Razor’s Edge to get the pinfall.

Winner – Damian Priest

Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser from Imperium come out after the match to attack Riddle. Gunther beats up Riddle for a while. Kaiser holds Riddle’s arms on the back as Gunther hits a big chop.

Natalya is interviewed by Byron Saxton backstage and asked if locker room rumbling about Natalya not being herself were true. Natalya says she does not even know what her original style is, and may be it is a good thing.

Byron quickly transitions into an interview with Tag Team Champions Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Owens says he came very close to beating Gunther last week. Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser come in and start to argue with the champions. Adam Pearce comes in to try to keep things under control. Owens gets agitated and says they will put their tag titles on the line. Gunther asks Pearce to make it official.

We see a recap of The Bloodline storyline last week on SmackDown which saw Jey Uso failing to win United States Championship match.

Ricochet vs Bronson Reed

A quick start. Ricochet hits calf kicks. Ricochet blocks a chokeslam but Reed nails him with a big uppercut. Shinsuke Nakamura comes out. Ricochet hits quick kicks before Reed drops him on the ropes. We cut to a break.

Reed has Ricochet in an electric chair position. Ricochet fights out of it and hits a handspring kick. He hits an enzuigiri and another big kick to send Reed to the floor. He hits a suicide dive on the floor before a springboard crossbody and a springboard moonsault in the ring to get a two-count. Another kick sends Reed off the apron but he catches Ricochet and throws him into Nakamura on the announce table. Reed takes Ricochet back to the ring. Nakamura attacks Reed to cause a disqualification.

Winner – Bronson Reed(via DQ)

Ricochet argues with Nakamura after the bell. Reed tackles them both. Reed goes to the top for Tsunami on Nakamura but Ricochet hits an enzuigiri. Nakamura and Ricochet hit a superplex on Reed.

Sami Zayn is backstage with Kevin Owens and asks him about his outbursts lately. Owens says maybe it is all the stress heading into WrestleMania and then The Bloodline continuing to come after them, and now he does not understand what all these Europeans in the locker room are saying. Owens assures that he will be good in the ring though.

Adam Pearce is backstage on a call and confirms that Imperium vs Owens & Sami match is for tag team titles. Ricochet comes to him and says he wants a rematch against Reed next week. Pearce tells him that Reed is already booked to face Nakamura. Nakamura comes in and Ricochet asks him why did he interfere in the match as he did not need his help. Nakamura says it’s his chance to succeed where Ricochet failed, beating Reed.

Balor Calls out Rollins!

Finn Balor comes out to the ring and he looks in a bad mood. He calls out Seth Rollins. Rollins comes out and the crowd continues to sing for him. Balor gets frustrated with it. He calls them to shut up and says 7 years ago he was the first round draft pick on RAW, he beat Roman Reigns on his first night on RAW and then he defeated Rollins to become the first ever Universal Champion. The crowd still continues to sing and Rollins is enjoying it. Balor says this is serios. Rollins asks the crowd if they are having fun and the singing stops.

Balor says he is not having fun and waited for 7 years to say something. The crowd starts singing again. Rollins asks him what does Balor want to say. Balor says his biggest moment became his worst nightmare in minutes because of Rollins. He is not bothered about injury, but he is pissed about the crowd singing for him. Balor says Rollins took everything from him- his momentum, his title, and a year of his time in the ring. Balor says it is his turn to take it all away from Rollins, and he is gonna do it at Money in the Bank.

Rollins starts to cackle. Rollins says he is laughing because he has been waiting to see this Finn Balor for the last 7 years. Rollins says one of them got bitter that day(Balor), while the other one got better(Rollins). Rollins agrees that he has done some bad things for the past 7 years but he has also made memories and moments that the fans won’t forget. And now, he is the greatest version of Seth Rollins, and if Balor wants a crack at Money in the Bank, it is on. Rollins then wonders which version of Balor will be at Money in the Bank because this version of bitter Balor does not stand a chance against him, but the Balor he faced 7 years ago has the chance.

Raquel Rodriguez vs Shayna Baszler

They lock up to start and Raquel pushes Shayna away. She hits a fallaway slam before continuing to beat up Shayna. Shayna rolls to the floor. Raquel brings her back. Baszler hits a kick to her midsection. Baszler starts to work on her leg and stomps on it. Raquel drops her with a clothesline. She catches Baszler’s kick and kicks at her hamstring. Raquel hits a corkscrew elbow drop next. She goes for her finisher but Ronda gets to the apron. Raquel goes to pick her up but Baszler rolls her up from behind. Ronda assists Baszler to get the pinfall.

Winner – Shayna Baszler

We get a video package for The Iron Shiek.

Erik vs Chad Gable

Maxxine and Otis are in Gable’s corner while Ivar and Valhalla are in Erik’s. Gable shooshes Erik before ducking a lock-up. He puts on a side headlock but Erik slam him to the mat. Erik puts him on the top but Gable fights back and kicks Erik down. Gable hits a splash in the ring. Otis and Maxxine encourage Gable. This enrages Valhalla who charges at Maxxine. Maxxine hits an armdrag on Valhalla to the surprise of everyone. Gable hits a sunset flip on Erik in the ring to get the pinfall.

Winner – Chad Gable

We see Finn Balor talking to JD McDonagh before Damian Priest walks in. Priest says Balor looks in better mood now. They congratulate each other for getting their matches at Money in the Bank. Priest tries to clear any confusion between them.

Seth Rollins is interviewed backstage and he brings up that Finn Balor is having issues with Damian Priest. Rollins says he is feeling excited and announces an open challenge for next week.

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn(c) vs Imperium(Gunther & Ludwig Kaiser) – WWE Tag Team Championship

Sami starts against Gunther. Gunther pushes him down to the mat. Sami hits some chops but Gunther pushes him down once again. Gunther puts on a headlock before Sami uses a low bridge to send him down to the floor. Sami hits a suicide dive to take us to a break.

Sami is in control against Kaiser as we return. He hits some punches before Kaiser hits him with a tackle. Sami hits an armdrag. Kaiser takes him to the corner. Sami whips him from corner to corner, blocks a kick and hits an elbow from the second rope. Owens tags in and hits a senton on Kaiser after Sami trips Kaiser. Owens hits a moonsault to get a two-count. Owens and Kaiser trade punches. Kaiser kicks at midsection. He hits some uppercuts before Owens hits a clothesline and another senton to get a two-count.

Sami tags but Kaiser drives him to the corner. Gunther tags in before Sami fights both opponents. Sami clotheslines Kaiser to the floor before Gunther hits him with a boot. Gunther also knocks off Owens from the apron before he hits a splash on Sami for a two-count. Kaiser tags in nand puts on a chinlock. Sami hits shots to midsection. Kaiser hits an uppercut. Kaiser drops Sami to the floor. Gunther drops Sami with a side slam on the apron while Kaiser distracted the referee. We cut to another break.

Sami hits a powerbomb on Kaiser as we return. Tags to Owens and Gunther. Owens fires quick shots before a clothesline and a senton. He hits an exploder before knocking off Kaiser from the apron and a superkick and a cannonball on Gunther in the corner. Owens hits a swanton bomb for a near fall. Gunther rolls up Owens for a two-count when Kaiser runs a distraction. Both men hit each other with big boot. Sami and Kaiser get the tags and Sami hits an exploder suplex. Gunther pulls Sami out of the ring but misses a chop against the ring post.

Kaiser recovers and manages to get control back for Imperium. Gunther tags in. Kaiser knocks Owens off the apron and hits him with a suicide dive. Gunther hits his lariat finisher but Sami kicks out. Sami is hit with Imperium bomb but Owens tackles Gunther into the pin attempt to break the pin. Gunther and Owens fight on the apron. Riddle runs out to the ramp. Sami hits Kaiser with Blue Thunderbomb to get the pinfall.

Winners – Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens

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