Cody Rhodes vs Dominik Mysterio Live Blog, WWE Money in the Bank 2023

Cody Rhoades MITB 2023

Cody Rhodes defeated Dominik Mysterio clash in one of the marquee matches at WWE Money in the Bank 2023 event. Scroll below for the live updates from the match.


The Judgment tried to recruit the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes, but he continuously refused. Then Cody Rhodes appeared as a guest on the Miz TV on the June 5 edition of Raw. The Miz also brought in the other guests – Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley. 

Dominik and Cody had a cold verbal exchange after which Dominik slapped Cody and fled the ring. The following week, Cody Rhodes interrupted Rhea Ripley’s World Women’s Championship presentation and challenged Dominik to a match which Rhea accepted on his behalf.

Live Updates

Dominik manages to connect the first strike and punches Cody. Dom runs from Cody but the latter catches up and then Don retreats. Dom comes to the ring and then slaps Cody again. 

It angers Cody who rips off the cast, Dom escapes the ring and starts running before Cody catches him on the ramp and takes him back to the ring. Cody dominates in the ring before hitting the running powerslam. 

Cody tries to get the Corssrhoades but Dom tries to escape again, this time from the crowd. Cody catches Dom again and brings him back. Outside the ring, Rhea confronts Cody. Dom distracts the ref and Rhea trips Cody from the apron who hits the steel steps. 

Dom takes him out with a dive before sending him to the ring post. Cody gets back to the ring after eight count. Dom continues his offense, takes Cody out again and bangs his face several times on the announce table.

Cody beats the count again, but Dom continues to take charge. He keeps control of the match and puts him in the neck lock. Dom tries to go for three amigos but Cody blocks the third suplex and sends him face-first into the ring. 

Cody finally gets back in the match and hits Dom with the bodyslam. Cody is fired up and hits Dom with the disaster kick for two-count. Rhea gets on the apron to distract Cody, Dom with the roll-up. 

Dom tries to hit the 619, but Cody blocks it, and hits Dom with the swinging alabama slam before he connects the Cody cutter. Cody then connects Crossrhoades to get the pinfall. 

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