WWE RAW 21 December 2020 Live Results, Updates, Grades

Welcome to ITN’s Live Results, Updates and Grades for WWE Monday Night RAW episode of 21 December 2020(12/21/2020) featuring the fallout from WWE TLC 2020 and buildup for Royal Rumble 2021.

Drew McIntyre AJ Styles WWE RAW December 2020

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New Champions

New WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Charlotte Flair opens the show. She brags about how nothing has changed in WWE in last six months as she won a title on the first night she was back. She brings out Asuka who is at her cheerful best. Asuka says Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler were not ready for Asuka last night and definitely not ready for Flair. Flair was going to ask Asuka about the RAW Women’s title shot when Jax and Baszler interrupt.

The commentator announces that Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler will face Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke. Jax and Baszler enter the ring and recall how they sent Flair away for 6 months and how they have sent Kairi Sane back to home. Brooke and Rose also come out now and take shots at Jax and Baszler about losing their title. Flair and Asuka would see their match from the commentary.

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler vs Sexy Muscle Friends (Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose)

Shayna Baszler holds advantage against Rose to start. Rose holds her position before both women tag out. Jax dominates Brooke before Brooke hits her with headscissor. Rose sends Nia out with a knee strike. Dana and Rose takes out both opponents with crossbody dives at the same time. The heels recover quickly and Mandy is thrown into the barricade as we go to break.

Back from commercial, the heels are beating Rose down. Jax clubbing away, Mandy gets a hopeful slap across her face in and dodges the leg drop. Baszler tags in and clears Dana off the apron. Rose ducks a lariat, hits lariats herself. A suplex and a back elbow gets Rose complete control. Brooke tags in to hit handspring splash. Dana hits an enzuigiri and a senton. Jax breaks the pin.

Rose with a diving knee for Jax, Brooke handspring elbow on the floor, back inside and Baszler cuts her off with a backbreaker! Dana is able to duck the bicep stomp, schoolboy into the turnbuckles, no good! Shayna locks the Kirifuda Clutch on Dana Brooke who taps out immediately.

Winners – Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

Post-match, Sexy Muscle Friends take out the heels as they were taunting Asuka and Flair.

Grade- C. Good match but nothing special.

VIP Lounge with Hurt Business

Hurt Business is bullying someone backstage who was in a New Day t-shirt. They put him in a Hurt Business t-shirt. After the break, they all head out to the ring for The VIP Lounge segment. MVP goes on bragging about why The Hurt Business is better than pthers. Cedric and Benjamin talk about winning the titles from The New Day at WWE TLC. Lashley goes on about how they are the most dominant force in WWE. He also guarantees there is not a man alive who can beat him for his title.

They pose for a photo in the ring when 24/7 Champion R-Truth comes in to photobomb them. The usual 24/7 chasers run out. Jeff Hardy and Riddle come out next and have a promo. Riddle congratulates them on title win before asking everyone to chill out with him. MVP says Riddle doesn’t know what he’s talking about, they don’t either. MVP says no one cares about Riddle’s hair-brained concepts. Hardy interrupts and says life is more than status, and they’d rather live a life of pride than greed. Hardy goes on about faith and is on the same page as Riddle it appears. Hardy’s music hits and they leave together as The Hurt Business looks on.

Drew Gulak vs Angel Garza

Drew Gulak is in the ring. Garza flirts with Sarah Schreiber before coming out. They grapple for a bit. Garza stops him and rips his pants off, throwing at Gulak for the distraction. Gulak comes back with a backbreaker. Gulak takes it to the corner but Garza turns it right back around. Garza with a big right hand and a knee to the ribs for a quick pin attempt.

Garza grounds Gulak now and works on his arm. Gulak turns it around with an abdominal stretch of his own. Garza breaks free with a shot to the ribs, dropping Gulak. Garza comes back with a sitdown slam for a 2 count. Gulak unloads on Garza in the corner. Garza nails a superkick and follows up with the Wing Clipper for the pin to win.

Winner- Angel Garza

Grade- C. It seems Garza’s push has started once again. The match was done fine but was too short to be rated much.

The Nightmare After TLC

Charly Caruso stops AJ backstage and asks how he felt when The Miz cashed in last night. AJ goes on about how he was furious, past his boiling point. Charly asks if AJ is so upset, then why did he accept the invite to be on MizTV tonight? AJ says he wants to find out what Miz has to say for himself, and for his sake, it better be good. AJ looked up at Omos when he said the last line. We go back to commercial.

The Miz & John Morrison are there for the MizTV segment. Miz says he failed to cash in the Money in the Bank contract successfully and let down his family and apologizes for it. He brings out AJ Styles. Styles is pissed at the Miz and calls him selfish and incompetent. He even claimed The Miz cost him the title and said both men lost because of him.

The Miz rants back at Styles and says he knows that and it’s why he is so pissed. Miz says it’s been 15 years for him at WWE and how long he has been trying to get back to the top of WWE and be the posterchild of the company. He apologized to Styles and said both men were robbed because he blew it. He offered Styles a role in the next Marine movie and it led to an argument between everybody, including Omos.

Morrison and Styles almost came to blows before Miz got between him and said he just realized something. Morrison cashed in for him and he thinks he should get the contract back since he is the only one who can cash it in. Drew McIntyre showed up and reminded them of their match later in the show. He recited a poem and was joined by Sheamus and Keith Lee. They got in the ring and started a brawl.

Ricochet vs T-Bar

Ricochet comes out of the blocks with a dropkick. He unloads on T-Bar but soon T-Bar grabs him and hits a few knees in his ribs. A vicious lariat follows which turns Ricochet upside down, but Ricochet kicks out at two. A headlock is put on and Ricochet fights back. Ricochet ducks the ropes to send T-Bar out.

Ricochet then takes out Mace and Slapjack on the floor. T-Bar attacks him from behind when Ricochet goes after Ali. T-Bar takes Ricochet back to the ring. Ali shouts at Ricochet near the ropes to join RETRIBUTION. Ricochet grabs Ali and was choking him when T-Bar picks him up and drops him in the middle of the ring. T-Bar covers and gets the win.

Winner- T-Bar

After the match, T-Bar takes the mic and once again tells Ricochet that it is inevitable for him to join RETRIBUTION.

Bobby Lashley & MVP vs Jeff Hardy & Riddle

Hardy attacks MVP and Lashley as soon as the bell rings. He gets some shots going before tagging in Riddle. Lashley quickly overtakes Riddle and takes him to his corner. Quick tags between MVP and Lashley as they keep Riddle cornered. Riddle tries to slipout and tag out. Lashley prevents the tag for a while. Riddle comes back with sidekicks and tags in Hardy. Hardy comes in hot with quick moves.

Riddle and Hardy double team as Hardy hits the poetry in motion after jumping from Riddle’s back. Lashley moves out for a breather and the Hardy Bros take on MVP. Hardy hits Lashley with a basement slide as we go to the commercial.

Hardy counter Lashley in the corner and goes to the top. Lashley pushes him out and Hardy bounces off the steel steps. Riddle checks on Hardy as he is hurt bad. He takes some time to get back. Lashley and MVP start working on Hardy’s left shoulder. MVP with a facebuster on the knee and an elbow drop.

Hardy counter in the corner and hits the whisper of the wind. Riddle tags in and starts unloading on MVP. Chops, running elbows, Cedric tries to distract, Riddle with a Northern Light suplex and Lashley had to break the pin. Lashley tags himself in and drops Riddle. Riddle avoids a suplex and tags in Hardy. Riddle takes out Benjamin and Alexander on the floor.

Hardy goes to the top. MVP distracts which gives Lashley the chance to recover. They go back and forth for a while before Lashley puts on the Hurt Lock. Hardy gives up after a while.

Winner- Bobby Lashley & MVP

After the match, Riddle is livid with Hurt Business. It seems that Alexander and Benjamin held him outside and he could not come to Hardy’s aid.

Grade- B. Riddle and Hardy shined in their offense. The finish undermines Hardy but is the right call if WWE is going towards Riddle vs Lashley at Royal Rumble.

Jaxson Ryker vs Lince Dorado

Elias is in the ring with Jaxson Ryker. He recalls winning at WrestleMania, getting hit by the car, releasing a best selling album and getting eletricuted. Lince Dorado runs in for his match against Ryker. Elias gets to the apron.

Ryker charges but Dorado ducks and kicks at his legs. Ryker runs him over soon. Elias gets on top of the turnbuckle and starts singing. Dorado counters in the corner before taking out Elias with head scissors. Ryker clotheslines Dorado before hitting his k-bomb finisher to win the match.

Winner- Jaxson Ryker

After the match, Elias gets back in the ring as Ryker poses.

Grade- too short to be rated.

Bliss Tells Us Where Fiend Is!

Orton comes out and starts his promo saying he has been called a lot of things during his career like sick and twisted and he proved he was all of those things last night when he burned The Fiend alive. The voices in his head from the Fiend were gone after last night. All he hears now is the sound of Wyatt gasping for his last breath.

The lights go out and the Fiend’s screams echoed. When they come back on, Alexa Bliss is sitting there on a swing. She says Wyatt built it for her and she invites Orton to play with her. She makes some jokes about Fiend being burned as Orton comes back into the ring. She says Wyatt is home now but if he ever comes back, it will be like nothing Orton has ever seen. The lights went out again as Bliss stares at Orton.

Asuka & Charlotte Flair vs Lacey Evans & Peyton Royce

Royce and Asuka kicked things off with an exchange. Evans tagged herself in and she was able to sweep Asuka’s leg but missed a slingshot elbow. Royce tagged back in and scored a two-count. After a commercial break, Asuka was being beaten down in the corner by Royce and Evans. They kept tagging themselves in and arguing with each other but managed to keep Asuka cornered until she hit Royce with a suplex. The Queen got the tag and took out both opponents with ease. She ended up getting the win with a Figure Eight.

Winner- Asuka & Charlotte Flair

Drew McIntyre, Sheamus & Keith Lee vs AJ Styles, Miz & John Morrison – Holiday Street Fight

Sheamus and JoMo started the match with an exchange of strikes. Morrison brought him down and tagged in The Miz to stomp him into the mat. The WWE champion tagged in and took control of Morrison until The Monday Night Delight took out his knee.

Lee came in and launched Morrison across the ring with McIntyre. He tags Sheamus back in and they hit a double shoulder block. They worked together to take out Styles and Miz, too. Their playful banter almost led to another fight before the break.

Sheamus was in control of Styles when we returned. He and McIntyre hit Miz and Morrison with the 10 Beats of the Bodhran before Lee grabbed both men and ran them into the apron. They slowly started to incorporate some of the stuff around the ring.

McIntyre powerbombed Styles through a table with a bowl of egg nog to make a huge mess. Sheamus tagged himself in to hit The Brogue Kick but Lee also tagged himself in. Omos put Morrison through a table while Lee beat Miz with a Spirit Bomb.

Winner- Drew McIntyre, Sheamus & Keith Lee

After the match, Sheamus hits Lee with a Brogue Kick. McIntyre yells at him as the show goes off the air.

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