Pyro Returns to WWE TV from Next Week

Pyro Returns to WWE TV from Next Week
Pyro Returns to WWE TV from Next Week

Big news is coming in regards to the return of the use of Pyro on WWE TV programming from new season next week onwards.

WWE will be making some significant changes to the look and feel of RAW and SmackDown from next week. As per reports, the company is set to introduce different set designs for both RAW and SmackDown to give them updated and fresh feeling.

Also reported is that WWE will be using new and expensive cameras for SmackDown to give it a more cinematic feel. WWE has already announced Draft 2019 from 11-14 October to divide the show rosters once again. The movement of athletes between the brands will become strict with the end of Wild card rule following the draft.

In the series of changes, WWE is set to bring back pyro to weekly shows as per a new report from Twitter Handle @WrestleVotes. WWE has not been using the Pyro on RAW and SmackDown for some years now. Not only this, the company is not using Pyro for many PPV shows also and reserving it only for major shows like WrestleMania and SummerSlam.

Originally, WWE cut back on the use of Pyro as a cost-cutting mechanism. However, they are very much in demand among the fans who have been demanding their return. Some fans expressed their delight on social media upon receiving the news. You can check those tweets below.

Next week is going to see some significant changes in the world of pro-wrestling. AEW’s weekly TV show Dynamite will start airing on TNT from 2 October. The show will go head to head against NXT on Wednesday nights.

SmackDown will move to Friday Nights and will air on Fox Network starting from 4 October. WWE is also looking to kick start new TV season from next week with a mega show on RAW with Universal Championship defense.

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