WWE Announces the Return of Draft Next Month

WWE Draft 2019
WWE announced the return of Draft this year

WWE has confirmed the return of the draft which will see WWE’s roster being shaken up, on SmackDown episode of 11 October and RAW episode of 14 October.

WWE Draft was replaced by the new Superstar Shakeup from 2016 onwards. The shakeup left behind much of the drama associated with the draft and was simply a process of announcing superstars changing their brands with the ongoing shows. This year also, WWE rearranged their roster post WrestleMania this year with Superstar Shakeup which saw the likes of AJ Styles, Roman Reigns and others to move from RAW to SmackDown and vice versa.

But soon after the shakeup, the Wildcard Rule was introduced which allowed the wrestlers from either brand to appear on other ones. However, with SmackDown moving to Fox from next month, it is being reported that the Wildcard Rule will be gone. And WWE is likely to seal the closure with a new draft.

Yesterday, WWE announced that WWE Draft will return this year. The process will start from SmackDown’s episode of 11 October on Fox and will conclude at 14 October episode of RAW on USA. WWE has also announced that in addition to WWE Superstars from both shows appearing on each broadcast, there will also be “personalities from FOX and NBCUniversal” brought in to make the announcements.

The news regarding this year’s draft first came from Dave Meltzer earlier this month. Recently, Bryan Alvarez claimed On Wrestling Observer Live that he has heard Vince McMahon was shown an NFL draft broadcast recently and the upcoming WWE draft will have more “pomp and circumstance” as a result. This could be why WWE announced NBC and Fox stars will be announcing picks of the draft.

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