NWA Crockett Cup 2022- Night 2 Live Results- Cardona vs Aldis

NWA Crockett Cup 2022 event will continue to Night 2 with all NWA championships on the line.

Matt Cardona will defend the NWA World Championship for the first time against Nick Aldis. Women’s Champion Kamille will defend her title in a triple threat match. Anthony Mayweather will clash against Jax Dane in NWA National title match while Tyrus and Rodney Mack will feature in NWA World Television title.

Crockett Cup 2022 tournament will continue with semifinal and final matches. The Briscoes, The Cardonas, LA Rebellion and The Commonwealth Connection are the remaining teams. The Hex will defend Women’s Tag Team Championship against Pretty Empowered while the vacant Junior Heavyweight Championship will be on the line in a four-way match.

Tune in for the results from NWA Crockett Cup 2022 Night 2 with live updates and highlights. Check here for live streaming of the event.

NWA Crockett Cup 2022 Night 2 Results

Pre Show

  • Mims defeated AJ Calzana in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Cyon & The OGK(Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) defeated Magic Jake Dumas & The Fixers(Jay Bradley & Wrecking Ball Legursky) and Gold Rushh(Black Jesus, Jordan Clearwater, Marshe Rockett) in a Tag Team War Match.
  • PJ Hawx defeated Alex Taylor in a singles match via pinfall.

Main Show

  • The Briscoes(Mark Briscoe & Jay Briscoe) defeated The Cardonas(Mike Knox & VSK) in Crockett Cup Semifinal Match via pinfall.
  • The Commonwealth Connection(Doug Williams & Harry Smith) defeated LA Rebellion(Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf) in Crockett Cup Semifinal Match via pinfall.
  • Anthony Mayweather(c) defeated Jax Dane via submission to retain NWA National Championship.
  • Jax Dane defeated Anthony Mayweather(c) via pinfall to win NWA National Championship
  • The Hex(Allysin Kay and Marti Belle)(c) defeated Pretty Empowered (Ella Envy and Kenzie Paige) via pinfall to retain NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship.
  • Homicide defeated Darius Lockhart, Colby Corino & Austin Aries via pinfall to win NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship.
  • Kamille(c) defeated Kylie Rae & Chelsea Green via pinfall to retain NWA World Women’s Championship.
  • Tyrus(c) defeated  Rodney Mack via pinfall to retain NWA World Television Championship.
  • The Briscoes(Mark Briscoe & Jay Briscoe) defeated The Commonwealth Connection(Doug Williams & Harry Smith) via pinfall to win Crockett Cup 2022 tournament.
  • Matt Cardona(c) defeated Nick Aldis via disqualification to retain NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Check the results from night 1 here.

Live Updates

The Briscoes(Mark Briscoe & Jay Briscoe) vs The Cardonas(Mike Knox & VSK) – Crockett Cup Semifinal Match

VSK hits an enzifuiri on Mark. Mark turns it around with chops and brings in Jay for some attack in the corner. Jay hits a couple of uppercuts before some stomps. Mark takes a shot at the ribs before nailing a suplex. Double team shoulder tackle follows. Briscoes keep VSK under control with more double team attack. VSK fights back with big boot and a low bridge Mark. Knox tags in and hits a crossbody on Jay. He crushes Jay against the rope next. VSK comes in and Knox drops him Jay before they hit a leg drop and moonsault combo.

Jay fights back in the corner with elbows and tags in Mark. Mark nails big shots on both opponents. Mark knocks off Knox from the apron with a running kick. VSK is dropped to the corner. A double armdrag from the top rope gets Mark a two-count. VSK hits back with a rising knee strike. Knox hits a crossbody, but Mark kicks out of the pin. Jay drops Knox off the apron. Mark gets his knees up on a moonsault from VSK. The Briscoes hit double team neckbreaker before hitting Doomsday Device to get the pin on VSK.

Winner – The Briscoes

LA Rebellion(Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf) vs The Commonwealth Connection(Doug Williams & Harry Smith) – Crockett Cup Semifinal Match

Bestia and Williams start. Williams picks Bestia’s leg but they come to the break immediately as Bestia grabs the ropes. A hammerlock from Williams before bringing in Smith. They hit a double team tackle before a headbutt to the gut from Smith. Smith hits a couple of body slams. LA Rebellion hit double team sitout powerbomb. Mecha starts to work on Smith’s leg as the referee is distracted in stopping Williams. Smith hits headbutts to the midsection before Mecha hits a dropkick. Bestia comes in and continues to work on the leg. Bestia puts on a half crab for a while.

Smith comes back with a powerslam. Williams gets a hot tag and drops Mecha with clotheslines and an European uppercut. More strikes follow quickly before a suplex. Williams hits a Tiger Driver and Bestia breaks the pin. Mecha hits an Enziguiri and a DDT on Williams. Some tandem attack from LA Rebellion. They hit their finisher on Williams but he was too cloes to the ropes. Smith comes in and is sent out again. Smith then drops Mecha off the apron. Smith hits Bestia with a powerslam from the middle rope to get the pin and the win.

Winner – The Commonwealth Connection

Anthony Mayweather(c) vs Jax Dane –  NWA National Championship Match

Back and forth action to start. Mayweather counters on the apron to hit a suplex to the floor. He hits a suicide dive next. Back to the ring, Dane hits a Northerm Light suplex before Dane attacks his knee. Dane slams Mayweather’s knee into the ringpost. Dane continues to work on the leg now. Dane puts on a half crab, putting pressure on the knee, before slamming it to the mat. Mayweather fires back with a couple of punches before Dane kicks at his knee again. Dane goes for a clothesline. Mayweather tries to counter with a backslide but does not have power left.

Mayweather hits an inverted atomic drop and climbs to the top gingerly. Dane ends up pushing the referee to the ropes to trip Mayweather. Mayweather drops Dane from the top with headbutts before hitting an eblow drop from the top. His knees up and Dane picks him up on the shoulders. Mayweather counters with a fireman’s carry but his knee gives up again. Dane removes his kneepad and kicks at the knee a couple of times. Mayweather counters with an armbar and gets the win.

Winner – Anthony Mayweather

Anthony Mayweather(c) vs Jax Dane –  NWA National Championship Match

After the match, medics check on Mayweather but he leaves on his own. Dane is smiling at the camera before he decides to attack Mayweather. He brings back Mayweather to the ring after he has already left to the crowd. Dane brings out a turnbuckle connector and slams it on Mayweather’s knee. He intimidates the referee into restarting the match as he cashes in his title shot. Mayweather is not even able to get up on his feet. He uses the ropes to get up, only to be put down with a clothesline from Dane.

Winner – Jax Dane

The Hex(Allysin Kay and Marti Belle)(c) vs Pretty Empowered (Ella Envy and Kenzie Paige) – NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship

Paige and Belle start. Belle puts on a side headlock and then hits a shoulder tackle. She stops a hip toss and rolls over Paige for a pin attempt. Kay comes in for some quick double team attack. Kay catches Paige’s crossbody and hits a backbreaker. Paige is dropped on the turnbuckle with a back body drop. Paige complains to the referee for a distraction and Envy takes her place. Kay gets the wind of their trick and nails Paige with a back elbow when she tries to attack from behind.

Belle is tagged in and she hits a penalty kick. Paige counters and Pretty Empowered hits some kicks in quick succession. Belle is cornered in opposition’s side. Pretty Empowered keep control with quick tags. Belle tries to tag out but Eny pulls her back and slams her face to the mat. Paige and Evny with more stiff shots at Belle to get another two-count. Belle hits a jawbreaker but the tag is cut off. Envy ends up dropping Paige. Belle hits her with a back elbow before Kay comes in to drop her with a clothesline. The Hex hits their double team finisher on Envy to get the pin and the win.

Winner – The Hex

Darius Lockhart vs Colby Corino vs Austin Aries vs Homicide – NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Match

Homicide is wearing a “Free Cain” shirt. Homicide attacks Corino while Aries sends Lockhart to the floor. Aries and Homicide try to one-up each other with suicide dives. They face-off in the ring now and starts beating each other. Homicide tackles Aries off the apron to send him into the barricade. Corino hits a slingshot spear on Homicide. Lockhart tires to steal a pin ono Corino.

Lockhart hits a suicide dive on Homicide on the floor. He returns to the ring with a powerslam to get a close two-count. Corino hits a knee and a moonsault. Lockhart turns him inside out with a lariat. Homicide and Aries return and start to attack one opponent each, once again trying to one-up each other. Lockhart slams Aries to the corner and Corino hits a DDT on Homicide. Corino puts Lockheart in a sharpshooter. Aries puts Homicide in chancery. Both Lockhart and Homicide reach the ropes.

Aries and Corino trade shots in the ring. Corino hits Aries with a piledriver but Homicide breaks the pin. Lockhart tries to steal a pin on Corino again. He drops Corino to the mat but Aries breaks the pin. Aries hits a dropkick and a brainbuster on Lockhart and Homicide has to break the pin. Aries hits Corino with a rolling elbow. Homicide hits Aries with a cutter and then hits Corino with Da Cop Killa to get the pin and the win.

Winner – Homicide

Homicide gets the title and celebrates with it.

Trevor Murdoch comes out to be interviewed. He talks about how Nick Aldis was quick to claim his opportunity for the title just after he lost it. He then rants on Matt Cardona for burying him and the promotion on every podcast after winning the World title. He then talks to the fans and says how we cheered for Cardona when he defeated him for the title. He says he has been let go from every company he has been, and does not care if it happens here also.

Kamille(c) vs Kylie Rae vs Chelsea Green – NWA World Women’s Championship

Kamille is sent to the floor after initial action. Rae hits armdrags and a dropkick on Green. Green rakes Rae’s eyes. Kamille pulls Green out to the floor and sends her into the barricade. Kamille hits a side suplex on Rae in the ring. Kamille once again dumps Green to the floor when she tries to interfere. Rae hits an elbow to the face to set up a whip from corner to corner. Kamille hits back with a big pump kick and Green breaks the pin once again.

Green hits a missile dropkick on both women. Green continues to work on both women one by one. A short arm clothesline on Rae. A snapmare on Kamille. Elbow drops on both women. Kamille is sent into the turnbuckle a few times. Green gets a two-count on Kamille. Green hits a big blows on Rae’s back. She puts Rae in a chinlock. Rae counters with a headscissors and puts crossface on Green. Kamille tries to intervene but Rae trips her and puts both opponents in the crossface at the same time. Green reaches the ropes to break it.

Kamille takes Rae to the top and looks for superplex. Green comes in and hits powerbomb on Kamille to complete Tower of Doom. Green tries to pin both women one by one but they both kick out. All three women trade chops in the ring. Green is hit with double chops. Rae hits Kamille hits with superkick. Green drops Rae and she rolls to the floor. Kamille hits Green with Radio Silence but Green grabs the ropes to break the pin.

Kamille knocks out the referee as she hits rolling Fireman’s carry on Green. She would have got the pin there. Rae comes back to the ring. Kamille charges at her for a kick but Rae ducks it and Kamille lands on the floor. Rae drops Green with Smile to the Finish as the referee wakes up. Green kicks out of a near fall. Kamille returns to hit a spear on Rae and gets the pin.

Winner – Homicide

Tyrus(c) vs Rodney Mack – NWA World Television Championship

They circle each other before Tyrus hits shots in the corner. Mack hits big body shots. Tyrus sends Mack into the turnbuckle shoulder first. Tyrus hits more shots at the back before putting on shoulder lock. Mack hits more body shots. Tyrus sends him to the corner for a splash. Tyrus puts on another shoulder lock. More clubbing blows to the back from Tyrus.

Mack tries to fight back again with punches to the midsection but Tyrus hits a bodyslam and an elbow drop. Tyrus hits another body slam. Tyrus goes to the top rope. Mack hits him with headbutts on the top and hits him with a superplex. Mack takes some time to recover and gets late to cover. Tyrus gets back up and hits heart punch to get the pin.

Winner – Tyrus

Aaron Stevens is backstage for an interview and is asked whether he is ok. Stevens says he is not ok with NWA because he is not in the final of Crockett Cup. On being asked about whether he will be a singles competitor now. Stevens says he does not know. He can be karate champion, an intellectual or a stunt double. But, he does not need to be a stunt double. He is not concerned about Crockett Cup since he is not in the final. He claims that he will reinvent professinal wrestling.

The Briscoes(Mark Briscoe & Jay Briscoe) vs The Commonwealth Connection(Doug Williams & Harry Smith)

Mark and Williams start with some back and forth grappling action. Williams hits an elbow drop to the knee before putting on a stretch. Mark reaches the ropes. Mark tags in Jay to drop Williams with a clothesline. Jay hits headbutts. Mark comes back with some attack in the corner. Williams hits a clothesline and tags in Smith. Smith hits powerslams and suplexes on Mark. Smith with a big forearm and bodyslam for a two-count. Mark fights out of a stretch but Smith has been too powerful for him.

Mark rolls over and kicks Smith away. He hits a forearm before tagging in Jay. Jay hits some quick shots. He goes for double underhook suplex but Smith counters with a back body drop. Commonwealth Connection double team on Jay with quick attacks. Smith hits a chokeslam before dropping Williams on top of Jay. Williams hits a body slam for a two-count. Jay is kept in the opposition’s corner with quick tags.

Jay tries to fight back but Smith hits a knee to the midsection. More double team attacks on Jay. Jay comes back with a dropkick on Williams. Mark and Smith tag in. Mark nails smith with chops and forearms. Smith is sent to the floor for a dropkick. Mark hits a knife-edge chop form the top. A fisherman’s brainbuster follows for a two-count. Mark on the top again but Williams stops his move. Jay takes care of Williams. Smith climbs to the top. Mark hits him with chops to the head. Smith holds on and hits a superplex. Mark kicks out of the pin somehow.

Williams comes in and hits a Tiger driver on Jay for a near fall. Briscoes with some tandem attack in quick succession on both opponents. Williams and Mark trade strikes. Mark hits a saito suplex. Jay comes in to hit Williams with a Death Valley Driver for a near fall. Smith and Mark fight on the floor. Jay driver is countered with a German suplex bridge for a near fall. More back and forth action in the ring. Smith is dumped to the floor. Jay hits Jay driller on Williams and Mark hits a move from the top to get the pin.

Winner – The Briscoes

After the match, both teams show respect in the ring before Commonwealth Connection leave. David Crockett gets up from the commentary table to hand the trophy to the winner. The Briscoes celebrate for a while before heading to the back.

Matt Cardona(c) vs Nick Aldis – NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Cardona comes out in a Ric Flair inspired robe. Special Guest referee Jeff Jarrett says that the fans have come to see a classic main event. Cardona ignores everything Jarrett says and attacks Aldis before the bell. Jarrett intervenes and gets the bell rung. Aldis comes out with a quick attack and hits a Thesz press. He unloads with some ground and pound. Cardona moves to the floor for a breather. Aldis trips him at the ropes and takes more shots. Cardona goes for a dropkick but Aldis just moves away from it. Cardona is clotheslined to the floor again. He argues with the senior commentator.

Aldis threatens him as he tries to get back in. Cardona takes the title and starts going back. Jarrett stops counting down and asks for a mic. Jarrett says these people have come here for a match, and he will not count Cardona out. This match will end when he says it will end. He orders Cardona to get back intp the ring. Cardona talks trash and the commentator sends him back into the ring. Aldis unloads and takes him to the floor. Cardona is sent into the barricade. He fires back with a couple of punches before Aldis sends him over the barricade and into the crowd.

Aldis drops Cardona on a bench. Cardona slams Aldis’ face on the bench and then on the interview podium. Jarrett tells Cardona to take the action back to the ring. Aldis hits a back body drop on the stage. He follows with a suplex. Aldis takes him back to ringside. Cardona slams Aldis’ face into the ringpost before dropping him on the barricade. Cardona runs him over on the floor before taking him back to the ring. Cardona hits rolling elbow strikes. Cardona goes to choke Aldis with a rope but Jarrett stops him. Cardona hits a neckbreaker for a two-count.

Cardona puts on neck crank. Aldis gets hyped but gets cut off coming off the ropes. A sleeper hold is put on. The crowd tries to rally behind Aldis. Jarrett checks on Aldis and he holds his arm up. Aldis gets back to his feet and hits a backdrop suplex. Cardona trips him to the ropes and hits a splash. Cardona does Ric Flair strut. Aldis hits him with a clothesline. Both men are down and get back at 8 count from the referee. They trade stirkes. Cardona rakes Aldis’ eyes. Aldis hits a couple of clotheslines. Aldis hits a knuckle driver for a two-count. Cardona hits codebreaker. He goes for figure four but Aldis counters to put figure four himself.

Cardona struggles for a while before reaching the ropes. Cardona avoids a corner splash. Cardona hits Kill Switch for a two-count. Cardona gets his title but Jarrett stops him from using it. Aldis hits tombstone piledriver and an elbow drop, but Cardona kicks out. Now, Aldis picks up the belt to use it but Jarrett stops him also. Jarrett takes the title away and Cardona hits Aldis with a low blow behind his back. Cardona hits a running boot in the corner and then hits Radio Silence. Jarrett gets a bit late on the pin and Aldis kicks out of a near fall.

Aldis sends Cardona to the floor with a back body drop. Mike Knox and VSK come to the ringside. Harry Smith and Williams attack VSK and Knox. Jarrett throws VSK out as he comes into the ring. Chelsea Green hits Jarrett with a low blow from behind. Mickie James comes in to deal with Chelsea Green. Aldis puts Cardona in sharpshooter and Cardona taps out. Jarrett calls for the bell. Aldis celebrates. Jarrett takes the mic and informs that Cardona has won this match via Disqualification. Jarrett thinks James hit her with the low blow.

Winner – Matt Cardona

Aldis and James are in the ring telling Jarrett that it was Chelsea who hit the low blow. Jarrett is not listening to any of it. The Cardonas celebrate the win on the ramp. Aldis and James are in the ring as the show closes.

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