Matt Cardona Challenges Nic Nemeth for a Match at GCW No Compadre

Matt Cardona IMPACT Digital Media Champion
Credit: Impact Wrestling

Matt Cardona has challenged Nic Nemeth for a match during his appearance at GCW No Compadre.

Cardona was set to participate in a tag team match at GCW No Compadre event. However, his plans were disrupted due to a canceled flight, causing him to miss the show. Cardona then made a virtual appearance at the January 12 event via satellite,

Despite not being physically present in the ring, Cardona left a significant impression by delivering a video message where he criticized former WWE stars making their way into the independent scene.

Cardona specifically aimed his comments at AJ Francis, Mustafa Ali, and Nic Nemeth. Concluding his message, he issued a direct challenge to Nemeth for a match. At the time there is no information regarding whether Nemeth, AKA Dolph Ziggler, will respond to the challenge or not.

Nic Nemeth is also set for NJPW New Beginning event in Sapporo where he will face David Finlay for IWGP Global Championship.

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