Kota Ibushi Officially Left NJPW, to Make GCW Debut in March

Kota Ibushi

One of the most decorated wrestlers of New Japan Pro-Wrestling Kota Ibushi has officially left the promotion after his contract expired on January 31, 2023. (check other wrestler contracts here).

NJPW itself announced this news by releasing a statement. It revealed that Kota Ibushi departed from NJPW. He has been away from the ring due to a shoulder injury in October 2021.

Kota Ibushi also posted a tweet shortly after NJPW released this statement. The translated version of this tweet reads, 

“There were various conflicts, but thank you to New Japan Pro-Wrestling. I chose the position of being free to renew my contract. Thank you for your long and condensed period. Thank you. From now on, I hope you will watch over my path! I don’t know what will happen”

After separating ways with NJPW, Kota Ibushi will join the GCW roster. He will work GCW Bloodsport and GCW Spring Break 7 later this year in March.(Check upcoming GCW schedule here).

Kota Ibushi dislocated his right shoulder during the finals of the 2021 G1 Climax against Kazuchika Okada. After this, Kota Ibushi’s relationship with NJPW disintegrated when he accused the promotion of pressuring him to return early. 

NJPW even held a press conference to show its side of the story and to apologize to Kota Ibushi. The latter also held all the major titles of the promotion including the IWGP World title, and the IWGP Heavyweight title. 

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