Wrestlers Contracts Details (Expiration Date) (WWE, AEW, ROH, TNA, NJWP)


Contracts and their expiration dates play important roles in pro-wrestling as wrestlers keep looking to switch to bigger/better promotions like WWE & AEW. On the other hand, the companies like WWE try to hold wrestlers exclusive to themselves for as long as possible. Here, we are presenting the expected contract end dates for various wrestlers and stars based on exclusive media reports, interviews and rumors.

Check out the current contract details and expected expiration date of various WWE, AEW, ROH and NJPW Superstars.

Disclaimer- Actual contract details may vary. This list is based on other reports.

WWE Superstars Contracts Details (Expiration Date)

AJ Styles wwe

AJ Styles

Contract Status: AJ Styles announced in March 2019 that he has signed a new contract with WWE. It is said to be a 3-year deal that will expire at the end of 2022.

Alexa Bills WWE 2020

Alexa Bliss

Contract Status: Bliss revealed that his contract with WWE expires around March 2024.

Angelo Dawkins WWE 2020

Angelo Dawkins

Contract Status: Angelo Dawkins signed a new multi-year deal with WWE and his contract expires in December 2024.

Big E WWE 2020

Big E

Contract Details: Big E reportedly had signed a new 5-year contract which will expire in December 2024.

brock lesnar wwe 2020

Brock Lesnar

Contract Details: Lesnar’s new WWE contract, which he signed in 2021, will reportedly expire in early 2023. The new contract is believed to be for at least 8 matches. More details

Booker T WWE 2020

Booker T

Contract Details: After retirement from in-ring action, Booker T continues to work with WWE on commentary and in various shows. His contract with WWE is till 2029 for appearances in various shows.

Candice-Lerae WWE Roster

Candice Le Rae

Contract Details: Candice Le Rae’s current contract with WWE ends around May 2022. But, it is expected that WWE will add time to her contract due to her pregnancy.

Cesaro WWE 2020


Contract Details: Cesaro signed a new 4 or 5 year deal with WWE in 2021. He will likely be part of WWE until WrestleMania 2025 or WrestleMania 2026.

Dana Brooke WWE 2020

Dana Brooke

Contract Details: Signed a new 5 year deal in 2019 which expires in December 2024.

Edge Returns on WWE RAW 9 March 2020


Contract Details: Edge signed a 3-year deal upon his return at WWE Royal Rumble 2020. With Edge getting injured, WWE might be able to keep him under contract until the end of 2022.

Elias wwe 2020


Contract Details: Elias’s WWE contract will expire in January 2023 as he signed a new three-year deal in January 2020. However, due to two spells on the sidelines due to injury, he might not be able to leave WWE before June 2023.

Goldberg Smackdown


Contract Details: As per the latest report, Goldberg has just one match left in his deal with WWE. He signed the deal in 2019 to feature in two matches per year until 2022.

Jerry Lawler WWE 2020

Jerry Lawler

Contract Details: Jerry Lawler signed a two-year contract with WWE in December 2021 as per the reports.

Jinder Mahal WWE 2020

Jinder Mahal

Contract Details: Jinder Mahal’s signed a new 5-year contract in June 2019. Although, his contract is likely to extend until WrestleMania 2025 due to the knee injury and time-off from the company.

Kevins Owens WWE 2020

Kevin Owens

Contract Details: Kevin Owens signed a new contract with WWE in December 2021 for three years which will keep Owens with WWE until January 31, 2025.

Kofi Kingston WWE 2020

Kofi Kingston

Contract Details: Kofi Kingston, along with the New Day mates, signed a new Contract until December 2024.

Mandy Rose WWE 2020

Mandy Rose

Contract Details: Mandy Rose is signed to WWE till the end of 2024.

Matt Riddle wwe 2020


Contract Details: Matt Riddle reportedly signed a new WWE contract worth $400,000 per year for the next 3 years. The contract expires at the end of 2023.

The Miz WWE 2020

The Miz

Contract Details: The Miz’s WWE contract ends at the end of the year 2022.

Montez Ford WWE 2020

Montez Ford

Contract Details: Montez Ford signed a new multi-year deal with WWE and his contract expires in December 2024.



Contract Details: Signed multi-year contract in August 2020.

Nikki Cross WWE 2020

Nikki Cross

Contract Details: Nikki Cross re-signed with WWE with a multi-year contract in November 2019. The exact contract end date is not clear. More details here.

Paige WWE 2020


Contract Details: Paige is on a multi-year contract with WWE. The exact contract details are not known.

Pete-Dunne wwe nxt 2020

Pete Dunne

Contract Details: According to the reports, Pete Dunne signed a new contract with the WWE and will stick with WWE for around three years. His contract will expire in September 2024. More details.

Pat McAfee

Contract Details: Pat McAfee signed a two-year deal with WWE in April 2021 for commentary work on SmackDown.

Randy Orton WWE 2020

Randy Orton

Contract Details: Orton signed a contract extension until the end of 2024 which will give him more than $4.5 million per year.

Rey Mysterio WWE 2020

Rey Mysterio

Contract Details: Rey Mysterio signed a new three-year deal in August 2020 which will keep him in WWE until Summerslam 2023.

Ricochet WWE 2020


Contract Details: Ricochet has been believed to have signed a new 5-year contract when he was called up to the main roster in 2019. His expected contract expiration date is mid of 2024. More details here.

Roman Reigns WWE 2020

Roman Reigns

Contract Details: Roman Reigns signed a new multi-year deal in July 2019. The likely end date in his contract is around WrestleMania 2023.

Ronda Rousey Leave WWE

Ronda Rousey

Contract Details: Ronda Rousey’s original WWE contract expires on 10 April 2021. However, with Rousey not seen in WWE after WrestleMania 35, it is not known whether WWE can extend her contract further.

Seth-Rollins WWE Roster

Seth Rollins

Contract Details: Seth Rollins has informed in a recent interview that his WWE contract has 2 to 3 years more. We can expect his contract to end around WrestleMania 2024.

Shane McMahon WWE 2020

Shane McMahon

Contract Details: Shane McMahon’s contract with WWE automatically extends for each year for a one-year period unless either party gives notice at least 90 days prior to the expiration date.

Shelton Benjamin WWE 2020

Shelton Benjamin

Contract Details: In a deal at the start of 2020, Shelton Benjamin is set to stay with the company at least till the end of 2022.

Undertaker SmackDown 10 September 2019

The Undertaker

Contract Details: The Undertaker signed a 15-year contract with WWE in 2019 which prevents him to appear for any other promotion.

WWE Wade Barett NXT

Wade Barrett

Contract Details: Wade Barret signed a one-year deal to work on NXT’s commentary which will expire in September 2021, but the deal had an option to extend the partnership. Both parties seemed to have extended their partnership since then as Barrett continues to be a part of NXT commentary team.

Xavier Woods WWE 2020

Xavier Woods

Contract Details: Xavier Woods also signed a 5-year extension in December 2019 which will keep him in WWE until the end of 2024.

AEW Superstars Contracts Details (Expiration Date)

Adam Cole WWE 2020

Adam Cole

Adam Cole signed a multi-year deal with AEW in September 2021 after his contract with WWE got over in August.


Andrade El Idolo

Andrade revealed that he signed a three-year deal with AEW. his contract with AEW got over in June 2024.

Christian Cage

Contract Details: Christian Cage signed with AEW to shock the wrestling fans. He has signed a multi-year deal with AEW in March 2021 which will reportedly last till February 2024.

CM Punk AEW All Elite Wrestling

CM Punk

Contract Details: CM Punk has signed a multi-year deal with AEW on 23rd July 2021.

Daniel byran WWE 2020

Bryan Danielson

Contract Details: Bryan Danielson signed a three-year deal with AEW in July 2021. His contract will expire in the summer of 2024.

Ethan Page

Contract Details: Ethan Page made his debut at AEW Revolution 2021 after signing with the company in February 2021. His contract is reportedly for 3 or 4 years.

lance archer aew 2020

Lance Archer

Contract Details: Lance Archer signed with AEW in February 2020 in a 2 year deal. The deal expires in February 2022.

Jim Ross aew

Jim Ross

Contract Details: Jim Ross was the first high-profile commentator to join AEW after his deal with WWE expired in March 2019. A 3-year deal with AEW keeps him tied with the company till 2022.


Joey Janela

Contract Details: One of the first wrestlers to sign with AEW in 2019, Joey Janela’s deal with AEW expires in May 2022.

Kyle O Reilly Aew Roster

Kyle O’Reilly

Contract Details: KOR signed with AEW in December 2021 after his contract with WWE got over. Currently, it is not known how long his contract is with AEW.

Paul-Wight AEW Roster

Paul Wight

Contract Details: Paul Wight has signed a deal with AEW to work as a wrestler as well as a commentator and backstage producer. His deal is probably until January 2024.


Tony Schiavone

Contract Details: Tony Schiavone is contracted with AEW till September 2024 after AEW triggered a two-year extension clause in his deal.

Scorpio-Sky aew 2021

Scorpio Sky 

Contract Details: Scorpio Sky signed a standard 5 year deal with the company in September 2021 which expires in September 2026.



Contract Details: Shanna signed a standard 3 year deal with the company in 2019 which expires in November 2022.


Kenny Omega

Contract Details: One of the Executive Vice-Presidents of AEW, Kenny Omega is contracted till the end of 2022.



Contract Details: Cody’s contract with AEW expires at the end of 2023 as he signed a 5-year deal in late 2018.

Young Bucks AEW Tag Team Champion 2020

Young Bucks

Contract Details: On one of the episodes of Being the Elite, The Young Bucks informed that they signed 4 years deals with AEW. The like contract end date is December 2022.



Contract Details: MJF announced in 2019 that he has signed a 5 year deal with AEW, meaning he is contracted with AEW at least until the end of 2023.

NJWP Superstars Contracts Details (Expiration Date)

Hiroshi Tanahashi NJWP

Hiroshi Tanahashi

Contract Details: In January 2022 Hiroshi Tanahashi signed a new multi-year deal with NJPW.

Juice Robinson njwp

Juice Robinson

Contract Details: Juice Robinson renew his contract with NJPW in early 2019 and is contracted with the company at least till January 2022.

Will Ospreay NJWP

Will Ospreay

Contract Details: Will Ospreay is expected to be one of the main overseas talents for NJPW as he is contracted with the promotion until the summer of 2024.

ROH Superstars Contracts Details (Expiration Date)

ROH has released all the wrestlers from its roster effectively from December 2021.

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