Updated Injury List for WWE, AEW, IMPACT, ROH

WWE & AEW Injury List

While any kind of injury is unfortunate, they are part and parcel of sport. And professional wrestling also gets its fair share of injuries. We maintain the list of injuries, surgeries and expected return dates for wrestlers from all the major wrestling promotions like WWE, AEW, IMPACT, ROH, NJPW, and others. The list will be updated timely with names being added and removed based on their injury and return to in-ring action.

Check here for the latest list of injuries in WWE, AEW, ROH, IMPACT, NJPW, and updated return dates from injury as well details on surgeries and more.

WWE Latest Injuries List

  • Rhea Ripley: Brain & Teeth Injury
  • Cody Rhodes: Torn Pectoral Muscle
  • Randy Orton: Undisclosed
  • Nikkita Lyons: Torn MCL
  • Big E: Broken Neck
  • Odessey Jones: ruptured patellar tendon

WWE Injuries List 2021-2022

NameBrandInjuryInjured DateExpected Return DateRemarks
Ridge HollandSmackDownKneeJune 2022
Rhea RipleyRAWBrain & Teeth Injury13 June 2022
Cody RhodesRAWTorn Pectoral Muscle03 June 2022
Randy OrtonRAWUndisclosed18 May 2022Probably a storyline injury
Shelton Benjamin RAWUndisclosed Injury14 May 2022
Charlotte FlairSmackdownFractured radius11 May 2022Storyline Injury
Nikkita LyonsNXTPartially Torn MCL25 May 2022
Io ShiraiNXTLeg Injury April 2022
Rick BoogsSmackdownTron Quad02 April 2022
Big ESmackDownBroken Neck11 March 2022
Odessey JonesNXTRuptured Patellar Tendon11 January 2022October 2022Underwent surgery in January 2022
Zoey StarkNXTUnknown2 November 2021Unknown
Simone JohnsonNXTKnee surgery 14 September 2021Unknown
BayleySmackDownUndisclosed9 July 2021May 2022Out for approximately nine months

AEW Injuries List 2021-2022

NameInjuryInjured DateReturn DateRemarks
Jungle BoyUndisclosedJune 202
Sky BlueJune 2022
Kyle O’ReillyJune 2022
Matt Hardy Knee Injury 18 June 2022
Red Velvet 8 June 2022
Buddy MatthewsShoulder Injury June 2022
Scorpio SkyKnee3 June 2022
CM PunkBroken Foot1 June 2022Hobbled during AEW Dynamite on June 1, later announced that he has to undergo surgery
Jeff HardyUndisclosed29 May 2022
Adam ColeShoulder29 May 2022
StingUndisclosed25 May 2022
Hikaru ShidaUndisclosed11 May 2022
Lee Johnson Shoulder Injury May 2022
Leyla HirschTorn ACL5 April 2022Early 2023
Darius MartinLeg InjuryApril 2022Probably got injured outside of wrestling
Anthony BowensKnee Injury 9 March 2022
Jake AtlasKnee Injury5 January 2022
Mike SydalDislocated KneeOctober 2021
Kip SabianUnderwent Successful SurgeryMay 17, 2021
Kenny OmegaShoulderNovember 2021Need to undergo surgery

Impact Injuries List 2021-2022

NameInjuryInjured DateReturn DateRemarks
Su YungMaternity leave

NJPW Injuries List 2021-2022

NameInjuryInjured DateReturn DateRemarks
KentaGash5 Jan 2022
Gabriel Kidd
Kota IbushiDislocated ShoulderOctober 2021

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