AEW Fyter Fest 2019 Live Results & Updates: Moxley Debut

Allie defeated Leva Bates(w/ Peter Avalon)

“The Librarians” Leva Bates and Peter Avalon are on the stage now, Avalon was hanging out in one of the tents. They exchange some words with each other, Avalon suddenly gets mad and sends one of the tents into the pool, then destroys one of the mannequins. Bates says she knows there are a lot of gamers here, but there’s so much more out there at their fingertips, inside a book.

Crowd boos and chants “we can’t read!” She talks more about the power of books. Avalon and Bates get into a shush-off as Allie’s music hit and she heads out. Earlier, Kylie Rae was advertised for this, but I guess, AEW decided to give the debut to Allie before her match against Brandi Rhodes at Fight for the Fallen.

The match starts and Allie stomps on Bates’ fingers. Bates moves out of the ring and comes back with better control. She keeps control for some time, but Allie comes back with a clothesline. Peter Avalon stopped Allie from rushing at Bates, trying to trip her. Bates hits Allie with a Fisherman Suplex. She then follows it up with a Northern Lights Suplex. After a couple of tough strikes, Bates rolled through and locked in the arms. Allie finally comes back into the match with chops to Bates.

Bates returns the favor with the knee strikes to Allie in the corner. Allie reverses a suplex attempt with a Hangman Neckbreaker and starts to gather momentum. She hits two clotheslines and then hits a Sliding Elbow Strike to the throat in the corner for a near-fall. She picks up Bates, but Bates catches her with a Backstabber. She follows it up with a double under hook pedigree. Peter Avalon caused a distraction trying to help Leva Bates, but it was Allie who took advantage. Allie hits a Superkick for the win.

Kenny Omega is playing roadie to help the musical acts to get their things. Brandon Cutler stops him and says he doesn’t need to do that, all the bands are gone. Omega looks really worried, tells the cameraman to turn the camera off.

Michael Nakazawa defeated Alex Jebailey in a Hardcore Match

Nakazawa on the mic before things get going. He says Jebailey cheated to win last year and that’s why CEO sucks. Nakazawa mentions Jebailey’s injury to his right leg, Jebailey corrects him that it was his left and Nakazawa thanks him for the info, kicking it right after. But Jebailey comes back with a Hip Toss. He then hits Michael Nakazawa with a Scoop Slam. Jebailey has the Belly to Back Suplex locked in but Nakazawa escapes with Baby Oil. Jebailey slips on the oil and so does the referee. Nakazawa hits a stomp into a Senton.

Jebailey takes advantage of the hardcore rules of the match to hit Nakazawa with a Clipboard and then a CEO branded game. The two go to the pool next to the entrance ramp where Jebailey almost drowns Nakazawa. Jebailey puts Nakazawa into the pool with a powerslam and then brings him into the ring. He brings in Kendo Sticks and a table. Michael Nakazawa uses the wire of a gaming controller to attempt to strangle Alex Jebailey. Nakazawa sends Jebailey off the apron onto and through the table. He brings him back into the ring and starts to hit him with the Kendo Stick.

Nakazawa takes out his thong from his trunks and goes for the Mandible Claw with the thong. Alex Jebailey manages to hit Nakazawa with a German Suplex on top of his head. Jebailey brings out CEO branded legos. He dumps Nakazawa onto the legos with a back body drop. Jebailey hits Nakazawa with the Kendo Stick. Nakazawa tries to get back into the match but accidentally hits the mandible claw on the referee. Jebailey hits a low blow and rolled him up for the near win, but the referee was distracted. Instead, Nakazawa gets the Crucifix for the win.

Jim Ross makes his way to the commentary table before the pre-show ends.

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