AEW Fyter Fest 2019 Live Results & Updates: Moxley Debut

Fyter Fest 2019 Main Show

The show opens with the highlights from Double or Nothing before the commentary team recaps today’s line-up. Christopher Daniels makes his way to open the show once again at AEW.

CIMA defeated Christopher Daniels

They counter each other’s moves to start but CIMA gets the upper hand hitting the Drop Kick followed by a Baseball Slide to the outside. He hits a Rolling Senton on Christopher Daniels. He hooks Daniels but Daniels manages to reach the ropes. Daniels gets back the moment by hitting CIMA with several scoop slams as well as a bigger German Suplex on the outside.

Back in the ring, Cima puts some pressure on Daniels’ ribs until the referee forces the break. Daniels comes back with a backbreaker and takes the action outside. After crashing Cima on the apron, he hits a northern light suplex on the floor. A couple of scoop slams is followed when they get back in the ring. He gets two-count after a leg sweep and sends Cima to the turnbuckle. A couple of suplexes follows as Daniels is keeping the pressure on.

Cima strikes back and hits backstabber. A venus hammer and falcon arrow follow. He goes for the driver but his back gives up. Daniels takes advantage of it to hit the blue thunder bomb. The rock-bottom is countered with an enziguri before they end up at the top turnbuckle. Cima hits the sunset flip powerbomb from there and follows it up with the driver, only to get a near fall. He power-slams Daniels again and hits the Meteora from the top to finally get the win.

Riho beats Nyla Rose and Yuka Sakazaki in a Triple Threat Match

Nyla Rose sends both the opponents to the turnbuckle to start the match. She goes for the double running body splash but both Yuka and Riho sidestep. Yuza and Riho try to double team on Nyla again and again but Nyla uses her power to keep the upper hand. She puts them in the double camel clutch and Yuka reaches the ropes to break the hold. Rose hits a suplex on Riho and drops Yuka on her. Yuka finally takes her down with the scissor takedown to send her out. She follows it up with a suicide dive.

Yuka brings back Riho into the ring to hit a dropkick to get a near-fall. Riho also counters her with some high flying moves and stomps on her gut. Nyla comes back in the ring and eats a knee from Riho. She then sends her to the ropes to hit 619. Both Yuka and Riho hits the crossbody splashes on Nyla. They started to focus on each other until Nyla Rose gets back into the match taking out Riho and focuses on Sakazaki. However, Sakazaki tries to bring her down raining fists on her. Rose reverses with a Sidewalk Slam for a near-fall.

Nyla hits a vertical suplex on Yuka and she has to roll out for a breather. Nyla then drops Riho on the ropes and hits a knee drop off the top as Riho was still on the ropes. She sets up Riho for the senton but nobody is home. She catches both Yuka and Riho as they try to hit the moves off the top. They manage to roll her up for the pin but could only get two-count. Yuka goes for a Splash on Riho, but Riho gets her legs up.

A release German suplex from Nyla follows by a powerbomb. Nyla goes for the pin which is broken by Riho and then Yuka goes for the pin only to broken by Riho again. Nyla hits the move to get the near-fall. Nyla goes for the powerbomb on Riho but she counters and rolls up to get the pin out of nowhere.

Nyla Rose attacks Riho from behind, but Yuka Sakazaki and Riho attack Nyla Rose together and manage to take her out of the ring.

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