Fox Pushed WWE & Offered Help to Sign CM Punk

CM Punk at AEW Rampage Debut

According to the latest reports, Fox pushed WWE to sign CM Punk and even offered their help in bringing him to the company. 

Earlier this month, CM Punk had a chat with ESPN where he revealed that WWE approached him sometime in December, but the discussion between them didn’t go very far. Punk told the company not to play games with him. However, they still did it and played games with him. 

He also stated that some things never change especially when you had a past with them. He already knew who they were and the company continued to prove it. 

In the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was revealed that CM Punk had a great relationship with Fox that was developed during his time at WWE Backstage. As a result, Fox pushed the company to sign him. However, WWE thought the money was too high to get someone like Punk, and hence Fox offered them to help with that as well.

WWE officials were not really interested in getting Punk on board due to his attitude. Later, the report also revealed that Punk discussed the money and storylines with Tony Kan earlier this year in February/March. Also, CM Punk was the one who gave the idea to debut at the United Centre in Chicago. 

CM Punk recently defeated Darby Allin in his first match after seven years, and on the recent episode of AEW Dynamite, CM Punk started a feud with Team Taz.