CM Punk defeated Darby Allin In The First Match After His return

cm punk darby allin all out 2021
Credit: AEW

CM Punk is back in the business of pro-wrestling and he began his new journey with a victory against Darby Allin at AEW All Out.

CM Punk Vs. Darby Allin is certainly one of the most awaited matches of this PPV event. After making his entrance, CM Punks sits in the middle of the ring and invites Allin to start. Darby Allin who was at the corner of the ring gets on his feet and so does Punk. 

During the match, both CM Punk and Darby Allin have shown several impressive moves. Allin hit CM Punk with a code red and got a near fall. Moments later, CM hits GTS to Allin but the latter gets knocked outside. 

After some back and forth in the match, Allin went to hit the Coffin drop. However, Punk got up. Later, Allin tried the last supper pin but Punk kicked out that too. CM Punk hit him with the lariat and then Darby Allin tried to hit Punk with the poisonrana but Punk hit him with the GTS instead to get the win. 

After the match, Sting came to the ring and showed his respect to Punk. The latter also appreciated Darby Allin for his impressive performance. 

CM Punk returned to pro-wrestling after 7 years at the AEW Rampage episode of 20 August 2021. He chose Darby Allin as his first opponent in AEW to set up the match in his hometown Chicago at AEW All Out 2021. Now, Punk defeated him to prove that he is still the “Best in the World.”