WWE Now Exclusive Interview of Dilsher Shanky

Dilsher Shanky WWE Indian Wrestler

Ahead of its Superstar Spectacle India event on 26 January 2021, WWE has released the exclusive interviews of Dilsher Shanky from the time when he was selected from WWE India Tryouts for WWE Developmental Contract.

Between working as an Accountant in college to having roles in Indian Movies, Dilsher Shanky(real name Gurvinder Singh) has worked many odd jobs. As Gayelyn Mendoza joined him before he left for WWE Performance Center. Shanky acknowledged that it was a great feeling when he got selected for WWE Developmental contract.

Shanky detailed his journey from University to following his passion for pro-wrestling and called it a difficult transition. He described how he got injured so many times during the initial months and even had doubts about his future in wrestling.

“When I resigned from University back in 2015[from his job as an accountant), I was struggling a lot due to my height. Because of that, I got into wrestling. When I started wrestling in Jalandhar in the academy of the Great Khali, I faced some problems at the start. I got injured a lot. I got to understand that this was a lot more difficult than I imagined because all of these things are difficult for a 7 feet tall person to pull off. I had doubts about whether I had taken the wrong decision. If I wanted to get into modeling, I should have gone to Mumbai for it. I felt I was in the wrong place. That was when I made up my mind that no matter what, I have to become a wrestler. It became a dream within me to achieve this and make my way to the WWE. I was ready to do anything for it.”

Shanky was then asked about the time when he got to know about his selection to Orlando Performance Center. He detailed the scene and how Canyon Ceman (Senior Director of Talent Development and Talent Scout) Matt Bloom (Head Trainer) told him about his selection.

“The jury from WWE called me. Canyon Sir and Matt Bloom Sir were in the room. I wasn’t aware of what was going to happen. They told me that they see the passion within me and that I was selected for the WWE. I was waiting for this very moment since so long. you have worked so hard for this moment. All of that was achieved on that day.”

Shanky was asked about the importance of the opportunity and platform from WWE. Shanky replied, “The journey that I set on… The point where I started off from… The place I originate from, the family I belong to, what I was doing I was working a job at the university as an accountant… I was going into modeling. Then how did I end up in wrestling? I can’t put this feeling into words.”

Dilsher Shanky is one of the new stars from WWE’s Capitol Wrestling Center who will feature in WWE India’s Superstar Spectacle event on 26 January 2021. WWE is expected to release more India Exclusive promotional material to promote the event(like the Giant Zanjeet Special Promo Video). Keep following this site for all the latest updates for Superstar Spectacle.