Buddy Murphy’s SmackDown Push is Purely Accidental

As expected, the current WWE SmackDown storyline involving Buddy Murphy and his latest push on SmackDown was not planned and only came after some fans spotted him in the background during Roman Reigns’ angle.

Buddy Murphy vs Roman Reigns SmackDown
Buddy Murphy was seen in action against Roman Reigns at SmackDown

After the first attempted attack on Roman Reigns a couple of weeks back, Murphy was seen in the background of a shot amid multiple camera cuts. Some smart fans grabbed the screenshots and shared over social media. This led to an online frenzy of speculations that Murphy is possibly the mystery attacker. However, as it turned out, Murphy was never supposed to be in the background of that angle.

Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live today that Murphy wasn’t even supposed to be there and came accidentally in the video. But the online speculations encouraged WWE to have a run with it. And this is how Murphy ended up being pushed in the main event storyline with Reigns, Daniel Bryan and Rowan.

Last week at SmackDown, Roman Reigns confronted Murphy and after some intimidation, Murphy revealed that he saw Rowan at the accident site. This lead to Rowan attacking him during his match at SummerSlam 2019 pre-show. Murphy faced Roman Reigns at SmackDown this week and later in the show was intimidated by Daniel Bryan into changing his statement.

Buddy Murphy had one of the best runs as the Cruiserweight Champion at 205 Live. He won the title at Super ShowDown 2018 in his home country of Australia and held the belt until WrestleMania this year. A good 5+ months reign. But ever since moving to SmackDown at SuperStar Shakeup 2019, he was never used on TV.

Only, he would come out to cut some promos for the live audience in between the commercial breaks, but nothing more than that. Murphy took to Twitter this afternoon and reacted to the buzz coming out of last night’s SmackDown loss to Reigns, after his first SmackDown TV match.

Once again, Murphy was a hot topic on social media which termed his bout against Roman Reign as the match of the year on SmackDown. His opponent for the night, Roman Reigns, has also endorsed him with a couple of tweets; one before the match and one after it.