Asuka vs Charlote Flair vs Bianca Belair WWE SummerSlam 2023 Live Blog

Iyo Sky SummerSlam

Bianca Belair defeated Asuka & Charlotte Flair to win the triple-threat, but Iyo Sky cashed in her MITB brifcase and steals the win from Bianca Belair at WWE Summerslam 2023. Check below the live updates of this match.


Asuka defeated Bianca Belair at Night of Champions to win the WWE Women’s Title. Bianca wanted to claim her rematch, but Charlotte Flair cut the line and demanded Asuka for a title shot. Asuka put her title on the line against Charlotte, but the match ended in a DQ due to an attack by Bianca.

Later, Asuka faced Bianca in a title rematch, but Charlotte caused the DQ this time around. As a result, WWE announced that Asuka would defend her WWE Women’s Title in a triple-threat match against Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair in Motor City.

Live Blog

Charlotte Flair is the first one to walk out whereas Asuka made her entrance second. Bianca Belair is the last one to make her entrance. 

Charlotte tries to start things off with a kick to Asuka but she ducks, Asuka tries to hit Bianca but she also ducks. After some back and forth Charlotte and Bianca get a hang of Asuka and they send her outside before fighting each other. 

Charlotte is on the apron, Asuka pulls her out and Bianca hits both of them with a dive. Asuka hits a running kick to Bianca while she was getting inside the ring. Asuka puts pressure on Bianca’s face with her leg. 

Bianca fights back with an elbow but Asuka catches her with a knee. She covers but Charlotte breaks the pin. Charlotte hits a few shots before Asuka hits her with the German suplex. Asuka hits both of them with kicks before Charlotte rolls her for a two-count.

Asuka gets up and takes her out with a German suplex. Charlotte returns after a while and takes on both women. She sends both of them to the corner while she gets her dress fixed with the help of the referee. Charlotte then hits both of them with a double Natural Selection for a two-count. 

Charlotte tries to lock the Fighure four lock but Asuka breaks it by hitting double knees and covers her for a two-count. Everyone exchange blows now as they have some back and forth now. 

Bianca gets back and takes out both women. She gets on the second rope and hits Charlotte with several punches before she takes out Asuka with the side slam. 

Bianca tries to hit a moonsault to both at the same time, but both women lift their knees. Asuka puts Charlotte in the Asuka lock but Bianca soon breaks it with a moonsault. 

Bianca goes to the top, and Asuka sends her outside before Charlotte sends Asuka to the floor. Charlotte climbs the top rope and hits Bianca. Asuka kicks Charlotte and takes her back to the ring. 

Asuka goes to the top and hits her with  for the cover, but Bianca breaks the pin. Bianca tries to hit Asuka with the KOD, but Asuka lands on the apron, Charlotte hits the big boot and sends her outside. 

Bianca lifts Charlotte for the KOD, but the latter counters. Asuka comes back and sends Bianca outside before she puts Charlotte in an arm bar. 

Bianca breaks it and hits Charlotte with a powerbomb. Asuka puts Bianca in Asuka lock, Charlotte tries to pin but they kick out. 

After some back and forth, Charlotte sets them and then hits them with the moonsault from the top rope at the same time. Charlotte tries to hit the figure four on both of them at the same time but fails. 

Charlotte is at the corner and Bianca comes charging towards her, but Charlotte sends her outside with the back body drop. Bianca has a rough landing and she injures herself. Meanwhile, Asuka hits Charlotte with the superplex from the top rope. 

6Charlotte spears Asuka but the latter kicks out. Charlotte locks the figure-eight, Bianca drags herself back to the ring and goes to the top rope, and hits Charlotte with the 450 splash for another near fall. All 3 women are down now. 

Bianca can barely stand, but she still charges towards Charlotte and exchange strikes with her. Bianca eventually picks her up for the KOD, but fails to connect. Charlotte manages to put Bianca in the figure-eight, Asuka comes and spits the mist on Charlotte’s face. Asuka tries to kick Bianca, but the latter rolls her out and gets the pinfall. 

After the match, Bayley and Iyo Sky come to the ring, Bayley hits Charlotte and Asuka with the briefcase outside the ring. Bianca punches Bayley, but Iyo Sky uses the briefcase to hit the bad leg of Bianca. 

She cashes her briefcase and then hits Bianca with the moonsault to get the pinfall and becomes the new champion. 

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  1. This is absolute craziness. How can someone who isn’t part of the attack the winner of the match and get their title. It doesn’t make sense to me at all. It appears these wrestlers just act recklessly, and the WWE just approve of their recklessness.

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