WrestleMania 35: AJ Styles Defeat Randy Orton

AJ Styles has defeated Randy Orton at WrestleMania 35 on 7 April 2019 to get his third consecutive win at WrestleMania.

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AJ styles defeat Randy orton Wrestlemania 35


After weeks of animosity between them where Orton mocked Styles during his promos, the tension between them increased as Styles jumped on Orton at Fastlane with the Phenomenal Forearm. They came face to face at SmackDown to make their match official with the storyline going between Randy Orton’s rise in WWE vs Styles coming through the ranks through various indie promotions to reach to the top of WWE. For the weeks leading up to WrestleMania, they came head to head several times to hype their match.

AJ Styles-Randy Orton WrestleMania 35 Full Storyline

Match Description

Styles enter first and almost trips at the steel steps. A viper is kept near the entrance as Orton enters. Lock up and Styles with the side lock to come to a stalemate. Styles ducks the punch and hits some chops into the corner. Styles ducks another punch and Orton goes for the RKO right away. Orton hits his first shot and connects the dropkick. Orton starts to work on Styles’ right leg. Styles comes back with a dropkick and then hits the diving forearm at the ringside. Orton kicks Styles as he is coming back to the ring and sends him to the barricade after a running tackle. He then hits the backdrop on the barricade before taking Styles back to the ring. He puts in the headlock.

Styles tries to fight out the grip and hits some punches into the ribs before hitting a big forearm. He hits a flurry of offense and connects a running forearm in the corner. Styles connects the Ushi-Garushi and crowd is slowing picking up. Styles was going for the Styles clash but Orton prevents it and goes for the RKO himself. Styles also avoids it but runs into the body slam. Orton puts him in the corner but Styles hits some punches and goes for the calf crusher. Orton avoids it and punches Styles. As Orton was going for the hanging DDT, Styles rolls up and locks in the calf crusher only for Orton to break it by reaching the ropes.

Styles was going for the Phenomenal forearm but stops midway when Orton gets ready for the RKO. He hits the springboard splash instead. Styles goes for the Phenomenal Forearm which Orton avoids and hits the backbreaker. Orton takes Styles over the turnbuckle and nails the superplex. Orton sends Styles to the apron with a big uppercut and hits the hanging DDT. He gets ready for the RKO but Styles hits the enziguri kick instead. Orton finally hits him with the RKO but could only get two counts. Orton again takes Styles to the top and tries to hit the RKO from there.

Styles slips out and hits the Pele kick to send Orton out of the ring. Styles connects the Phenomenal forearm as Orton is at the ringside. Both men are down at the ringside and the referee starts counting down. Styles picks Orton and sends him into the ring. He waits for Orton to get up and goes for the Phenomenal forearm again. Orton tries to convert it into the RKO but Styles avoids it. Styles connects the second Phenomenal Forearm and gets the pin.

Winner- AJ Styles with a pinfall

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