WrestleMania 35 (2019) – Live Results and Updates

WrestleMania 35
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Welcome to the Live Results and Updates Blog of WrestleMania 35 on 7 April 2019.

  • Date: 7 April 2019
  • Location: Met Life Stadium, New Jersey, United States
  • Start Time: Kick-off Show- 5 PM EST(9 PM GMT/ 8 April 2019 2:30 AM IST)
  • Main Show- 7 PM EST(11 PM GMT/ 8 April 2019 4:30 AM IST)

The Showcase of the Immortals, the Show of the Shows, the Grandest Stage of them all, the 35th Edition of WrestleMania is here. Grab your cushion, fill your water bottles, order your snacks online and get ready for 7+ hours ride for the biggest show that the “Sports Entertainment” has to offer.

Kick-Off Show

WrestleMania 35 Kick-off show is live from MetLife Stadium. Jonathan Coachman is joined by JBL, Paige and Sam Roberts. Paige predicts Becky Lynch to win tonight’s main event. JBL is looking announced that he will be at commentary for Kurt Angles final match while Paige will help call the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles match. The panel goes through over tonight’s match card.

Buddy Murphy(c) vs Tony Nese – WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match

Murphy enters first. As Nese enters, Murphy almost attacks him. As the bell rings, Murphy goes for the high knee right away but Nese avoids it and unloads on him in the corner. Nese goes to the top where Murphy goes to meet him and drops him over the turnbuckle. Murphy has now put him in a headlock. Nese tries to break the hold by thrashing him to the turnbuckle. Nese finally hits a suplex to thrash Murphy on the turnbuckle. Nese with some chops, a kick and a spinning kick. He goes to the apron, fights Murphy out there and hits a moonsault as Murphy was left hung to dry. Murphy counters and hits a big boot. Nese hits some punches and goes for the superplex but fails. Murphy counter and goes for the sunset flip and also fails. Nese hits the inverted-rana to get a near fall. A beautiful set of strikes on each other which ends with a vicious clothesline by Murphy. Nese then hits a backbreaker for a near fall. Nese then hits a suicide dive and then a 450 splash to get another near fall. Nese stomps on him in the corner. As Nese was going for the running knee, Murphy hits a big boot and the Murphy Law to get very close near fall. Murphy then puts Nese in the corner and was going for the running knee. Nese intercepts him with a superkick, sets him up in the corner with a German suplex. He connects the running knee and gets the pin to become the new Cruiserweight Champion.

Winner- Tony Nese with a pinfall.

The Impractical Jokers join Charlie Caruso who are rooting for the Miz and Becky to win tonight.

Second Annual Women’s Battle Royal

Naomi gets her own entrance, followed by Asuka. Nikki Cross goes wild as she starts rolling her jacket in the middle of the ring. Candice LeRae works on Cross. Asuka eliminates Cross and Candice with Hip Attacks on the apron. Ember Moon is in the match, making her return. She gets eliminated first. Moon and Naomi are going onto each other. Naomi goes for the splash from the apron, Moon hits him in the face to eliminate her. Kairi Sane hits a couple of big chops on Lana. She goes to the turnbuckle but Sarah Logan prevents her move and she barely survives. The Riott squad eliminated Lana then. Kairi Sane hits the kabuki elbow on Sarah but Liv Morgan eliminates Sane. Zelina Vega gets involved with the Riott Squad, who are going after the remaining one by one. Dana Brooke ends their domination, fights them out and eliminates Ruby and Liv. Vega hits the knees to Brooke’s back. Mandy and Sonya eliminate Vega and Brooke. Mickie James superkicks Mandy at the apron to eliminate her and Sonya hits a shoulder block to eliminate James. Asuka, Sarah and Sonya go at each other. Asuka dropkicks Sonya and takes down Sarah. She then puts Sonya on the apron and eliminates her. Sarah then dumps Asuka over. Carmella who went outside the ring earlier comes in. They fight it out near the rope and Sarah is put over the ropes. She avoids being eliminated after a shoulder block. Mella then hits a superkick to eliminate her.

Winner- Carmella

David Otunga and Shawn Michaels join Coach and Sam Roberts in the panel. Michaels is donning an NXT cap. Coach tells that the Hall of Fame ceremony was a great night and talks about having inducted Chyna in HOF. Coach then takes through the matches for tonight. The panel next discusses the Triple H-Batista match. Shawn tells that it’s Batista percieves himself being mistreated

The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) vs Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder – RAW Tag Team Championship Match

Hawkins and Wilder start. Dawson throws Hawkins across the ring. They lock again and comes to a stalemate. Wilder takes him down again and locks in the headlock. Shoulder block and a roll-up by Dawson force Hawkins to tag Ryder. Wilder with a vicious chop in the corner over Ryder. Some more chops and Wilder is tagged in. Ryder comes back with a dropkick and hits some quick moves before Revival sends him out. Dawson takes him back in and keeps control over him. A backbreaker leg drop combo by the Revival. Ryder goes for the sunset flip but Wilder tags in Dawson during the move. Dawson hits some kicks and locks in the arm of Ryder. Ryder fights out and hits a suplex. Dawson quickly tags in Wilder who again takes control. Ryder again fights out and sends Wilder in the corner. Dawson gets the tag but Ryder hits the double neck breaker. Dawson takes down Hawkins at the apron and they double team over Ryder. Wilder gets the tag and Dawson slams him onto Ryder. Wilder hits a kick to the back and keeps Ryder down on the mat. Ryder hits a side slam on Wilder and back body drops Dawson to tag in Hawkins. Hawkins with some punches on Dawson and then hits the dropkick on both opponents. He gets a couple of nearfall, hits a step-up enziguri on Wilder. Both Dawson and Wilder clotheslines each other. Ryder gets the tag and Wilder comes in to take him out of the ring. Hawkins gets the tag and goes for the pin when Wilder breaks the pin. Wilder takes down Ryder and Hawkins hits him with a spear. Dawson takes Hawkins back into the ring. Hawkins plays dead and when Dawson goes to pick him up, he rolls him up and gets the pin.

Winner-Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder with a pinfall

Sixth Annual Andre the Giant Memorial (Men’s) Battle Royal

Michael Che and Colin Jost get the special entry as they slowly walk down the ramp and into the ring. The Hardy Boyz come in next and gets a long entry as the show heads back to the panel discussion for some time. Now everyone is waiting for Braun Strowman and out he comes. The bell rings and the brawl started. Colin and Michael slip out of the ring and hide under the ring. EC3 is already eliminated. Luke Harper is returning. Apollo Crews eliminated Heath Slater. Ali also eliminated Crews and No Way Jose. Gallows sends Strowman through the ring post. Hardy Boyz work on Rhyno to eliminate him. Bobby Roode and Chad Gable work on Hardy Boyz but both of them gets eliminated by them. Andrade eliminated the Lucha House Party. The Heavy Machinery eliminated the Ascensions before Strowman came back into the ring to eliminate Jinder Mahal, Heavy MAchinery Harper and Ali and a few other guys that I have missed. Andrade and Crews were working at the apron. Andrade takes down Crews with a hurricanrana but gets himself eliminated in the process. Strowman takes the Hardy Boyz to the apron where they both try to take him down. Michael and Colin come out and try to help them. Strowman kicks them and eliminates the Hardy Boyz. Colin takes the mic and brings out his therapist for Strowman to work through his anger. Strowman destroys the therapist. As Michael tries to run away, Strowman throws him out. As Strowman goes for a big boot on Colin, his leg gets stuck over the ring. Colin tries to eliminate Strowman but he shakes him off. Strowman throws off Colin to win it.

Winner- Braun Strowman

Main Show

Yolanda Adams opens the show by singing ‘Good Morning America’. Next is the promo for the Showcase of Immortals(WrestleMania in-promo) featuring all the stars that will feature today. Off goes the fireworks as the camera rolls over the MetLife Stadium.

The Host of WrestleMania Alexa Bliss welcomes us to the show. She says she has the whole show in the palm of his hand. All she needs to do is snap and have her WrestleMania moment. She snaps her finger and Hulk Hogan comes out. Hogan says it is great to be back to WrestleMania, all he can see 80,000 screaming WWE fans. Bliss and Hulk end the segment by doing some iconic Hulk Hogan poses.

As they were on the roll, Paul Heyman goes through them and reaches the ring. He seems angry and says that if his client does not go last then they are not going to stay the whole night. He says that they will have the match right now and introduces Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar(c) vs Seth Rollins – WWE Universal Championship Match

Even before Rollins can reach the ring, Lesnar attacks him. He sends him through the ring post and then through the barricade. He follows it up with an F-5 and then throws him at the ringside a few times. He then sends him over the announce table a couple of times before finally taking Rollins inside the ring.

The Referee asks Rollins if he wants to continue. Rollins is selling his hand injury. Lesnar again sends Rollins out of the ring. He clears the announce table and puts the table lid over the ring and sends Rollins through it before taking Rollins back to the ring. The bells finally ring. Lesnar with shoulder blocks in the corner and hits his first German suplex and then the second one. Suplex no. 3 and goes for the F-5.

Rollins slips out and throws Lesnar to the referee. He low blows Lesnar and hits a superkick. Rollins then hits three consecutive Curb Stompers. The other referee comes into the ring and Rollins gets the pin to become the new Universal Champion.
Winner- Seth Rollins with a pinfall

Huge pop from the crowd as Rollins holds the Title high. As Rollins reaches the ramp, he again holds the title up and goes wild rolling it over his head. Lesnar is in the ring watching Rollins and indicating that he will get him. Rollins once more holds the title up as the camera cuts off.

AJ Styles vs Randy Orton

Styles enter first and almost trips at the steel steps. A viper is kept near the entrance as Orton enters. Lock up and Styles with the side lock to come to a stalemate. Styles ducks the punch and hits some chops into the corner. Styles ducks another punch and Orton goes for the RKO right away. Orton hits his first shot and connects the dropkick.

Orton starts to work on Styles’ right leg. Styles comes back with a dropkick and then hits the diving forearm at the ringside. Orton kicks Styles as he is coming back to the ring and sends him to the barricade after a running tackle. He then hits the backdrop on the barricade before taking Styles back to the ring. He puts in the headlock.

Styles tries to fight out the grip and hits some punches into the ribs before hitting a big forearm. He hits a flurry of offense and connects a running forearm in the corner. Styles connects the Ushi-Garushi and crowd is slowing picking up. Styles was going for the Styles clash but Orton prevents it and goes for the RKO himself.

Styles also avoids it but runs into the body slam. Orton puts him in the corner but Styles hits some punches and goes for the calf crusher. Orton avoids it and punches Styles. As Orton was going for the hanging DDT, Styles rolls up and locks in the calf crusher only for Orton to break it by reaching the ropes.

Styles was going for the Phenomenal forearm but stops midway when Orton gets ready for the RKO. He hits the springboard splash instead. Styles goes for the Phenomenal Forearm which Orton avoids and hits the backbreaker. Orton takes Styles over the turnbuckle and nails the superplex.

Orton sends Styles to the apron with a big uppercut and hits the hanging DDT. He gets ready for the RKO but Styles hits the enziguri kick instead. Orton finally hits him with the RKO but could only get two counts. Orton again takes Styles to the top and tries to hit the RKO from there. Styles slips out and hits the Pele kick to send Orton out of the ring.

Styles connects the Phenomenal forearm as Orton is at the ringside. Both men are down at the ringside and the referee starts counting down. Styles picks Orton and sends him into the ring. He waits for Orton to get up and goes for the Phenomenal forearm again. Orton tries to convert it into the RKO but Styles avoids it. Styles connects the second Phenomenal Forearm and gets the pin.
Winner- AJ Styles with a pinfall

The Usos(Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso) vs the Bar(Sheamus and Cesaro) vs Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura vs Aleister Black and Ricochet – SmackDown Tag Team Championship, Fatal 4-Way Match

Black takes Jimmy down to start the match. Sheamus low bridges Jimmy and tags in. He goes after Black with a few hard shots. Rusev tags himself in off of Sheamus and takes out Black with a boot to the face. Jimmy and Nakamura tag themselves in. Rusev and Nakamura keep control until Ricochet hits an enziguri. Cesaro comes in and connects an uppercut, punches Rusev at the apron and starts the swing on Ricochet while Sheamus hits the continuous punches on the all the other opponents at the apron.

Cesaro stops the swing and locks in the sharpshooter on Ricochet. Uso comes in to hit the superkick on Cesaro to break the hold. Aleister Black comes in and hits a few kicks before being taken down by Rusev. Black was getting pinned when Ricochet breaks it with a shooting star press. Nakamura and Rusev keep control over Black and Ricochet for some time. Cesaro tags himself in and he and Sheamus take hits the superkick on Rusev and Naka.

All the wrestlers join in the tower of doom from which Ricochet comes out unscathed. He then hits the 630 splash on Sheamus. Upper Cut by Cesaro catches Ricochet, Super Kick by Uso catches Cesaro, Spin Kick by Rusev catches Uso, Black Mass catches Rusev, Kinshasa catches Aleister, A CodeBreaker catches Ricochet, Sheamus hits Ricochet with a Brogue Kick. The Usos takes him down with superkicks and hits the double splash for the pin and the win.
Winner- The Usos with a pinfall over Sheamus

Next, the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2019 was announced. Harlem Heat, the Honky Tonk Man, Brutus ‘the Barber’ Beefcake, Torrie Wilson, the Hart Foundation and finally D-Generation-X.

The Miz vs Shane McMahon – Falls Counts Anywhere Match

Shane McMahon makes his entry but he is unhappy with the announcer. He asks him to announce him again while he is on the ramp. He is announced again but is not happy still. He is announced for the third time with a longer groove and he is happy now. The Miz enters next. He meets his dad who is in the front row.

As the match starts, Shane takes a shot and runs out of the ring. He does that a few more times. He then grabs Miz’s Dad to make him angry. Miz keeps chasing him until Shane suckers him into an attack. McMahon takes control and hits a flurry of jabs to the body and head. He sends Miz into the ring post. Shane follows him outside and uses a monitor to smash him in the head.

Shane clears the announce table and was going for the Shooting star press off the top when Miz’s Dad intervenes. Shane stops midway and asks him to come into the ring. Shane passes some time with him before attacking. The Miz comes back to the save. He takes down Shane with some punches before sending him through the barricade and into the crowd. Miz checked on his dad before resuming the match. He unloads on Shane and they go further into the crowd.

Shane crashes Miz into the LED pillars before hitting a DDT on the concrete base. Miz kicks Shane and sends him into the barricade. Miz then takes the chair and hits some stiff shots on the back. He takes Shane towards the international commentary tables. He keeps unloading on him before sending him through the table to get two counts. Miz grabs a LED screen to hit it to Shane to send him 8 feet below to the concrete floor.

Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale to get a near fall. Shane comes back with a kick. He climbs to the top of Camera podium and Miz follow him. They are at least 20 feet up, so Shane apologizes to Miz and asks him to spare him. Miz hits him a superplex which took both of them to the platform. Shane is on top and the referee counts to three. Shane McMahon wins the match but both of them are unconscious.

Winner- Shane McMahon with a pinfall

The Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection(Sasha Banks and Bayley) (c) vs The Samoan Slaughterhouse(Nia Jax and Tamina) vs The Divas of the Doom(Beth Pheonix and Natalya) vs The IIconics(Peyton Royce and Billie Kay) – Women’s Tag Team Championship, Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match

Bayley and Tamina start the match. Tamina easily overpowers The Hugger and starts knocking other women off the apron. Everyone works together to take out Jax and Tamina. Royce gets a two count on Banks with a roll-up. The IIconics work together to double team Sasha for another two counts. Beth and Bayley come in and Bayley hits a sliding clothesline on Pheonix.

Billie takes the blind tag and quickly starts to work on Beth along with Peyton. Beth hits the double suplex on the IIconics. Natalya gets the tag and they double team on Bille. Sasha gets the tag but Natalya slams her to the floor. Beth and Nattie were double-teaming on Sasha but Bayley doesn’t let them hit the move. Sasha and Bayley then double team to take down Beth. Sasha locks in the Bank Statement on Beth but she fights out of it and slams Sasha.

Natalya puts both Sasha and Bayley into the sharpshooter at the same time. Tamina comes in as hits the superkick to break the hold. Tamina and Nia clear the ring. They set up Sasha and Bayley for the splash off the top. Beth pushes Nia off the top and takes down Tamina with a double shoulder tackle. Sasha hits the double ax handle on Beth.

Bayley hits a flying elbow on Beth Phoenix, and Sasha hits the Frogsplash, but Beth Phoenix kicks out. Natalya comes in and hits the powerbomb on Sasha. Phoenix hits the Glam Slam on Bayley from the top rope. The IIconics run in and take out Beth before Kay covers Bayley to get the pin and the win. No Idea how they were the legal team.

Winner- The IIconics with a pinfall

Daniel Bryan(c) vs Kofi Kingston – WWE Championship Match

Kofi enters with the New Day and the crowd is most electric in the night till now. Big E has already brought a gift for Kofi. Daniel Bryan enters with Rowan. Bryan with a headlock right away. They lock again and Bryan puts in the arm twist. Kofi reverses the twist and locks in Bryan. Bryan again takes the upper hand but Kofi sends him out with a dropkick and hits a suicide dive.

Back in the ring, Bryan hits some uppercuts, shoulder tackle and locks Kofi in the inverted Cloverleaf. Kofi breaks the hold and hits some kicks and uppercuts of his own. A series of rope work ends with a double stomp on Bryan. Bryan grapples and unloads on Kofi back of the neck. Kofi counters with a jumping clothesline, standing splash and a baseball slide to send Bryan out. Kofi goes for the springboard splash but Bryan avoids it, which sends Kofi head first into the announce table.

Bryan is methodically taking apart Kofi. He hands Kofi on the top rope and hits a knee off the top turnbuckle. He puts Kofi in the waistlock. Many superstars are cheering for Kofi backstage. Kofi connects some elbows to break the hold finally. Bryan trips Kofi to send him to the turnbuckle face first. Bryan then hits a series of dropkicks at the corner and locks in Kofi in the Boston Crab.

Kofi breaks the hold by reaching the rope. Some Yes! kicks and then Bryan goes to the top turnbuckle. Kofi fights him with some elbows and hits a splash on the back of Bryan. They start trading punches in the middle of the ring until Kofi connects the trouble in paradise. Bryan again goes for the Boston Crab but Kofi converts into a pinning attempt. Kofi goes to the top where Bryan takes him down and the Labell lock was avoided by Kofi.

Kofi counters the high knees and hits the SOS and goes for the pin when Bryan finally locks in the Labell Lock. Kofi reaches to the rope with his legs. Bryan connects continuous sidekicks to the point that Kofi starts asking for them. Bryan goes for the high knee again when Kofi counters it to hit the reverse suplex. Bryan moves out of the ring.

As Kofi moves out of the ring, Rowan prevents him to go for Bryan. Woods and E also get involved. Rowan fends them out but Kofi hit him with the Trouble in Paradise. Woods and E hit Rowan with the UpUpDownDown. Kofi goes back to the ring where Bryan nails the high double knee to get the near fall.

Bryan hits some kicks to his face then locks him in the Labell Lock again. Kofi fights out of it after some time. He unloads with the forearms on Bryan when Bryan did not lose his grip on him. Kofi also hits some kicks to the face to berate Bryan. He nails the Trouble in Paradise and gets the pin to become the new WWE Champion.

Winner- Kofi Kingston with a pinfall

Backstage, the Superstars jumps in joy as Woods and Big E come into the ring to celebrate with Kofi. They also unveil the original title belt and opens the gift box that E brought earlier(it has the New Day Graphics around the WWE Championship Belt). Kofi’s sons also join in the celebration.

Samoa Joe(c) vs Rey Mysterio – WWE United States Championship Match

Joe starts with a kick in the gut but Rey counters the body slam into a Tornado DDT. Rey hits the 619. Joe counters the splash and locks Rey into the Coquina Clutch. Referee checks on Rey and gives the submission win to Joe.

Winner- Samoa Joe with a submission

Rey gets up after the match and asks the referee what happened. Joe celebrates with the title belt on the ramp before moving backstage.

Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre enters first with Scottish Military Bands performing for him. Roman Reigns gets special fireworks when he reaches the stage. Roman starts with big punches and nails a Samoan Drop. He then unloads on McIntyre in the corner before some more uppercuts. McIntyre nails a spinebuster and sends him to the apron. Roman hits the leg drop on McIntyre at the apron.

As the head back to the ring, McIntyre hits the Glasgow kiss and tosses Roman across the ring with a German suplex. McIntyre has now locked in the shoulders of Roman. McIntyre keeps control for sometime before Roman sends him off the ring. McIntyre avoids the drive-by and hits a suplex on the floor before sending him back to the ring. Roman fights in the corner but McIntyre nails the Alabama fall slam and starts unloading punches. McIntyre takes Roman to the top turnbuckle.

Roman fights him off but McIntyre still takes him down from there. McIntyre starts trash talking and was going for the Dirty Deeds when Roman connects a punch and clotheslines him. A big boot sends McIntyre outside the ring where Roman connected the drive-by and then hits the suplex on the floor. Back in the ring, Roman goes for the Superman Punch but McIntyre avoids it and hits him with a headbutt. Roman connects the Superman Punch on the rebound and then hits the spear to get the pin.
Winner- Roman Reigns with a pinfall.

Elias is interrupted by??

Elias on the drum, Elias on the Piano on the screen and Elias in the ring with the Guitar. All three versions perform in unison for a short time. Elias bids them Goodbye and starts playing ‘Walk with Elias’ on his Guitar with the crowd singing with him. The atmosphere is electric with the crowd behind him. Lights are off and the mobile flashes are making a good spectacle. Elias asks us to hold the applause, silence the cellphone and shut the mouths.

As he starts to perform, something starts on the screen. It turns out to be the highlights from a baseball game from 1932. As the video ends, John Cena’s thugonomics Music hits and he comes out in the Thugonomics gimmick- wearing his classic chain and jersey attire. Cena comes into the rings and raps the insults out of Elias. Cena then lays out Elias, hits him with the five knuckle shuffle and then the FU. He lefts the ring with Elias still on the floor.

Batista vs Triple H – No Holds Barred, Triple H’s Career on the Line

Shawn Michaels is out as the Guest Commentator. A couple of SUVs roll up with security guards around them. As they reach the ramp, Guards line up at the ramp and Batista jumps off the back off one of the SUVs. He trips as he enters the ring. He goes near the commentary table and stares at Michaels. Triple H’s parents are in the front row. The father taunts Batista and he shows a thumbs down sign. The Mad Max Fury Road theme video brings out Triple H who enters on a bike with Skull fixed at the front. He is also donning a skull scarf.

Batista puts Hunter in the right away and unloads. He takes him down with a clothesline. Hunter takes down Batista and throws him outside the ring. Batista sends him over the announce table. Hunter jumps over him to send him to the apron. Hunter then hits Batista on the shoulder with a toolbox. He then brings out a chain and strikes it on Batista’s back. He chokes him with the chain and crashes him into the steel steps. Hunter brings out a wrench and uses it on Batista’s arms. Hunter brings a chair into the ring and plucks out Batista’s nose ring.

Out of the ring, Batista counters Hunter to send him over announce table. Batista then drops him on his back over the table and sends him into the barricades and repeated the procedure. Steel Chair strike to the back of Hunter. Back in the ring, Batista gets a near fall. He shoulder blocks, hits a clothesline and gets another near fall. Hunter with his signature knee to the face. Batista goes for another shoulder tackle but nobody is home. Hunter goes for the pedigree but it is converted to the back body drop.

Outside the ring again and Hunter is hit by steel steps. Steel steps are put over the announce table and Hunter is dropped over them. Batista goes for the Batista Comb from the steps, Hunter converts it to the back body drop. Hunter gets up and spears Batista running over and through the announce tables. Both men are down. Hunter brings out the Sledgehammer and goes back to the ring to eat a spear for a near fall. Hunter with a big boot, Batista avoids the hammer strike with a big boot of his own and hits the spinebuster. He hits the Batista Bomb to get a near fall.

Batista brings the steel steps into the ring, puts Hunter over the turnbuckle but Hunter slips away and hits the powerbomb on the steel steps. He follows it up with a pedigree but could only get two counts. Hunter goes for the hammer strike when Batista hits him with DDT on the steel steps. Ric Flair comes out of nowhere and handed Hunter another sledgehammer. He also distracts Batista for Hunter to jump over the steel steps and hit Batista with the sledgehammer. He hits another pedigree and gets the pin.

Winner- Triple H with a pinfall

Kurt Angle vs Baron Corbin – Angle’s Farewell Match

Angle starts with stiff punches and hits the German suplex. Corbin shoves him in the eyes, hits some back elbows and throws him to the ropes. Corbin continues with stiff strikes on Angle: punches, forearms, punches at the back of the head. Angle avoids the double Ax Handle and hits the trio of German suplexes. Corbin kicks out of the ring and connects a clothesline. Angle locks in the Anklelock after a back body drop.

Corbin quickly powers out of it and hits the deep six to get the near fall. Angle avoids Corbin in the corner and hits the Angle Slam to get a near fall of his own. Angle takes his straps down, which means only one thing: Ankle lock with the maximum torque. Angle is sent face-first into the turnbuckle. Corbin mocks the crowd with ‘U can’t see me gesture’. Angle hits another German Suplex and takes in the crowd response before going to the top. Nobody is home when he hits the moonsault. Corbin hits the End of Days to get the pin.

Winner- Baron Corbin with a pinfall

Angle takes the mic and addresses the crowd for the final time. His music hits and the ‘You Suck’ chants started. Angle meets his family in the front row, takes in the crowd reaction as he moved back up the ramp to go into the sunset.

Bobby Lashley(c) vs Finn Balor – WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Bobby Lashley enters with Lio Rush first. Red Clouds hover and out comes the Demon King. Balor crawls through the ramp and fireworks go out at the top of the stadium. As he enters the ring, Lashley also enters the ring.

Balor with the spinning kick out of the blocks, scissor kick, swing blade, dropkick in the corner, clothesline takes Lashley out and the suicide dive comes through. Back in the ring, Lashley connects the Chokeslam and back-to-back suplexes. He slams Balor to the apron and drives him into the barricade. Lashley going for the spear but Balor intercepts him with a swing blade.

He hits a dropkick and drives Lashley into the barricade. He brings Lashley back to the ring when Rush distracts him. Lashley hits the spear on Balor which takes both of them from the apron to the announce table. Lashley hits another spear back in the ring but could only get a nearfall. Balor picks Lashley and nails the powerbomb. He hits the Coup De’ Grace and gets the pin to become the Intercontinental Champion again.

Winner- Finn Balor with a pinfall

Alexa Bliss comes out and tells that MetLife Stadium’s attendance record is broken tonight with 82,265 people attending WrestleMania. She then calls for the break but no one comes out. She calls for the break and finally R Truth and Carmella comes out. They call for the 7 seconds Dance Break. Some people in the Crowd also start dancing with them. It goes longer than their usual dance break.

Ronda Rousey(c) vs Charlotte Flair(c) vs Becky Lynch – ‘Winner Takes All’ RAW and SmackDown Women’s Championship Match

Charlotte Flair is in a helicopter over the MetLife Stadium. The Chopper lands on a helipad and a Red Carpet is rolled out for the Queen. She removes her jacket and wears a Robe before proceeding towards the Stadium. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts are announced to perform Bad Reputation for Ronda Rousey’s entrance. Ronda comes out smiling for Joan Jett but her face turned serious as she heads to the ring. Charlotte enters next. She enters the ring and does a kip up. Becky enters last. As she is announced, she gets the biggest pop of the night.

All three women are watching each other, trying to figure out who to go after, Ronda goes after Becky who tries to put her in Dis-arm-her. She takes her to the corner and unloads. Charlotte is taken out next. Ronda then sends Becky to the barricade, hits Piper’s pit on Charlotte. Becky slams her to the ring post and connects a big boot. Charlotte sends Ronda to the barricade. Charlotte and Becky go at each other with both trying to go for their submission move.

Ronda comes back and locks the hands of both opponents and hangs from the rope. Becky breaks free and hits basement slide to send Ronda crashing to the floor on her neck. Charlotte starts slamming Becky’s head into the mat over and over. She climbs to the top turnbuckle for a moonsault, but Lynch catches her in the DisArmHer. Rousey breaks it up and puts Becky in the armbar until Charlotte makes the save. Flair hits both women with Natural Selection but can’t get the three count on either of them.

Charlotte hits a series of chops on Ronda until Ronda no-sells them. Ronda hits a high knee and tries to go for the armbar. Charlotte tries to convert it into a Boston crab type submission. Becky comes in and releases the hold. She hits the DDT on both opponents at the same time. Becky and Charlotte go at each other for some time. Charlotte goes to the top and Becky meets her there to hit the bexploder.

Ronda with a double body splash and locks both opponents into the armbar at the same time. Becky and Charlotte combine to slam Ronda to the floor thrice to break her hold. Charlotte throws Becky out of the ring and gets a nearfall. Becky comes back and plants Charlotte in the middle of the ring. Ronda and Becky face off alone for the first time and the crowd gets excited. Becky rolls Ronda into the Dis-Arm-Her. Ronda rolls a few times to cause the break. She takes Becky to the top turnbuckle. Charlotte comes in and removes Ronda from the situation and hits the Spanish Fly on Becky.

Charlotte goes to Ronda then, she also sends Becky to the barricade with a big boot at the apron. Charlotte is focusing on Ronda’s knees now. She locks the figure four at the ring post. Becky breaks the hold, Charlotte hits Becky again and takes Ronda into the ring to locks her in figure eight. Becky hits the leg drop to break the hold again. She then brings a table to the rin(Legal under Triple Threat Rules).

Charlotte slams Becky to the table. She goes for the top, Becky meets her there and tries to powerbomb her through the table. Ronda prevents it and throws away the table. Becky tries to put Ronda in the Dis-Arm-Her when Charlotte hits both of them with a spear. Charlotte slams Ronda’s face to the table and hits another spear on Becky. Becky and Ronda then send Charlotte through the table to take her out.

Becky and Ronda start unloading on each other. Ronda hits the high knee and hits the piper’s pit but Becky rolls her over to the crucifix pin, puts pressure over both the shoulders using her legs and shoulder and gets the pinfall.

Winner- Becky Lynch with a pinfall on Ronda Rousey.

On replays, it seems that Ronda’s right shoulder was not on mat properly which the referee missed. Excellent match but the botched finish might have ruined it. An excellent show overall.

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