NXT Takeover: New York 2019 Live Results and Updates

NXT Takeover New York
NXT Takeover New York

WrestleMania is the biggest wrestling event of the year. But there are a few who are more eagerly waiting for NXT Takeover. NXT has craved some unique fan following which still likes simple storytelling and more wrestling than the facade. Despite being the developmental brand, NXT can boast of more exciting action sometimes than the main shows of WWE. All in all, NXT is the best of WWE and Independent wrestling amalgamated into one. With this thought, we welcome you to the live coverage of NXT Takeover: Brooklyn New York.

    Kick-Off Show

    The pre-show opens as fans make their way into the arena. Charly Caruso is joined by Sam Roberts and Pat McAfee. The panel hypes tonight’s Match card. A bunch of fans doing the NXT chant outside with Sarah Schreiber. Schreiber and Caruso then hype the WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge in which we will see a fan game against AJ Styles for $1 million on the pre-show. One by one the packages for all the matches come up and the panel discuss over them. The Undisputed Era’s Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong are backstage with Sarah Schreiber. They mainly put Adam Cole up and say The Undisputed Era begins tonight as NXT will change forever, and the era will see them all draped in gold.

    Charly tells us about the finals of the WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge, which continued at WrestleMania 35 Axxess earlier today to determine the finalist that will face AJ Styles. We go to the arena for the finals. Corey Graves gets on the mic for the WWE 2k19 Million Dollar Challenger and he welcomes Xavier Woods from the New Day. Woods jokes that this will be the first Takeover where he would not be beaten up by Rusev. He then explained what is the Million challenge and calls out the challenger Stephan Benson who comes out in a Golden Suit. Woods then called out AJ Styles who put out the Million Dollar Challenge. Styles and Golden guy are trash-talking for some time before Graves intervenes and takes us to the game.

    Lastly, Gargano vs Cole is hyped at last to end the pre-show.

    Main Show

    It’s time for the main show now. The commentators tell us it is the 24th NXT Takeover Event and we have a 15000+ crowd at the event.

    #1 The War Raiders(c) vs Aleister Black and Ricochet – NXT Tag Team Championship

    First up is the NXT Tag Team Titles match. The War Raiders gets the special Entry again like the last Takeover with the Viking Drum Beats. Ricochet enters next as the commentators hype their RAW Tag Team Title match at RAW this week and SmackDown Tag Team Title match at WrestleMania until Aleister Black makes his entry. NXT Chants go up.

    Black and Rowe start the match. Lock up and arm twist by Black. Counters all the way and it ends with Rowe putting Black to the mat. They start again and Rowe goes for the waist takedown but Black prevents it and ends up with putting his legs over Rowe’s shoulder. They fist bump and tag their partners. Ricochet sends Hanson out with a scissor takedown. Black and Rowe tag in and Black also sends him out. War Raiders combine to take the upper hand. Rowe slams Hanson on top of both opponents. The champions keep Black isolated by cutting the ring in half with quick tags and double team moves. Black avoids another double team slam and knocks both men down with a kick. Ricochet is tagged in and hits a flurry of moves which ends with a nearfall after a standing shooting star press. Ricochet tries to go for the octopus stretch but had to tag in Black. He hits a forearm and a lariat before putting Rowe in the octopus stretch at the ground. Black then keeps Rowe in his corner and hits some kicks before sweeping him.

    Black unleashes a flurry of kicks to score a near fall. Rowe takes him down with a side body slam and hits a brutal knee to the face. Hanson runs in and backdrops Ricochet into the lights. Black is taken inside the ring by Hanson. He hits the running body splash on both of them many times. He then sends Black out of the ring. Ricochet then catches him and executes the fallaway slam. Black and Rowe tag in and trades strikes. Black hits a knee strike followed by a German suplex for a close two count. Ricochet and Hanson tag in again. Hanson avoids a couple of strikes with the cartwheel but Ricochet finally connects the roundhouse kick. Hanson connects his move and goes to the top turnbuckle. Ricochet takes him down but Hanson hits a back handspring elbow at the corner. Rowe is tagged in and takes a shot at Black. Rowe nails a running knee on Ricochet. He picks up Hanson and runs him into Ricochet. They hit an awesome double team combo but Black breaks the pin up with a double stomp. Black takes down Henson with a moonsault at ringside. Rowe with a crossbody on Black. Ricochet with a corkscrew moonsault on Rowe and finally, Henson takes everyone down with a cannonball. The referee counts until 9 as both teams get back into the ring. Black and Rowe end up as the legal men in the ring and Black hits him with Black Mass. Ricochet follows up with the 630 but Hanson breaks up the pin while hitting Black with a Spear into the pin. Ricochet and Black both miss their moves to give the War Raiders the upper hand again. Hanson drills Black with a suicide dive before he and Rowe hit the Fallout for the pin and the win.

    Winner- The War Raiders with a pinfall

    The War Raiders hug Black and Ricochet who then gets their farewell from the NXT Crowd.

    #2 The Velveteen Dream(c) vs Matt Riddle – NXT North American Championship Match

    Matt Riddle enters first and Velveteen Dream follows him. Dream poses at the entrance like the Statue of Liberty, torch in the hands and is carried to the ring. He comes into the ring and takes his time in the spotlight. Velveteen chants go up on one side of the crowd while Bro chants on the other half. Riddle takes his hand forward for the bro bump and then start. Riddle with sidekicks on the leg. Dream goes for the legs, Riddle changes it to the waist takedown before going for the Kimura. Dream breaks the hold quickly. Shoulders lockdown to a stalemate for some time. Riddle transitions it into a Russian armbar. Lock again, Dream kicks into Matt’s bare feet, shoulder block off the rope, multiple rollups attempts, a slap in the back. Riddle with rollover waist takedown, going for the third one when Dream counters into a roll up. Dream with a dropkick sends Riddle to the apron, high knee there and an axe handle at the ringside. Riddle with a german suplex at ringside. Back in the ring, Riddle hits some chops and a couple of running forearms, follows with a knee at the back and a penalty kick. Riddle is going for the bro-mission but Dream prevents it. Riddle puts him in the armbar then. More strikes by Riddle until Dream hits the German suplex but Riddle no-sells it. He hits a high knee and a snap suplex to get a nearfall.

    Riddle puts him into a triangle choke. Dream fights out only to be hit with the high knee again and then another german suplex for a nearfall. Riddle hits some more kicks. Dream gets the momentum and strikes with some kicks and sends him outside. He hits the axe handle at the ringside to get a nearfall. Dream is slow to get to the top rope. Riddle hits a high knee strike again to counter the axe handle again. Dream hits the codebreaker to get nearfall. Dream goes for the running knee but Riddle counters it into the ankle lock. Dream fights out and hits the superkick. He then hits the dream valley driver and goes for the purple rainmaker. Riddle counters it into the bro-mission. Dream fights out and goes to the apron. Riddle picks him up from there to hit an incredible German Suplex. He follows it with a moonsault splash to get nearfall. Dream with some strikes and a superkick. Riddle with the waist takedown, gets another nearfall and puts in the Bro-mission only for Dream to roll him up to get the pin.

    Winner- The Velveteen Dream with a pinfall

    Dream celebrates the victory for some time. Riddle offers another fist bump as a sign of respect to Dream. He gets the fist bump amid the crowd cheers.

    Japanese Star Kushida has signed with NXT and is in the crowd tonight.

    #3 Pete Dunne(c) vs Walter – WWE United Kingdom Championship Match

    Walter enters followed by Pete Dunne. They have a brief staredown before the match. The Bruiserwieght chants go on. Lockdown to a stalemate. Dunne goes for the leg but Walter grabs his leg. Dunne also counters with an ankle lock only to come to another stalemate. Dunne with an armlock with joint manipulation. Walter goes for the clothesline and then tosses Dunne around a couple of times. Dunne avoids the chop in the corner. Walter with an arm twist and takes down Dunne with his arms. Dunne with a backfist and Walter replies with a big chop and another big chop.

    A series of rope work ends with a big chop on Dunne. Walter then puts him to the turnbuckle, then sends him outside and hits the back suplex at the apron. Back in the ring, Walter connects a kick to the face and goes for the ankle lock. Dunne counters it into a heel hook but Walter breaks the hold with a couple of chops before putting him Dunne into the Boston Crab. Walter with big fists on Dunne’s chest at the apron. Dunne catches Walter’s hand but Walter hits a big boot to send Dunne to the ringside. Dunne gets mad, some punches, an enziguri and sends him out with a takedown. He hits moonsault at the ringside and then goes to the top rope. Walter meets him there, Dunne twists his fingers and hits the powerbomb to get a nearfall. Walter goes to the ringside again and Dunne hits the double stomp off the top of the turnbuckle.

    Back in the ring, Walter nails a shotgun dropkick, hits the German Suplex and connects the powerbomb to get the nearfall. Walter: club blow, chop on the chest. Dunne comes back with a chop as they start to trade strikes. Walter has kept hold of Dunne’s left hand in this. Walter goes for the powerbomb again but Dunne counters with the step-up enziguri. Both men are down in the ring. Dunne stomps on Walter’s hand, follows it up with a sidekick and goes to the top. Walter meets him there and goes for the suplex. Dunne thrashes his hands to the ring post but Walter anyway hits the German suplex off the top. Dunne snaps Walter’s fingers from both the hands and hits the German Suplex to get the nearfall. Dunne starts stomping on Walter’s face, Walter replies with some kicks of his own but it is Dunne who gets on the top with his submission maneuver. Walter reaches the ropes to force the break. Dunne goes to the top where Walter connects an open palm strike and sends him down with a knife chop. Walter goes for the leg drop off the top, which Dunne changes into the triangle choke. Walter takes down Dunne a vicious clothesline, hits another a big chop but Dunne counters and hits the Bitter end to get a two and a-three-quarters count. Unbelievable.

    Punch, chop, punch, chop, punch, chop, punch, chop. Walter finally takes down Dunne with huge powerbomb. He goes to the top turnbuckle and hits the body splash from there. He covers Dunne and pins him to end the 685 days reign.

    Winner- Walter with a pinfall

    #4 Shayna Baszler(c) vs Kairi Sane vs Io Shirai vs Bianca Beliar – NXT Women’s Championship, Fatal 4-Way Match

    Kiari Sane enters first followed by the braid-slinging Bianca Beliar. Beliar is donning a special ring gear where all her offensive moves are printed. Io Shirai enters next. She has some issues removing her mask but finally removes it and heads to the ring showing it. Shayna Baszler is flanked by Jesseman Duke and Marina Shafir backstage but she enters to the arena alone.

    Shayna goes for Shirai and Beliar sends out Kairi. Shayna and Beliar go for it, Belair runs her over with a shoulder for a two count that Io breaks up with a double knee. Shayna covers Shirai and Sane breaks it up with a blockbuster. Belair knocks Sane down with a running shoulder. Shirai and Sane team up to take Bianca down with a double dropkick. They also drop kicks Shayna out of the ring. Sane and Shirai lock up and trade takedowns and counters. Belair and Baszler yank them out of the ring so they can fight each other. Baszler hits the twisted arm stomp on Belair but Belair connects the dropkick to send Baszler out. She then sends Baszler face first into the ring post to get a nearfall. Kairi with Kabuki elbow on Belair. She then avoids the dropkick and hits the knee to the back.

    Io gets caught by Belair and thrown with a fallaway slam. Shayna breaks up the pin at the last moment. Io goes for the crossbody off the top, Beliar catches her, she fends off Kairi and plants Io in the middle of the ring. Baszler comes in and takes control. She goes for the kirifuda clutch at the top. Kairi and Io hit the four-woman tower of doom on Baszler and Belair. Sane then hits the insane elbow on the two Americans and Io hits the moonsault on them. Belair hits the interceptor on Io and Kairi breaks the pin. Shirai hits a nasty German suplex on Baszler. Sane and Shirai team up to go after Belair, but Shayna pulls Kairi out of the ring. Bianca presses Shirai above her head and throws her onto all three other women.

    Baszler has Belair in the Kirifuda clutch when Belair overpowers her to hit KOD. Io comes in and sends Belair out of the ring. EST and the X-factor from Io. Io then connects a moonsault on Baszler but Kairi breaks the pin. Sane and Shirai start fighting and Kairo slams Io on top of Baszler. Sane then hits an elbow drop off the top on Baszler. Io breaks the pin this time. Kairi and Io go onto each other which ends with Kairi hitting a dropkick on Io. Sane goes to the top but Belair hits her with the hair whip. Belair grabs both Sky Pirates and hits them with the KOF at the same time. Baszler comes in and kicks Belair before locking her in the Kirifuda Clutch. Bianca fights for a long time before being forced to tap out as Shayna Bazler retains the title.

    Winner- Shayna Baszler with a submission on Bianca Beliar.

    #5 Johnny Gargano vs Adam Cole – NXT Championship, 2 Out of 3 Falls Match

    Johnny Gargano enters first. The Undisputed Era members came out with Adam Cole but returned from the ramp. The atmosphere is electric all night. Lockdown, Gargano goes for the waist takedown straight away but fails to execute. Lockdown again ends in a stalemate after an arm twist by Gargano. Cole throws Gargano to the turnbuckle and puts him in the sidelock. They run around the ring but no one could connect any move. Cole rolls up Gargano before Gargano puts Cole in an arm twist. Both starts hitting forearm where Cole come on top. Rope work ends with scissor takedown by Gargano. He then sends him out with a clothesline and hits a basement dropkick. Cole then connects the step-up enziguri from the ringside.

    Cole is now working on Gargano’s neck. Gargano fights out of the lock and hits a forearm. Cole takes him down with a lariat and locks him again. Gargano again fights out and both men are down after crossbody splashes. Gargano starts building up a head of steam as he hits a release German suplex. He nails the rolling kick and Cole rolls out of the ring. Gargano reaches the apron and hits the slingshot spear on Cole to get a near fall. Tornado DDT from Gargano gets another near fall. Cole finally gets something going. He sends Gargano to the turnbuckle and hits a backbreaker to get a near fall. Cole wears down Gargano before going for the Suplex. Gargano is aware and rolls him to cover. They trade covers a couple of times. Cole comes on top and hits the running knee at the back of Gargano’s head to get the first fall.

    Cole straight away goes for Gargano in the corner and hits the German suplex before hitting another running knee. But Gargano kicks out of the pin. Cole blocks the enziguri and hits a forearm. Gargano then hits the spear at the apron and hits a suplex. Back to the ring, Cole catches him Gargano and hits the Ushi-Garushi to get another nearfall. Cole gets to the top turnbuckle. Gargano meets him there and connects the Avalanche air crash but could only get a nearfall. Gargano fights out at the apron, connects the step-up enziguri and nails a slingshot DDT to take both of them outside the ring. Gargano beats the referee’s count but Cole thrashed him into the ring post. Back to the ring, Gargano locks in the Fujiwara arm lock and then the Gargano Escape to get the submission fall.

    They start trading forearms. Cole connects the kicks but Gargano comes back with a clothesline. Gargano misses the DIY kick and Cole nails his neck into the mat to get the near fall. Cole sets up Gargano for the shooting star press but Gargano connects the step-up enziguiri. Gargano thrashes Cole into the turnbuckle and hits the flatliner to get the near fall. They trade forearms, then kicks, clotheslines and finally superkicks each other in an incredible spot. Cole with a superkick at the back of the neck of Gargano. He follows it up with a straight jacket German suplex but could only get a near fall. Cole nails a backdrop driver and goes to the middle rope. Gargano counters with a superkick, connects the reverse-rana and superkicks Cole out of the ring. Cole then picks Gargano out of the ring and sends him to the apron with a German suplex. Gargano connects the spiked DDT and then a Tornado DDT. He then hits the suicide dive but when he was coming back to the ring with a slingshot spear, Cole connects the superkick. Cole hits the sunset flip to get a nearfall. Cole brings Gargano out of the ring. He then starts trash-talking Gargano. Gargano punches Cole. Both of them clear the announce table. Cole hits the Fairy-tale ending on Gargano on the announce table. Cole gets back into the ring and the referee starts counting.

    The count reaches 8 when Gargano reaches the ring, only to be hit by a superkick. Gargano incredibly kicks out at 2 and three quarters. They trade superkicks. Gargano locks Cole into the Gargano Escape but the Undisputed Era members interfere. They distract the referee when Cole taps out. They come in and Fish and O’Reilly hit Gargano with their finisher. The referee is thrown back into the ring but Gargano kicks out. Gargano then back body drops Cole into the Undisputed Era members. He goes out of the ring and takes down all three of them one by one. Gargano comes back into the ring to eat a running knee from Cole. But he kicks out again. Cole could not believe it. Gargano ducks the running knee again and locks Cole into the Gargano Escape. Cole taps out and Gargano wins the NXT champion and the first NXT triple crown champion.

    Winner- Johnny Gargano with the submission after the Gargano Escape

    The referee gives the NXT Championship Belt to Johnny Gargano. His wife Candice LeRae comes out running to him and hugs him in the ring. He also meets father at the ringside before moving to the ramp where Tomasso Ciampa comes out in a neck brace. All three of Gargano, Ciampa and LeRae hug at the ramp to end the show.

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