Vitor Belfort Defended His Victory Against Holyfield, Says “He Was Precise”

Evander Holyfield vs Vitor Belfort

Vitor Belfort recently defeated one of the best boxers of all time, Evander Holyfield, via TKO during a Triller Fight Club.

Evander wasn’t supposed to face Belfort initially as he replaced Oscar De La Hoya just a week before their match. Evander Holyfield is 58-year-old now and hasn’t competed in the ring for almost ten years. On the other hand, Vitor Belfort retired from the UFC back in 2018 only and was quite active inside the ring during the past decade. 

However, Vitor Belfort thinks the match wasn’t one-sided at all as Holyfield is quite strong. Belfort recently had a chat with AG Fight where he revealed that Evander Holyfield tried to knock his head off during the fight, and if he didn’t dodge those punches, his head would be rolling on the floor. 

He stated that he defeated one of the most powerful heavyweights in history, but people are still criticizing him just because Holyfield is over 50. Belfort stated that Holyfield was quite strong and was fighting like a horse but he was precise with his moves, and with the help of his accuracy he beat Holyfield, but nobody is talking about it. 

Vitor Belfort said, “He (Holyfield) wasn’t bad, I demolished him.” Later, Belfort also explained that he was really cautious at the beginning. Belfort also added, “He took a lot of uppercut blow to the chin. The first one got really strong. Then there were other blows. But as many people think they are the other’s head, so let it die. It’s part of it.”  (h/t MMA Mania)

Vitor Belfort vs Evander Holyfield is certainly one of the most-talked-about fights as the people are still talking about this match-up.