Keith Thurman vs Mario Barrios Live Results – Play by Play Updates

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Welcome to the live results blog for Keith Thurman vs Mario Barrios FOX Sports & PBC PPV on February 5, 2022, in Michelob Arena in Los Angeles, CA.

The main event will be a WBC Welterweight title eliminator match between Thurman and Barrios. Both men saw their undefeated streak end in their last bouts. Thurman was beaten by Manny Pacquiao and lost his WBA(Super) Welterweight title. And that was almost 3 years back!

Mario Barrios lost the WBA(regular) super lightweight title to Gervonta Davis just last year in June. He will now be jumping to the Welterweight division with this bout.

Who will shake off their last upset and get back to winning ways? Join us as we bring the round-by-round and play-by-play updates from Keith Thurman vs Mario Barrios PPV and more undercard results.


  • Keith Thurman defeated Mario Barrios via unanimous decision(117-111, 118-110, 118-110) in Welterweight bout.
  • Leo Santa Cruz defeated Keenan Carbajal via unanimous decision(100-90, 100-90, 100-90) in Featherweight bout.
  • Jesus Alejandro Ramos defeated Vladimir Hernandez via TKO at 2:21 in Round 5 of 10 Junior Middleweight bout
  • Luis Nery defeated Carlos Castro via split decision(96-93, 95-94, 94-95) in Junior Featherweight bout
  • Lucas Santamaria defeated Abel Ramos via unanimous decision(96-94, 96-94) in 10 rounds Welterweight bout
  • Omar Juarez defeated Ryan Karl defeated via split decision(95-94, 95-94, 96-93) in 10 rounds Junior Welterweight bout
  • Keith Hunter defeated Jesus Silveyra Carrillo via TKO at 1:42 in Round 1 of 8 in a Junior Welterweight bout.
  • Fernando Vargas defeated Kody Koboski via TKO in Round 3 of 4 rounds in a Middleweight bout.
  • Enriko Gogokhia vs Kent Cruz ended in a split draw(76-74, 75-75, 74-76) in 8 rounds Junior Welterweight bout

Keith Thurman vs Mario Barrios Live Updates

Ring Walks: Barrios come out first. Thurman follows him shortly.

Round 1: Thurman starts with an combo attempt. They circle around. Thurman lands a couple of jabs. Barrios also land a couple of jabs before Thurman lands a left. He follows with more jabs. Both men exchange body shots. Thurman lands an uppercut. Barrios lands a jab. The round ends with Barrios pushing Thurman to the ropes a little bit.

Round 2: Thurman ducks early punches. Thurman lands an overhead left and then lands a combo. Barrios jabs at body before another combo from Thurman. Thurman counters with more jabs. Barrios ducks a big swing. Thurman continues to land his jabs. Thurman lands a hook after he misses a combo. Barrios pushes Thurman back with a punch. Both men swing big as the round comes to end.

Round 3: Barrios lands a few on body. Thurman counters with his own shots. More jabs landed by both men. Barrios lands an overhead right. Thurman lands a hook. Thurman ducks a big swing. He stuns Barrios with a big shot. Thurman lands a combo in quick succession. An overhand left from Thurman. A quick shot from Barrios.

Round 4: Thurman looks for a quikc start but Barrios gets down for body shots. Quick exchanges continue. Thurman lands 4-5 punches in succession. Barrios gets back to the middle to regroup. Thurman continues to jab. Barrios misses a couple of overhead lefts. Thurman lands an overhead left and a right hook. Thurman is tightening the grip on this bout. Barrios tries to land a few as the round nears the end.

Round 5: Thurman with another quick start in this round. Barrios unable to land his jabs as Thurman ducks. A quick exchange between them as the first minute comes to a close. Thurman lands shots on both shoulders. Barrios tries to land his jab but Thurman counters with body shots. Thurman lands some stiff punches to the face. Barrios lands an uppercut on the ribs but Thurman lands more shots as the round ends.

Round 6: Barrios lands combo on body. Thurman misses his counter right before landing a couple of body shots. Thurman tries to push Barrios but Barrios counters with a couple of body shots. More quick exchanges follow. Thurman lands a big shot on the temple to end the round.

Round 7: Thurman lands some on the body but the first minute goes by without much action. Barrios lands an uppercut. Thurman lands a double jab. Thurman counters a combo with a body shot. Both men miss their shots in the final minute. Thurman lands an uppercut near the end of the round.

Round 8: Barrios lands double jabs on the body. Thurman with left and right hook. Barrios pushes him to the ropes. Thurman lands a combo. A stale period follows. Thurman lands a big right overhead. Thurman with more hard rights. Barrios is bleeding from his right eye. Barrios is trying to counter with big punches but Thurman avoids getting hit big. Thurman spents the last 30 seconds back peddling.

Round 9: Thurman recovers with jabs. He feints a couple of times. Barrios misses a big shot. Thurman lands a combo. Barrios hits an overhead right. Barrios counters a charge and forces Thurman to back away. Not a lot landed in this round but more movement. The action picks up in the final 10 seconds.

Round 10: Thurman lands a jab and Barrios counters with body shots. Both men counter each other as the round progresses. Thurman stings a couple of big lefts. Thurman ducks a couple of big attempts. He lands a few jabs. Barrios lands on his body a couple of times.

Round 11: Thurman ducks big swings to start the 11th round. Thurman is being patient now as he is clearly ahead on the card. He keeps landing a few jabs in between. Barrios goes for a combo but Thurman also lands a jab. A lot of movement from Thurman as looks for the chink in the armour. He slips near the end of the round.

Round 12: Barrios lands a few. Thurman connects a few on the body. Thurman tries to push the pace but Barrios replies with equal ferocity. Thurman counters with a left hook. He lands more counter power shots. He avoids a combo from Barrios. Barrios lands a couple of overhead rights but not much power behind them. Thurman lands a left. More quick shots from both men to end the round.

Official Decision: Keith Thurman defeated Mario Barrios by unanimous decision(117-111, 118-110, 118-110).

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