Andy Ruiz vs Luiz Ortiz Weigh-In Results, Live Video

Andy Ruiz Jr. and Luiz Ortiz will take part in the weigh-in event to make their 12 rounds WBC Heavyweight eliminator bout official.

The weigh-in event will be taking place at 5 PM EST on September 3 for the September 4 PPV. Being in the heavyweight division, Neither man is under any pressure for any weight limit. However, it will be interesting to see what will be the weight difference between them. Ortiz weighed at his heavyweight at 283 and a half pounds when he fought Anthony Joshua in 2019 while Ortiz always comes around 240 lbs.

Isaac Cruz and Eduardo Ramirez are fighting in the WBC Lightweight eliminator and will have the task to weigh under 136 lbs weight limit. Tune in as we bring you weigh-in results from Andy Ruiz Jr. vs Luiz Ortiz. The live streaming video is embedded above.

Weigh-In Results

  • Andy Ruiz Jr. (268.6 lbs) vs Luis Ortiz (245.2 lbs)
  • Isaac Cruz ( 135 lbs) vs Eduardo Ramirez (134.5 lbs)
  • Abner Mares (134.2 lbs) vs Miguel Flores (134.6 lbs)
  • Jose Valenzuela (134.6 lbs) vs Edwin De Los Santos (133.8 lbs)
  • Joseph Spencer (154.6) vs Kevin Salgado Zambrano (154.3 lbs)
  • Ra’eese Aleem (121 lbs) vs Mike Plania (121.8 lbs)
  • Charles Martin (250 lbs) vs Devin Vargas (243 lbs)
  • Anthony Cuba (134.6 lbs) vs Oscar Alan Perez (135 lbs)
  • Anthony Garnica (123.4 lbs) vs Juan Antonio Lopez (127.6 lbs)
  • Jesus Silveyra Carrillo (143 lbs) vs Matt Gaver (146.8 lbs)
  • Kel Spencer (139.4 lbs) vs Deljerro Revello (138.4 lbs)

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