KSI Set to Appeal His Loss Against Tommy Fury

KSI and Tommy Fury Face Off

KSI who recently headlined the Prime Card with Tommy Fury is set to appeal his lost decision. 

According to the latest reports, KSI has already instructed his lawyer that he will still be appealing the decision of his loss against Tommy Fury. Mams Taylor of the Misfits Boxing has also confirmed the same. 

KSI was very upset after the loss, he even stated that he got robbed as Fury did not even hit any jabs off whereas he was landing cleaner hits. He is a YouTuber and Fury is a professional boxer, so if he wins it then it will be a mockery of the sport. 

The official Twitter handle of Misfits Boxing even teased a rematch between Tommy Fury and KSI to settle their disputes. However, before that KSI will make an attempt to overturn the decision. 

On the other hand, a report by Marca claimed that the decision should be more in favor of Tommy Fury. One of the judges added up his scores wrongly, and hence it should be a win by unanimous decision and not a majority decision. 

Now, it will be interesting to see whether KSI’s decision to appeal his loss will do anything in his favor or not.

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