Caleb Plant Assures Everyone to Beat Canelo Alvarez

Caleb Plant is quite confident that he will stay undefeated even after the undisputed super middleweight bout against Canelo Alvarez on November 6. 

According to Plant, his area and skill are superior to that of Alvarez. He is ready to showcase those skills when he goes one on one against Canelo Alvarez on Showtime PPV. 

Canelo already injured Plant during the press conference last month. Plant ended up getting a cut underneath his eye when Canelo shoved him. 

Caleb Plant assures everyone that he has all the skills in the world to beat Alvarez. He also believes there are several things that he can do better than Canelo inside the ring. Now, he is just looking forward to showing the world what he can do. 

The oddsmakers aren’t giving much credit to Plant but he is determined to prove everyone wrong. He is also looking forward to taking revenge on Canelo for what he did at the press conference last month. 

On the other hand, Canelo himself agreed that the first few rounds might go in Plant’s favor because of his style. But at the same time, he is also confident that he would break his style and will beat him to become the undisputed champion.