WWE RAW Results March 20, 2023, Live Updates- Roman, Logan Paul

WWE RAW March 20 2023

Welcome to the live results blog for WWE RAW March 20, 2023 episode live from St. Loius, MO.

Roman Reigns is set to appear on RAW on the road to WrestleMania 39. He will confront Cody Rhodes over his constant meddling in The Bloodline matters and his support to Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. What does Roman has to say to Cody?

Austin Theory will take Montez Ford from The Street Profits in a singles match. Logan Paul is set to bring ImPaulSive podcast on RAW this week. But his guest is not known at this point. Who will it be? WrestleMania Opponents Bianca Belair and Asuka will be in a tag team match against Chelsea Green and Carmella.

How will Becky Lynch, Lita and Trish Stratus respond to Damage CTRL? What else the second last episode of RAW has in store for us? Tune in below as we post results from WWE Monday Night RAW March 20, 2023 episode with live updates, winners and highlights.


  • Austin Theory defeated Montez Ford in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Omos defeated Mustafa Ali in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Dominik Mysterio defeated Johnny Gargano in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Rhea Ripley defeated Bayley in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Ricochet defeated Chad Gable in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Bianca Belair & Asuka defeated Chelsea Green & Piper Niven in a tag team match via pinfall.


Owens & Zayn United

Kevin Owens comes out to the stage to open the show. He waits as Sami Zayn’s music hit and he comes out. They come to the ring. Sami says it is really good to come out on the same page once again. Sami says he understands Owens not getting along after Elimination Chamber because Sami was approaching it all wrong. But then it clicked him that they were not just friends, but they are brothers.

Owens says he always said Sami is his favorite wrestler and has spent the most time in the ring with him. Owens said that Sami is now everyone’s favorite wrestlers and outgrew The Bloodline instantly and he is better than all of them. Sami says we all know what comes next now. They both look towards WrestleMania sign.

The Usos’ music hits and they comes out to the ramp and down to the ringside. Jey and Jimmy talk about how does a backstabber look like. Sami retorts by saying Jey’s biggest dream is to backstab Roman Reigns. Jimmy says they are looking at WrestleMania sign like something is gonna happen, but nothing will happen at WrestleMania. Owens asks to cut the chase and tells Jimmy to team up with his brother to take on him and his brother for Undisputed Tag Team Championships.

Jimmy says they are the greatest tag team in the world while Sami and Owens are together for just 3 minutes. Jey then says this will be a good chance to put Sami and KO problem in the dirt. So, they accept the challenge. The Usos then charge the ring to start a brawl. KO and Sami get the upper hand and set up Jey in the corner for Helluva kick but Jimmy pulls him out. The Usos get some chairs out but the big screen shows Roman Reigns getting into the arena in his SUV. Some referees and crew members also come out. The Usos go back to end the segment.

Montez Ford vs Austin Theory

The crowd chants “We want the Smoke” as the bell rings. Theory puts on a side headlock before Ford runs into a tackle from him off the ropes. Ford puts on side headlock next before dropping Theory with a big tackle. Ford mocks Theory with “You Can’t See Me” sign. Theory hits a knee to midsection and gets Ford into the corner for quick stomps.

Ford turns the table to do the same thing to Theory. Ford drops him with a clothesline before dumping him to the floor with another clothesline. Ford throws Theory over the barricade to take us to a break.

Ford blocks a superplex on the top turnbuckle and drops Theory back down to hit him with a crossbody. Ford hits a couple of clotheslines before a big uppercut and a back suplex. He hits a standing moonsault to get a two-count. Theory blocks an urinage. Ford nails a big shot before Theory hits a big forearm.

Ford manages to hit him with a DDT. Theory rolls to the floor and Ford hits a suicide dive on him, landing on his feet. Back to the ring, Theory ducks a crossbody before rolling in from the apron to hit a dropkick. Theory quickly hits A-Town Down to get the pinfall.

Winner – Austin Theory

After the match, Theory gets on the mic and says Ford did not believe in him but he does now. In the same way, John Cena will believe in him at WrestleMania.

Roman Reigns is in his locker room with Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa. The Usos enter the room. Roman says they did not have a great start tonight. Jimmy tells him that it was a rough start, but nothing could hurt him more than being away from his brother and answering about it. Jimmy says he can never forgive Sami Zayn over it. Roman tells everyone to leave him alone. Everyone leaves but Roman asks Jey to stay back. We cut to a break with Roman and Jey sitting alone in the room.

After the break, Roman tells Jey that he did not see or hear from him for weeks. And now, he is suddenly making decisions here. Roman asks Jey if he is still with him or is he still the Bloodline. Jey tells him he is here and he is the Bloodline. Roman says that’s what he needed to hear. Jey starts to leave but Roman stops him and says he loves him. Jey leaves and Paul Heyman comes in and asks Roman if he found the answers he was looking for. Roman says he did.

The commentary team announced 4 teams for men’s tag team showcase match at WrestleMania- The Street Profits, The Viking Raiders, Alpha Academy and Braun Strowman & Ricochet. We cut to Adam Pearce backstage for an interview. But, Chelsea Green interrupts him and tells him that Carmella is nowhere to be found after they made matching ring outfits.

Pearce says Carmella is not available tonight. Green tells him that she has found a new partner who is as spiteful of Bianca and Asuka. She brings in Piper Niven. She asks to be put into the Women’s Showcase match at WrestleMania. Pearce tells her that’s what he was trying to address that he is still finalizing the teams. Green threatens him and tells him that she would blast him on WWE Social media and to make sure that she is in the match.

We get a special video package for Brock Lesnar vs Omos match at WrestleMania 39, talking about Brock’s accolades and his big wins and Omos’ physical stature.

Omos vs Mustafa Ali

Omos makes his entrace after the video package. Ali was already in the ring. Ali tries to talk out of the match but Omos pushes him away. Ali gets up but Omos drops him with a running shoulder tackle. Omos hits a double handed chokeslam to get the pinfall.

Winner – Omos

MVP says The Nigerian Giant is no beast but Brock Lesnar would learn to respect him.

Logan Paul comes out of his room backstage as he heads towards the ring. The Miz cuts him off and says his publicist was trying to get hold of Logan for the questions for later today at ImPaulSive Podcast. Miz is asking this assuming that Logan is willing to bring in the Host of WrestleMania 39 as his guest. Logan gives him a hard pass.

ImPaulSive Podcast

Logan Paul makes his entrance and says you all are in his house as this is ImPaulSive TV. The crowd boos him. Logan says he does not need to be here as he has made his millions from his brand already. Logan says WWE fans do not love him and there are only 2 persons in this arena who love him – his father and a kid with drink prime sign.

Logan says he is a great talent and can hang with anyone in the ring and a 360 degree entertainer, but WWE Fans do not understand it. He keeps talking about how good he is and that’s why he is the guest on the podcast tonight. He then starts to talk about Seth Rollins and says Seth is in top 3 wrestlers right now and he is glad to be facing him at WrestleMania. But, it is hard to be intimidated by a guy named Seth.

Logan brings up the footage of his one punch knockout of Seth Rollins from two weeks back. He gets some music effects and clown faces added to the video on replay. Logan’s mic stops working suddenly. We cut to production truck where Seth Rollins is on the mixer. Rollins acts like the podcast has gone to waste and there is only one way to salvage it. He tells Logan that he will see him soon.

Rollins puts on his music and makes his entrance. Logan continues to run his mouth while the crowd joins in signing Rollins’ theme. Rollins gets into the ring and tackles Logan to start a brawl. They brawl at ringside and Rollins is able to get him on the announce table. WWE crew members and security run out to try to control things. Rollins hits a crossbody from the top but he only landed on security. Logan drops Rollins with one punch before going back.

Dominik Mysterio vs Johnny Gargano

Dominik makes his entrance with Damian Priest. We see Damian and Rey Mysterio’s segment last week. Gargano’s ribs are taped up after an attack from Grayson Waller last week. Gargano hits a back elbow after the initial back and forth. He unloads in the corner with quick punches. Dominik hits a back heel kick.

Gargano rolls him over and nails a kick to his face. Dominik rolls to the floor where Gargano hits a suicide dive. Dominik drives Gargano into the steel steps and barricade. He drops Gargano on the barricade from fireman’s carry. Gargano clutches his ribs as we cut to a break.

Dominik is in control of the match after hitting Three Amigos suplexes. Gargano comes back with a slingshot spear to get a near fall. Dominik begs him to leave him to bring him in and sling him into the corner. He rolls up Gargano and tries to get a pinfall with his feet on the ropes. But. the referee was upto the task. Gargano hits a superkick for a two-count. Dominik comes back with a drop toe hold to set up 619.

Gargano ducks 619 and drops Dominik with a discus lariat and Lawn Dart. Gargano nails a superkick. Gargano unloads in the corner before Dominik turns it around with shots to his ribs. Dominik hits a frog splash from the top to get the pinfall.

Winner – Dominik Mysterio

After the match, Dominik says his family will be at SmackDown this week and he knows a way to get Rey agreed to a match.

Paul Heyman tells the Usos backstage that Roman Reigns has asked them to take the rest of the day off and a special dinner is waiting for them at the jet.

Edge gets a pre-recoreded promo and calls out the “Demon” in Finn Balor to face him at WrestleMania.

Rhea will be The Biggest WWE Superstar?

Rhea Ripley comes out to the ring and starts to talk about Charlotte Flair. She brings up their match at WrestleMania three years back. Rhea says leaders respect others, but after their match she knew Charlotte did not respect her and she did not respect anyone. Rhea says she brings out the deepest insecurities and she has brought out the worst of insecurities from Flair also.

Flair will have now admit to her insecurities and Rhea will become the champion at WrestleMania and biggest superstar in WWE. Bayley and Damage CTRL come out and says if Rhea needed tips on beating, she could have just come to Bayley as she defeated Flair in her first WrestleMania match. Rhea says she does not need any help and ends up challenging any one of Damage CTRL to face her. Bayley says she will take it. Adam Pearce was watching this from bakcstage and sends in a referee to the match official.

Rhea Ripley vs Bayley

Bayley goes for an armbar after the bell. She manages to slam Rhea’s face into the mat. Rhea backs Bayley into the corner. After a hard whip to the corner, Rhea hits a back body drop to send Bayley to the apron. Bayley fires some forearms. A dropkick sends Rhea to the floor. She corners Rhea who blocks a dropkick. Bayley pulls Rhea’s face into the turnbuckle.

Rhea hits a dive on the floor after throwing her to the floor. Dakota rakes Rhea’s eyes while Iyo distracted the referee. Bayley rolls Rhea up for a two-count. She hits a Bayley-to-belly suplex but Rhea kicks out. Becky Lynch, Trish and Lita come out to the ringiside as we cut to a break.

Bayley is in control as we return. Bayley hits Bayley-to-belly once again and Rhea kicks out of the pin easily. Another Bayley-to-belly before Rhea counters by slamming him face-first into the mat. Bayley hits a knee strike to stop her momentum. Bayley hits some moves in the corner to keep control.

Rhea hits back with double boots from the corner. She puts on the inverted cloverleaf lock on Bayley. Bayley manages to reach the ropes to break it. Iyo and Dakota pull Rhea onto the ropes. Trish and Lita drop them at ringside. Becky intimidates Bayley back in to the ring and Rhea catches her with a headbutt. Rhea hits Riptide to get the pinfall.

Winner – Rhea Ripley

Chad Gable vs Ricochet

Otis is Gable’s corner while Strowman is in there for Ricochet. They start with some wrestling before Ricochet breaks off. Gable puts on a side headlock takeover. Ricochet gets up but Gable brings him back to the mat quickly. Some quick back and forth as Gable hits a sunset flip for a two-count.

Ricochet hits a dropkick and gets Gable to the top turnbuckle after some quick moves. Gable blocks an avalanche hurrincanrana from Ricochet. Gable drops Ricochet back to the mat and hits a flying clothesline for a two-count. We cut to a break.

Ricochet hits a dropkick as we return. Ricochet leaps over Gable and hits an uppercut. More quick moves from Ricochet before he hits a clothesline and running shooting star press to get a two-count. Gable coutners with a backslide and a side cradle to get a two-count. Gable manages to hit a cliffhanger DDT to get a close two-count.

Ricochet hits an upkick. Gable counters with an ankle lock. Ricochet breaks it with an upkick. Gable hits a briding saito suplex to get a two-count before Ricochet nails him with a superkick. Maxxine Dupri comes out and takes Otis back with him. Gable is distracted and Ricochet nails another superkick. He hits a shooting star press from the top to get the pinfall.

Winner – Ricochet

Chelsea Green & Piper Niven vs Bianca Belair & Asuka

Chelsea tries to take advantage as Bianca was arguing with Asuka. Bianca is able to drop her and hits a handspring splash. Asuka has already taken a blind tag from Bianca. Asuka gets in and another argument ensued. Green and Piper try to take advantage from behind but fail in their attempt. Bianca and Asuka get control as we cut to a break.

Asuka hits a double knees on Green to take the control back. Piper tags in and Asuka counters her to tag in Bianca. Bianca nails some forearm shots to send Piper to her corner. Green comes in and Bianca hits a suplex on her. Bianca unloads on Piper from the second rope. Piper counters a suplex with one of his own. Bianca hits a crossbody on Piper and Green breaks the pin. Asuka throws Green to the floor.

Asuka and Bianca try to double team but they fail to co-ordinate. Bianca throws Asuka to the mat to save her from a running tackle from Piper. Piper crashes into the corner. Bianca gets her up for KOD from the second rope to get the pinfall.

Winner – Bianca Belair & Asuka

After the match, Asuka attacks Bianca from behind and drops her with a running knee.

Morning of April 3!

Roman Reigns makes his entrance with Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa. Paul Heyman hands Roman a mic and he asks the crowd to acknowledge him. A loud cheer is followed by Cody Rhodes’ music and he makes his way out. Cody says he normally asks the crowd what they want to talk about but this time, he already know what Roman wants to talk about. Cody asks Roman what exactly does Roman mean when he talks about Cody Rhodes problem.

Heyman tries to step in but Cody tells him to stay back and asks Roman Reigns to explain it himself. Roman says the problem is not Cody, but it is what he represents. Cody is a professional wrestler like their fathers. Roman is a fighter and that’s why he is a megastar. Roman says Cody has come in and say all these things he is gonna do when we know he can’t do those things. Roman takes a shot at Cody’s track record.

Cody did not want to do Stardust thing, so he ran away. Then, he started a promotion but could not get over there, so he ran away. He finally got over in WWE, but his body give up on him and he popped his pec. Roman says Cody is not cut out for this and he is not gonna finish the story. Cody’s real moment will come on April 3rd when he would wake up and realize that he lost. And when he wakes up that day, Roman wants Cody to make a choice that his dad can be proud of. Otherwise, Cody would do what he always do and run away.

Cody gets back on the mic now and says Roman is right in saying that he ran away, but nobody is complaing because what he did after running away has led to people making a lot more money than they previously did. Cody says he tried to be a WWE superstar. He came in at 20 years old, born and bred in WWE. But, may be that the truth. May be inside, he is a runaway professional wrestler. And he wants to make it clear that nobody needs to bring up his father again. His father is not here and his brother works else where.

But, he know what his Cuban mother would say and that is to knock that man out and when he is down, beat him for good. And to talk about April 3rd morning would mean to Roman, he will wake up without his title. And when that happens, Jey would leave him. Jimmy would leave him too. Cody tells Solo that Cody was not ready when he was standing beside a World Champion and he can say Solo is not ready yet. Cody tells Roman that Solo would leave him too after the Usos. And finally, Heyman would become an advocate one again. Roman would be a Cheif without a tribe.

Roman smirks, but then he becomes uncomfortable. Roman and Heyman leave the ring while Solo keeps staring at Cody. Cody gets in Solo’s face now. Solo starts to leave but Cody pokes him by saying that he is not ready. Solo gets enraged and goes for a Samoan Spike. Cody hits a kick to block him. Solo tries one more time but Roman comes back to the apron to stop him and tells him to get out of the ring. Cody stands in the ring as the show goes off the air.

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