WWE RAW Live Results & Updates- 11 May 2020

Becky Lynch vs Asuka WWE RAW 11 May 2020

Welcome to ITN’s Live Results & Updates Blog for WWE Monday Night RAW episode of tonight, 11 May 2020(5/11/2020).

Date- 11 May 2020
Location- WWE Performance Center, Orlando, FL, US
Time- 8 PM EST(12 May 2020 12 AM GMT/5:30 AM IST)

With Money in the Bank done, WWE will start to build towards Backlash 2020 PPV event. Becky Lynch, Edge and Randy Orton are scheduled to return while we might also get to know McIntyre’s next challenger. A lot more is expected, so, join us once the show starts.

We get the highlights for Money in the Bank ladder match from last night as the show goes live. RAW’s theme song hits. The commentary team takes over and run through the line-up for tonight.

Becky’s Announcement

WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch comes out to open the show. She is carrying the MITB briefcase which Asuka won yesterday, and not her title belt. She looks emotional as she starts her promo. The Man is overwhelmed with joy and sadness at the same time. She recounts some memories from her career with WWE and how fans supported her. That’s why she wanted us to hear this from her first.(But dirt sheets have spoiled it for us). She asked the authorities to raise the bar for MITB match and they did it.

Asuka makes her way out and looks pissed that Becky has the MITB briefcase. Becky tells her to calm down, Asuka was able to beat her when nobody was able to. She says there is something for her in MITB briefcase. Becky opens the breifcase and it has the RAW Women’s title in it. She tells Asuka that MITB ladder match was this title in fact and she is the new champion. Asuka is elated and start dancing. She dances at the ringside, on the commentary, and then on the ramp before returning to the ring.

Now, Becky starts crying when she tells Asuka to go and be a warrior because she is going to a mother. Asuka is also elated, gives her a hug and starts a ‘Becky’ chant. Becky makes her way back as her music hits. Asuka celebrates for a while in the ring before we cut to the commercial.

After the break, Becky is with Charlu Caruso for an interview. Charly congratulates her but before she could ask anything, many from the roster come up to congratulate her. We see the likes of Rey Mysterio, Natalya, Street Profits, Bianca Beliar, Ricochet, R-Truth and others congratulating Becky.

Bobby Lashley vs Humberto Carrillo – No Disqualification match

Lashley starts the match by slamming Carrillo onto the mat. Carrillo dodges him in the corner but misses the kick. He slaps Lashley after running the ropes. Lashley is infuriated and slams him into the mat again with a chokeslam. Carrillo avoids the spear and Lashley ends up being outside. Carrillo goes for the dive but Lashley catches him and sends him to the barricade. Lashley gets a steel chair and Carrillo hits him with dropkick over it to go to the break.

Carrillo hits a dropkick from the top as we return. He hits a kick on the apron. Lashley misses a big boot near the barricade. Carrillo goes to springboard from the barricade but is caught by Lashley, who then slams him into the ring post. Lashley swings the chair again but Carrillo ducks. Carrillo hits a few chair shots to Lashley now. Carrillo brings it back in the ring. Lashley catches him from the springboard and applies the Full Nelson submission. Lashley tightens the grip and manhandles Carrillo on his feet. Carrillo fades out and the referee calls the match for Lashley.

Winner- Bobby Lashley