WWE RAW Live Results & Updates- 11 May 2020

Basketball Game!!

We go to a local basketball court for RAW Tag Team Champions The Street Profits vs. The Viking Raiders. The buzzer sounds and The Profits go over the rules. Erik and Ivar aren’t too sure about it and hand back the ball to Dawkins for the first basket. The Profits score again and again while The Viking does seem to know how to play at all. This leads to some comic moments and Ivar tries to dunk and fail. Profits say, “They want the smoke,” but Erik tells them smoking actually isn’t good for you. The Profits just shake their heads.

21-0 is the score after the first period. 37-0 after the third and 49-0 after the 3rd period. It’s now 55-0 at the end of the 3rd. The Vikings finally score and start celebrating as if they have won. The Profits tell them to look at the scoreboard and it’s 74-2 at the end of the 4th. The Profits celebrate now, taunting The Vikings for just making one shot.

Shayna Baszler is backstage when Natalya approaches and tells her that she isn’t happy with Shayna’s earlier comments about motherhood. She’s going to make her pay. Baszler asks Natalya what she knows about being a mother. She goes on and says we all know The Hart Dynasty will die with Natalya. Back to commercial.

Shayna Baszler vs Natalya

The bell rings and Natalya locks up, taking Baszler down with a headlock. Baszler counters but Natalya gets up and talks some trash, calling her a fake wrestler. They tangle on the mat some more. Baszler drops Natalya with a shoulder and taunts her. Baszler with another takedown into a headlock in the middle of the ring. Baszler works on the arm but they get back up. Natalya with a few shots to the face while they hold each other and she talks some trash.

Baszler takes the strikes and drops Natalya to the mat. Baszler rams Natalya into the corner and the referee counts. Baszler drops Natalya in the corner with a cheap shot, then taunts her some more. Natalya applauds from down in the corner. Natalya calls her a b—h and asks if that’s all she’s got. Baszler counters and rams Natalya back into the corner. The referee counts. Baszler backs off and tries to trip Natalya in the corner again.

Natalya fights and they trade shots in the corner. Baszler unloads with strikes against the turnbuckles as the referee warns them. Baszler with a suplex, and another. Natalya kicks out at 1. Natalya counters on the mat with a roll-up for 2. Natalya with another takedown. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter but Baszler blocks it. Baszler goes to break Natalya’s arm as she has done to others recently. Natalya tries to counter with a roll-up but comes up short. Baszler levels Natalya with a knee strike for the pin to win.

Winner – Shayna Baszler

Edge and Orton

The Rated-R Superstar comes to the ring. Edge says this is the first time he’s stood in a ring in six weeks. He said the night after the Royal Rumble that he wanted to retire on his terms, but WrestleMania is not the end. So what’s next? He says last week he was watching RAW and saw the promo that said he was hunting The Viper but that was news to him. He got his pound of flesh and he’s ready to move on. His family is ready to move on. And he looks around that locker room for new…

Randy Orton comes to the ring. He looks at Edge and says he came out here tonight to say one thing: congratulations. At WrestleMania the better man won. Orton then drops the microphone and leaves. Of course, he stops and comes back. He says he tried to be the bigger man but he couldn’t. He hoped one day he and Edge could be friends again but he can’t lie. It’s true the better man won at WrestleMania but the better wrestler did not.

Randy says that, at the Royal Rumble, Edge made his triumphant return and his behind other Superstars. At WrestleMania Edge chose the stipulation and he won, but the only rule was that he had to incapacitate him. And yeah, he didn’t get back up by the count of ten, but it didn’t take nine years. By his count, it’s been nine years since Edge laced-up his boots for a normal match and he doesn’t think he has it in him. Edge stares at Orton and Randy says he knows that look, it’s doubt. But Edge has grit and passion and that’s why he’s in the ring. But all that grit doesn’t compare to his natural ability. Passion can’t knock off the ring rust. There’s no chance his grit and passion will help him now.

Orton says Edge has said he’s a future Hall of Famer. And that now he’s back he’ll make Randy a better performer, so he thinks the story writes itself. That is, if he has the guts. So if he has the guts, it’ll be Edge Vs. Randy Orton in a straight-up wrestling match. Caruso asks Edge if he has a response and he doesn’t say anything. Caruso says if it does happen, it might be the greatest wrestling match ever.

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