WWE NXT WarGames 2021 Results & Live Updates

WWE NXT WarGames 2021 Results

Welcome to the live results blog for WWE NXT WarGames 2021 PPV which airs on December 5, 2021, from Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, FL.

The main event men’s WarGames match is between team Old School/Old Guards featuring Tomasso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Pete Dunne & LA Knight vs team New School of Carmelo Hayes, Grayson Waller, Bron Breakker & Tony D’Angelo. The women’s WarGames match will feature the ongoing rivalry between Toxic Attraction & Dakota Kai vs Io Shirai, Raquel Gonzalez, Kay Lee Ray and Cora Jade.

Cameron Grimes and Duke Hudson will clash in a Hair vs Hair match. Imperium’s Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel will defend the NXT Tag Team Championship against Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagner. The other match on the card is the NXT Cruiserweight title match between Roderick Strong and Joe Gacy.

Tune in for the live results and updates from WWE NXT WarGames 2021 PPV along with winners and highlights from the show.

Show – WWE NXT WarGames 2021
Date – December 5, 2021
Location – Capital Wrestling Center, Orlando, FL, US
Time – 8 PM EST(December 6- 1 AM GMT)
Pre-show from 7:30 PM EST

WWE NXT WarGames 2021 Results

  • Raquel Gonzalez, Cora Jade, Io Shirai & Kay Lee Ray defeated Dakota Kai & Toxic Attraction(Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne) in Women’s WarGames match by pinfall.
  • Imperium(Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel)(c) defeated Kyle O’Reilly & Von Wagner to retain NXT Tag Team Championship via pinfall.
  • Cameron Grimes defeated Duke Hudson in a Hair vs Hair match via pinfall.
  • Roderick Strong(c) defeated Joey Gacy to retain NXT Cruiserweight Championship via pinfall.
  • Carmelo Hayes, Grayson Waller, Bron Breakker & Tony D’Angelo defeated Tomasso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Pete Dunne & LA Knight in Men’s WarGames match via pinfall.

WWE NXT WarGames 2021 Live Updates

Women’s WarGames Match

The women’s WarGames match will kick-off the show. Io Shirai, Cora Jade, Raquel Gonzalez and Kay Lee Rae enter one by one. Kay Lee Ray will start the match for this team. KLR throws in a baseball bat inside the ring as she enters. Toxic Attraction comes out before Dakota Kai enters the cage to start.

Ray hits the bat in the midsection. Back and forth action to start. Ray hits a dropkick and hits a blow to the chest. Kai comes back with a pump kick. She sends Ray into the turnbuckle and into the steel cage a few times. Kai sets up kendo sticks on between the ropes and was looking to drop Ray onto them. Ray fights back. They reach the top and battle there for a while. Ray smashes kendo stick on Kai’s back. She then drops Kai on the kendo sticks set up on the ropes.

Cora Jade enters the match just as Kai hits Ray with a jawbreaker. Jade brings in her skateboard and goes to attack Kai. Jade and Ray continue to beat up Kai in tandem. Kai counters a double suplex into a DDT. Gigi Dolin enters the match and she brings in a tin can and a tool bag. She throws can to Jade’s face before nailing her with a pump knee. Dai also hits a superkick to Ray. Gigi and Kai remain in control as they hit pump kicks in opposite corners. Jade takes on Gigi and hits a kick by putting can over her. Ray drops Kai on the can with a German suplex.

Io Shirai enters the match and takes steel chairs and cans with her. Kai rocks her with a pump kick and throws her into the cage. Gigi and Kai remain in control until Jacy Jayne enters with a table. Jayne hits a kick on Ray against a can. Jayne and Gigi double team on Jade. Shirai counters leads to Jayne taking out Gigi with a flush knee. Shirai sends all three women in opposite corners and hits cannonball. Faces have cornered Jayne on one ring and set her up on a table. Jade climbs to the top and hits a splash on Jayne on the table.

Jade has injured her shoulder but Shirai does not let medical team to check in her. Instead, she fixes the shoulder by herself. Raquel enters the match and brings a shovel with her. She takes on all three opponents who have taken over. Raquel puts Kai in a trash can and swings the can around for a while. Kai hits a moonsault from the top on Kai. Raquel is checking on Jade who is injured.

Mandy Rose enters the match and throws a chair at Raquel. She tries to work on injured Jade before Shirai comes up to save her. Ray, Raquel and Shirai are now shielding Jade. Toxic Attraction works on Raquel for a while. They work on Jade next. Rose rocks her with a running knee strike and goes to pin her, but Jade kicks out.

Jade and Rose take each other out. Raquel hits a powerbomb on Jayne before Gigi and Raquel take each other out with pump kicks. Jade covers Jayne and gets the pin.

Winner – Raquel Gonzalez, Cora Jade, Io Shirai & Kay Lee Ray

A vignette for Tiffany Straton showing her riches who is coming soon to NXT.

A video for Brooks and Jensen who are cooking steak and doing other activities in their backyard.

Next video is for Boa who informs us that Mei Ying has passed her powers to him but they come and go.

Imperium(Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel)(c) vs Kyle O’Reilly & Von Wagner – NXT Tag Team Championship Match

Back and forth action in the start. Aichner takes on KOR in the corner with big chops. Barthel comes in and continues to be in control. KOR catches him with a knee as he comes from the top. Barthel fights back before KOR tags in Wagner. Wagner drops Barthel a few times with flying shoulder tackle and clotheslines. Aichner tags in and takes up Wagner on his shoulders but Wagner counters and drops him.

KOR comes in and keeps control for a while. Barthel runs him over with a clothesline and Imperium takes back the control. KOR drops Aichner with a knee and hits a back body drop on Barthel to tag in Wagner. Wagner runs rampant again and clotheslines both opponent to the floor. Wagner hits a side suplex on Barthel for a near fall. Barthel trips Wagner in the corner to tag in Aichner. Wagner counters a double team move with a back body drop on Aichner and then chokeslams Barthel on Aichner.

KOR comes in but Aichner puts on a knee bar on him. A double team move on KOR from Imperium. KOR suddenly puts on the guillotine on Aichner. Aichner tries to turn it into a suplex but they trade pin attempts. All four men continue to be in action for a while. The referee tries to send Aichner out and Wagner and KOR hit Barthel with a high low. The action continues until Barthel takes out Wagner on the floor with a crossbody. Aichner drops KOR in the ring for the win.

Winner – Imperium(retains Tag Team titles)

After the match, Wagner tries to attack KOR, but it backfires on him. KOR gets hyped after taking down Wagner.

Cameron Grimes vs Duke Hudson – Hair vs Hair Match

Hudson takes Grimes to the corner and hits shoulder blocks. Grimes fires back with kicks before they end up on the floor for a while. Grimes hits a running elbow as they return. Hudson drops him with Urinagi. Grimes hits a back elbow and boot as Hudson charges at him. He hits kicks to the chest.

Hudson takes over control and puts Grimes in a stretch. He drops Grimes as he tries to come out of the move. Grimes counters a suplex into inside cradle for a two count. Hudson with big blows on Grimes’ back. He whips Grimes hard into the corner.

Grimes comes back with a Spanish fly in the center of the ring. He counters a powerslam into a DDT for a two-count. Hudson tries to grab the ropes for pin as he counters a sunset flip. The referee stops the count catching him. Grimes with more quick moves. He hits a reverse frankestiener and a crossbody from the top to get a near fall. Hudson hits another Urinagi for a near fall. Grimes counters once again to send Hudson into the turnbuckles and gets the pin with a roll-up.

Winner – Cameron Grimes

After the match, Hudson drops and Grimes but he fights back. Grimes puts Hudson on barber’s chair and trims some hair from his head. Hudson suddenly jumps up and runs away.

A video from Ikemen Jiro where he shows off his suits collection.

Roderick Strong(c) vs Joey Gacy – NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match

Diamond Mine is in Strong’s corner. Gacy has Haaland in his corner. They lock up and come to a stalemate in the corner. Strong drops him with chops and hits back to back backbreakers. Gacy drops him with a shoulder tackle and a clothesline to the back. Gacy continues to beat Strong around. They brawl on the floor for a while before coming back. Gacy hits elbows in the corner. He hits a backbreaker on Strong.

Strong fights back after Gacy tries to drop him from the top. Strong manages to hit a gutbuster on Gacy for a two-count. Strong puts on the Boston Crab. Gacy rolls up and hits kicks to Strong’s face. Strong goes to the floor and Gacy takes out Diamond Mine with a suicide dive. Haaland picks up Ivy Nile but Gacy talks him into leaving her. Back to the ring, KOR drops Gacy on his knees with a backbreaker to get the pin.

Winner – Cameron Grimes

McKenzie Mitchell is with Kyle O’Reilly and she asks him what happened after their match. KOR says Wagner is more stupid if he thinks KOR did not anticipate the attack. He then announces a steel cage match between them for NXT this week.

Men WarGames Match

Team New School comes out first and Carmelo Hayes will start for them. Johnny Gargano will start for team Old School.Gargano takes Hayes to the mat first and works on his arm. Hayes counters and takes down Gargano in a side headlock takedown. They trade headlocks. They run the ropes and Gargano hits a hip toss. Gargano hits chops in the corner. Hayes hits him with a back elbow when Gargano charges.

More quick action and Gargano hits a slingshot spear. Hayes hits him with a springboard clothesline. Gargano rocks him with elbows on the top. They fight on the top rope and Gargano slams Hayes’ face into the cage a bunch of times. Gargano hits a powerbomb just as Waller enters the match.

Waller asks Gargano to come into the other ring and they back and forth. Waller is able to hit backbreaker on Gargano. Gargano counters a powerbomb with headscissors. Hayes cut off Gargano with a knee. Hayes and Waller go for superkick at the same time, but Gargano avoids them and takes down both opponents. Trick Williams throws a steel chair inside. Gargano picks it up and slams it to the cage as Williams climbs it. This provide Hayes and Waller with an opportunity to take control. They beat up Gargano and he is now bleeding.

Pete Dunne enters the match and drops Hayes and Waller with quick moves. He drops Hayes on top on Waller with a suplex. He manipulates Waller’s fingers using the cage. Gargano and Dunne with stereo stomps and sidekicks as they attack one opponent each. They both put on the GargaNo lock. Waller fights back and hits stunners on Dunne and Gargano.

Tony D’Angelo enters the match now. Williams hands him a table, a can and a bunch of kendo sticks. Williams goes to bring something more underneath the ring, but he comes out with Dexter Lumis. Williams runs back and Lumis intimidates him. Gargano attacks Angelo but Hayes cuts him off. Tony has locked the door from inside so other members of Team Old School could not come in. They continue to beat up Gargano and Dunne with sticks and can for a while.

LA Knight has to enter the match but the door is locked. He checks for a cutter but had to climb into the ring. Knight takes on all three opponents one by one. Dunne and Gargano hand him kendo sticks and he unleashes them on the opponents. He puts the can on top of Waller’s head and hits him with kendo stick. Gargano hits a low dropkick while Dunne also stomps on Waller under the can.

Breakker has to enter the match now. He grabs the cutter from the referee and cuts the lock. Breakker runs over the opponents with clotheslines and tackles. He hits Dunne with a belly to belly suplex. His team is in total control now. Tomasso Ciampa enters the match and runs down opponents one by one. Hayes fights back but Gargano rocks him with a crutch. Gargano and Ciampa work double team on all opponents one by one.

Breakker fights back as they charge at him. Team 2.0 takes control and beat up the opponents. They surround the opponents when they fight back. Knight sends Waller into the steel walls. Team 2.0 is sent on the apron against the steel wall. Team Black and Gold stomp on them on the apron. Ciampa was looking to put Waller through the table but Tony attacks him with a can. Knight jumps to the top and hits a German suplex to send Waller through the table.

Knight was looking to send Breakker into a trash can but Tony helps Breakker to fight back. Ciampa hits Tony with a trash can. He then climbed to top turnbuckle to hit avalanche air raid crash on Breakker over a trash can. Breakker kicks out of the pin. Tony sets up Knight on an announce table and Waller hits an elbow drop from the top. Tony goes to cover but Dunne breaks the pin.

Tony has got a iron crowbar but Dunne hits him with a kendo stick. Dunne then unloads on Hayes with the kendo stick. Tony attacks Dunne with a crowbar and then hits him with a neckbreaker from the top assisted with the crowbar. Breakker and Ciampa are brawling now. Breakker drops Ciampa with headscissors.

Gargano and Ciampa hit DIY finisher on Breakker but Hayes pulls out the referee from counting for the pin. Hayes hits Gargano with a low blow. Ciampa hits Hayes with a knee strike. Breakker hits a spear on Ciampa as he was looking for a move on Hayes. Breakker then hits Ciampa with a bench press power slam to get the pin.

Winner – Carmelo Hayes, Grayson Waller, Bron Breakker & Tony D’Angelo

The winners celebrate in the ring as the show comes to an end.

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