WWE NXT Live Results & Updates January 3, 2023

Alba Fyre vs Isla Dawn WWE NXT january 3 2023
Alba Fyre vs Isla Dawn on WWE NXT January 3, 2023, Image Credits – WWE

Welcome to the live results blog for WWE NXT January 3, 2023, which will kick start NXT’s 2023. 3 matches are advertised in advance as the show airs from Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, FL.

Archrivals Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn will clash in this match to settle their rivalry. This match will be No Disqualification with everything legal. Carmelo Hayes and Apollo Crews clash in a singles match with bragging rights at stakes on NXT January 3 episode.

Axiom will face Trick Williams in another singles match. NXT Champion Bron Breakker will come to Grayson Waller Effect as their match at New Year’s Evil looms. Also expect to hear from NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez.

Check below as we post live results from WWE NXT January 3, 2023 episode with live updates, winners and highlights.


  • Carmelo Hayes defeated Apollo Crews in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Axiom defeated Trick Williams in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Dijak defeated Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Alba Fyre defeated Isla Dawn in Extreme Resolution match via pinfall.
  • Oro Mensah defeated Javier Bernal in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Drew Gulak defeated Andre Chase in a singles match via submission.
  • Kofi Kingston vs Joe Gacy


Carmelo Hayes vs Apollo Crews

They start with shoulder tackles off the ropes. Apollo hits a dropkick. Hayes comes back with clothesline before working in the corner. Apollo hits a delayed vertical suplex and follows up with a corner splash and a backbreaker for a two-count. Hayes hits a big blow to fight out of waistlock but Apollo hits him with a couple of German suplexes before hitting a belly-to-belly suplex. Carmelo rolls to the floor and Apollo takes us to a break with a suicide dive.

Apollo avoids an attack from Trick Williams on the apron, but Hayes kicks his leg off to send him tumbling to the floor. Hayes keeps control now. Apollo is selling a knee injury. He whips Hayes to the corner but Hayes cuts him off with a kick to his knee again. Hayes puts on a single leg crab on the injured knee. Apollo rolls over and breaks free with an enzuigiri.

Apollo hits a jab and a clothesline before a big boot and another clothesline. Hayes goes for a kick to injured leg but Apollo hits him with another clothesline. Another enzuigiri follows in the corner. Hayes tries to block a superplex but Apollo manages to hit it for a two-count. Hayes hits an armdrag and a pump kick. Apollo hits a pump kick but Hayes quickly counters with a suplex. He misses a leg drop and Apollo hits a blockbuster DDT for a close two-count.

Trick Williams pulls Hayes out of a corner. Apollo misses a moonsault and Hayes hits a double knee and leg drop to get the pinfall.

Winner – Carmelo Hayes

After the match, Axiom hits Hayes and Williams with a diving crossbody to take us to a break.

Axiom vs Trick Williams

Trick Williams is in control as we return from the break. Williams hits a back body drop followed by a big chop in the corner. Axiom ducks in the corner and hits a big chop himself. Williams hits a flying shoulder tackle. Axiom hits a dropkick. Axiom fires some chops before a dropkick, enzuigiri in the corner and a diving crossbody for a two-count. Axiom goes for an armbar but Williams first blocks it and then reaches the ropes to break it. Williams hits a DDT quickly for a two-count. Axiom cuts off a kick with a big punch. Axiom hits Golden Ratio to get the pinfall.

Winner – Axiom

After the match, Williams holds Axiom and Hayes runs over him. Williams and Hayes beat up Axiom until Apollo Crews comes in and forces them to run off.

New Day are backstage and they tell Pretty Deadly to do something to get the title shot. The Dyad come in and say New Day have talked to every tag team for the title match but not them. New Day mock them saying that they need permission from Joe Gacy. Gacy takes shots at Kofi and justifies that he just advises The Dyad as Kofi might be doing to Xavier Woods and Big E. Kofi then challenges him for a match later tonight.

We see how Dijak took away Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo last week to stop him from interfering in Wes Lee vs Tony D’Angelo match. We see how Dijak had Stacks tied up somewhere. They start to talk and Stacks says he does what Tony says and will show Dijak what he can do if he frees him. Dijak gives him the key and leaves.

Drew Gulak is working with some students in Chase U ring when Andre Chase comes in and takes offense. Gulak calls some of Chase’s students soft and Chase responds by challenging him for a match.

Dijak vs Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo

Stacks tries to start with quick moves. He keeps on unloading with punches and kicks. Dijak hits a superkick to cut him off. He takes down Stacks and unloads with some ground and pound. He hits more blows to the back when Stacks turns around on the floor. Dijak hits a backbreaker before throwing him around. Dijak misses a tackle in the corner. Stacks hits running uppercuts in the corner. Dijak cuts him off with a roundhouse kick after the third uppercut. Dijak goes for another throw but Stacks rolls him up for a two-count. Dijak takes him in fireman’s carry and hits a “Feast Your Eyes” to get the pinfall.

Winner – Dijak

Dijak goes for another Feast Your Eyes on Stacks but Tony saves him. Tony sends Dijak to the floor and challenges him to a match next week at New Year’s Evil.

Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne come out to the ring and start to talk how they will be on top of the women’s division this year and its foundation will be fallen bodies of others in the division. Indi Hartwell interrupts them from the stage. Cora Jade appears in the crowd followed by Nikkita Lyons, Zoey Stark, Wendy Choo and more. Each one of them continues to insult each other until Cora Jade asks to start a brawl. Others from the locker room also join in as a big brawl starts. NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez appears at a sky box and informs them all that there will be a Battle Royal next week to determine #1 contender to face her at Vengeance Day.

Alba Fyre vs Isla Dawn – Extreme Resolution Match

Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn are still brawling as they get backstage. We cut to a break. After the break, they are still fighting each other backstage. A referee try to stop them and get them to the ring but they continue to beat up each other. More referees come in but are still unable to stop them. Fyre misses a baseball shot before Isla throws a trash can at her. Isla picks up baseball bat but it results in Alba using it against Isla.

Fyre throws a ladder at Isla but she gets away. Isla climbs to the top of production crates and Fyre follows her up. Fyre drops her down to the floor with a headbutt. Fyre then comes down and sets up Isla on a chair to hit her with more punches. She hits her with a can cover. Fyre puts her in a trolley and takes her to ringside. Fyre sends her into the ring post. Fyre takes a steel chair into the ring as the bell rings. Isla counters and hits her with a suplex into the turnbuckle.

Isla stomps at her hand before hitting a chair into her ribs. Fyre kicks back at her. She hits a superkick before hitting Gory bomb for a near fall. Fyre slams Isla with a chair before going to the top. Isla slams a chair to her face to drop her to the floor. We cut to a break.

Isla is working on Fyre’s fingers using a wrench. Fyre breaks free and they start to trade punches. Isla hits a shoulder tackle before Fyre hits a suplex. Fyre hits a thrust kick to send Isla to the floor and hits a suicide dive. Fyre brings out a table and sets it up on the floor. Isla blocks Gory bomb and whips Fyre to the steel steps. She slams her fingers under a toolbox.

Fyre hits her with a headbutt and sets her up on the table. Fyre hits a senton on the table but it does not break. Fyre then breaks the table with a Gory bomb. Fyre takes Isla back to the ring to get the pinfall.

Winner – Alba Fyre

Grayson Waller is interviewed backstage and says he is manifesting winning the NXT title from the last 10 days and it will happen next week.

Indus Sher cut a promo backstage and talk about not getting respect from the fans in US despite being big stars in India. The Creed Brothers reply that they have never stepped upon anyone else. Indus Sher tell us that they saved The Creed Brothers from attacks since they want them at 100% and does not want any excuse from the fans.

Oro Mensah vs Javier Bernal

Bernal attacks Mensah during the entrance to start a brawl. They quickly get into the ring to start the match. Mensah starts with a tackle. Bernal hits a back suplex to get a two-count. He whips Oro to the corner before a bulldog and a clothesline for a two-count. Bernal hits a back elbow to get another two-count. Bernal keeps control and hits a DDT for another two-count.

Mensah hits a back body drop before a couple of clotheslines. He hits a moonsault before an overhead kick. He chokes Bernal in the ropes before hitting a Northern Lights Suplex. He hits a spinning heel kick in the corner to get the pinfall.

Winner – Oro Mensah

Fallon Henley is talking to Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen backstage and they are all pumped about 2023. Kiana James walks in and congratulates Henley for her win over her last week and assures that she will hold her end of the bargain to hand over her bar. She tells Jensen to text her.

Andre Chase vs Drew Gulak

Chase starts with an arm wringer but Gulak reaches the ropes. Gulak completes a takedown but Chase reaches the ropes to block a chicken wing. Gulak puts on another arm wringer before Chase turns it around and hits a low drop kick. More grappling continues for a while. Chase hits a Russian Leg Sweep and follows it with Chase U stomps. Gulak fires back with big body shots before putting a choke to get the submission.

Winner – Drew Gulak

Wes Lee is interview backstage and talks about how Tony D’Angelo and Dijak are more intent on fighting each other than fighting him. He tells us that he will be at commentary during that match and the winner will get a shot at North American title next.

Kofi Kingston vs Joe Gacy

Kofi goes for a waistlock which is broken right away by Gacy who hits a tackle. Kofi jumps over him as he runs the ropes and hits a dropkick. Kofi hits a crossbody next. Ava Raine trips Kofi on the top while the referee was distracted by the Dyad. Gacy hits a superplex for a two-count.

Gacy keeps control breifly with some blows. Kofi hits back with a dropkick. Gacy hits a backbreaker and follows up with another one quickly. Kofi comes back with a clotheslines and hits some quick moves. He hits a splash from the second rope followed by a penalty kick and boom drop. Gacy avoids Trouble in Paradise and hits a headbutt and a DDT to get a two-count.

Gacy goes for his finisher but Kofi slips out and hits a neckbreaker. The Dyad distract him and Gacy is able to capitalize. Woods gets up from the commentary to distract them as Kofi hits them with a suicide dive. Quick back and forth action in the ring before Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise to get the pinfall.

Winner – Kofi Kingston

Kofi and Woods run away quickly after the match as The Dyad chase them.

Hank Walker is backstage with Drew Gulak and tells him that he held onto a bit longer on submission against Andre Chase. Gulak says a win is a win in any way. Charlie Dempsey comes in and tells Hank Walker that they are on next week.

Pretty Deadly are backstage discussing about the tasks handed to them by New Day when the champions come in. Pretty Deadly are angry over the tasks being handed to them by New Day. They say that they will run a Gauntlet next week against 3 of the best teams and prove that they deserve a shot at tag team titles.

Kofi Kingston vs Joe Gacy

Grayson Waller is out in the ring and the stage is set for his talk show. Bron Breakker makes his entrance before Waller could complete his introduction. Breakker is an unusually good mood. Waller asks him why he is so cheerful when he should be trying to rip his head off. Waller asks about countering his spear last week. Breakker answers by smiling. Waller gets annoyed by Breakker’s cheerful attitude. He says he will beat Breakker easily if this attitude continues.

Breakker praises Waller for a while and says what separates Waller from others is that he knows how to get under everyone’s skin. He lists Waller’s viral moments like jumping off the top of WarGames cage, jumping off a tall ladder at Stand and Deliver, blinding Apollo Crews’ vision and others. Breakker adds that all of these are distraction for him while his only goal is to win the match and hold onto the title.

Waller mocks Breakker saying that he has only stolen his dad’s gimmick. Breakker says he will see him next week but ultimately punches him when Waller continues to run his mouth. Breakker hits him with a body slam. Waller rolls to the floor. Breakker picks up Waller’s phone which is streaming live to Instagram and hits a suicide dive. Waller stands tall to close the show.

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