WWE NXT December 5: Last Chance Qualifiers, Mixed Tag Match Set

WWE NXT December 5

WWE NXT has revealed 3 matches for December 5, 2023 episode which will include last chance qualifier matches for Iron Survivor Challenge and a mixed tag team match.

Alpha Academy coach Chad Gable came close to beating Meta-Four Leader Noam Dar last week when their British Round rules match ended with 1-1 scoreline. This week on NXT, Gable challenged Dar for another match with both their teams involved.

He proposed a mixed tag team match with Alpha Academy’s Otis, Gable and Maxxine Dupri facing any 3 from Meta-Four. Dar accepted the challenge later on the show before it was confirmed that Dar, Oro Mensah and Lash Legends will be part of the match.

NXT Deadline will feature men and women Iron Survivor Challenge matches and 4 participants for each matches have been confirmed via qualifying matches over the course of last one month. The fifth and final participants in both matches will be identified via fatal 4-way last chance qualifiers. 4 fighters who lost the qualifiers earlier will be part of this match.

In the men’s match, Carmelo Hayes, Eddy Thorpe, Joe Coffey and Tyler Bate will be involved. In the women’s match, Fallon Henley, Kiana James, Thea Hail and Roxanne Perez will be in action.

The announced line-up for WWE NXT December 5, 2023 episode is as below:

  • Roxanne Perez vs Fallon Henley vs Kiana James vs Thea Hail – Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge Last Chance Qualifier
  • Carmelo Hayes vs Eddy Thorpe vs Tyler Bate vs Joe Coffey – Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge Last Chance Qualifier
  • Alpha Academy (Otis, Chad Gable & Maxxine Dupri) vs Meta-Four (Noam Dar, Oro Mensah & Lash Legend)

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