WWE Extreme Rules 2019 Live Results & Updates

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Lashley still gets it up before the 10 count. Strowman beats Lashley back into the arena, knocking him down the stairs as Lashley tries to retreat. Strowman brings Lashley back to the floor and drops him. He levels Lashley again but he still makes it up at the 9 count. Lashley counters a move and sends Strowman crashing through the barrier at ringside. The referee counts them both but they get up at the 8 count. Lashley beats Strowman around the ringside area. Lashley rams Strowman back into the apron and he goes down. The referee counts once again.

Lashley runs around the ring and knocks Strowman over the German announce table. Lashley tips the table over onto Strowman. Strowman is buried as the referee starts counting. Strowman makes it back up at the 9-count. Lashley runs and leaps off the top of the barrier but Strowman catches him. Strowman ends up launching Lashley up and over the row of international announce teams in the crowd. Strowman keeps control of Lashley, putting him back down with a headbutt as the referee counts. Lashley counters and drops Strowman, then slams a plastic trash can over him.

Strowman punches and kicks Lashley. Lashley gets up but a right hand puts him back down. Lashley wants Strowman to bring it and he does with a big boot. Lashley talks more trash and Strowman keeps rocking him. Strowman takes Lashley up another set of stairs in the crowd. Lashley shoves a fan into Strowman to distract him. Strowman with a chair shot over Lashley’s back. Strowman looks down and sees a big drop in front of them. Strowman scoops Lashley but Lashley fights him off. Strowman scoops Lashley on his shoulder.

Strowman hits a big powerslam from the ledge down through a structure below. The referee counts as an “ECW!” chant starts up. The referee continues counting but he can’t even see the two Superstars behind the wall. Strowman breaks through the wall and comes out with his arms in the air. The referee continues counting to 10 and Lashley never appears.

The New Day(Xavier Woods & Big E) Defeated Daniel Bryan & Rowan(c) and Heavy Machinery to win the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Xavier Woods beats down Bryan in the beginning, but now Tucker comes in. the two face each other. Tucker displays his athleticism as he avoids Woods with a Cartwheel. Woods hits Tucker with a Hurricanrana. Rowan comes in and cranks at Woods’ neck. Rowan and Bryan isolate Woods in the corner and proceed to beat him up. Bryan cranks on Woods’ face as he has him in a preliminary Surfboard position.

Rowan comes in and hits a Pumphandle Backbreaker on Woods. Bryan sends Big E into the steel steps on the outside. Woods manages a Dropkick to take Rowan off his feet. Woods tags in Otis and he starts to mow through Bryan. Otis hits a Spin-Out Body Slam. He then picks up Bryan and tosses him behind. Otis splashes on Bryan in the corner and now he goes for the Caterpiller.

Otis and Tucker hit a Slingshot Sidewalk Slam for a near fall. Tucker goes for a back suplex, but Bryan tags Big E. Big E comes in and hits a Belly to Belly. Otis and Big E face each other. Otis picks up Big E in a Suplex and Tucker hits the Splash Suplex on Big E. Rowan breaks it up and Bryan and Rowan hit the Crossbody and the Double Knees on Woods on the outside. Big E takes Rowan outside. He then hits a Spear through the ropes on Bryan. Otis pretends he will hit the Plancha but then walks out and dives on them. Tucker hit the Crossbody on Rowan and Bryan.

Tucker and Otis hit the Compactor on Big E, but Woods breaks it up. Otis and Tucker hit the Pop Up Powerslam on Woods. They team up and crush Rowan in the corner with Splashes. They lift him up to the top rope. They try to hit the Double Superplex. Big E Powerbomb Otis and Tucker. Daniel Bryan sneaks a tag. Big E hits Rowan with the Superplex. Bryan hits the Headbutt from the top on Big E and locks in the LeBell Lock. Big E crawls to rope, but Bryan cranks his arm and leg back.

Big E manages to get outside. Bryan hits Big E with the Yes Kicks. Big E is slapped by Bryan as he eggs him on as if not affected. Big E hits a Clothesline turning Bryan inside out. Big E catches Bryan and Woods manages to tag in and hit Daniel Bryan with the midnight hour and becomes the 6-time tag team champions.

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