WWE Extreme Rules 2019 Live Results & Updates

WWE Extreme Rules 2019 Live Results & Updates- Page 5

Kofi Kingston defeated Samoa Joe to retain the WWE Championship

Kofi comes out of the block with a dropkick but gets a vicious clothesline as the reply. Joe corners him and unloads with punches and kicks. Kofi tries to fight back but gets his legs swept. Joe uses the ropes to good effect and once again corners Kofi. Kofi once again tries to mount some offense with some punches and kicks but gets tackled off the ropes.

Joe twists his head and Kofi replies with some punches. Joe corners him and hits an overhead kick. Kofi unloads with punches in the corner but Joe sidesteps from a moonsault. Kofi’s dropkick forces Joe to move out for a breather. Kofi looks for the suicide dive but Joe catches him with a forearm at the ropes. Back in the ring, Joe twists Kofi’s fingers and then uses the steel steps to crush them.

Kofi is almost thrown out of the ring but he comes back in and hits a Crossbody on Joe. Joe hits a power slam for a near fall. Kofi move is countered by Joe and he locks in the STF on Kofi. Kofi manages to reach the ropes to force the break. He lines up Samoa Joe for the Trouble in Paradise but Samoa Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch. Kofi reverses, but Joe adjusts and hits the Urinagi for the near fall. Kofi manages to hit the Trouble in Paradise and get the pin to retain the title.

Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch defeated Baron Corbin & Lacey Evans in a Winner Takes All Match to retain Universal & RAW Women’s Championship Match

Becky pushes Lacey out of the ring to start the match. She follows it up with some kicks until Evans tags Corbin. Seth jumps on him from behind Becky and the referee. He corners Corbin but Corbin manages to roll him up for two-count. Corbin moves out of the ring as Seth continues with the offense. He brings out a kendo stick but does not bring it in the ring.

Seth continues with his trademark offensive style and once again forces Corbin to move out of the ring. Lacey Evans comes in and tries to hit Rollins with the kendo stick. Seth catches the stick and Evans tries to flirt with him. Becky brings her own stick and starts unloading on Evans. Corbin also comes in and both Becky and Rollins hit their opponents with the stick in tandem.

Corbina and Evans move out of the ring and gets hit by suicide dive and basement slide respectively. Flying elbow and suicide from Becky and Rollins follow. Seth Rollins tries another Suicide Dive on Corbin, but Corbin hits him with a Chair. The match has turned and Corbin beats down Seth. Corbin hits Seth on the back with the chair and then tries to break his ribs. Evans sends in more chairs for Corbin. Corbin tries to Chokeslam Rollins on the two chairs set up. Rollins reverses but Corbin hits a DDT on Seth on the chair.

Corbin slams Rollins face-first off the chair. Rollins hits an overhead kick on Corbin and sends him into a chair. Becky tags in and brings a chair and hits Lacey with the chair repeatedly. Becky sends Lacey face-first into the chair and then hits a Becksploder Suplex on the chairs. Becky hits a Leg Drop through the steel chair on Lacey. Evans still manages to kick out. Corbin tries to save Lacey but Rollins interrupts with a dive. Becky takes the advantage by hitting him with the Van Damminator.

Becky and Rollins take some time to set up the tables which give their opponent time to recover. As the champion couple gets slammed into the barricade by their counterparts. Corbin dumps Rollins off the announce table and then brings out two kendo sticks. Rollins is brought into the ring and both Evans and Corbin start hitting him with the stick. Becky runs into the ring, only for her and Rollins to be hit by the chokeslams at the same time. Both are covered for the pin but they kick out at two.

Action moves out once again where Corbin and Evans tried to suplex Rollins onto the tables. But Seth prevents the move and Becky joins him to hit the double suplex on the ramp. They set up their opponents on the tables finally and dives on their counterparts one by one. Rollins takes Corbin back to the ring and looks to stomp him.

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