Women’s WWE Money in the Bank Ladder Match 2023 Live Blog

Iyo Sky MITB 2023

Iyo Sky unhooked the briefcase and won the Women’s MITB ladder match at WWE Money in the Bank 2023. Check the live updates from the match below.


The pool for the Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match is quite interesting this year. Damage CTRL’s Bayley and Iyo Sky both qualified for this match. However, they are having some tension and coordinating problems.

On the other hand, Trish Stratus and her new ally Zoey Stark also qualified for this match and so did their archrival Becky Lynch. LWO’s Zelina Vega completes an interesting line up for the match.

Live Updates

Zoey Stark goes on to attack even before the match begins. Trish also joins her. The bell rings, Bayley & Iyo team up on Zelina. Bayley goes outside to take the ladder, Vega hits the Meteora. 

Iyo & Bayley bury Zelina below the ladder. Zoey and Trish return and takes out Iyo & Bayley by sending them into the ladder. Start and Trish try to take the ladder inside but Becky returns and slams their face in it.

They again team up on Bayley before they set up the ladder. Trish climbs the ladder but Bayley & Iyo drive her off the ladder. They again team up against Zelina. Iyo holds Zelina in the corner, Zelina fights back, then kicks Bayley before climbing the ladder. 

Iyo tries to stop her but Zelina hits the hurricanrana. Bayley and Iyo puts Zelina between the ladder and hurt her by pulling her hands. Bayley and Iyo try to climb the ladder and have some dispute before Bayley takes out both. 

Becky then kicks Zoey by trapping them into the ladder. She locks the Disarm her on the ladder before Trish sends her to the corner of the ring. Trish tries to climb, but Damage CTRL comes to stop her. 

Iyo climbs alongside Trish, but the latter drops her off the ladder. Zelina puts another table and manages to get over Trish. Zelina and Zoey on top, whereas Bayley takes out Trish. Iyo stops Zoey and Zelina. Bayley climbs the ladder and hits Becky with the elbow drop. 

Iyo climbs the ladder, but Zoey and Zelina drag it away. Iyo Sky goes on the top of the ladder, but it was away from the briefcase, so she takes out everyone with a moonsault. 

Trish Startus is back in the ring, she climbs the ladder, Becky also comes to the top and exchange blows with Trish. Zoey tries to save Trish but Becky pushes her. Becky also drops Trish off the ladder, Zelina hits Becky with the crossbody. 

Zelina sends Bayley out before ducking Iyo’s attack and sending her out too. Zelina climbs but Trish and Becky work together to get her off the table. Becky and Trish exchange several blows and continue to brawl until Iyo and Bayley enter the ring. 

They set up another table, but Becky takes out Iyo whereas Trish takes out Bayley with a face-first on the ladder. Outside the ring, Zoey beats Becky, and brings handcuffs. Zoey tries to hook the other hand of the handcuff to the rope, but Becky fights back and takes out both of them. 

However, Zoey Stark and Trish attacks her and Zoey slams her face on the announce table. Zoey and Trish tries to hit her with the ladder but Becky ducks. She first send Trish over the table then she takes out Zoey. 

Becky sets up the ladder and hits Trish with the Manhandle slam on it. Zoey hits Becky with the twisted neck breaker. Zelina climbs the ladder, Zoey joins her as well and exchanges some blows. Zelina hits code red on the ladder from the top of the ladder. 

Iyo is back in the ring and climbs the ladder, she almost unhooks it, but Bayley flips the ladder and sends her outside. Bayley now climbs the ladder, but Becky stops her. Becky uses the handcuff to attack Bayley before both of them climb the ladder again. 

Iyo handcuffs Bayley and Becky together on the ladder before she climbs over Bayley to unhook the briefcase. Iyo Sky wins the match while Bayley and Becky were watching her from below unable to do anything. 

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