Update On Sami Zayn’s WWE Contract Details

Sami Zayn
Credit- WWE

When will Sami Zayn’s WWE contract expire? This question has been creating a lot of confusion nowadays as earlier the news came out that he will be a free agent by Fall this year. However, that isn’t the case. 

Recently a piece of news came out on Kevin Owens’s contract who is a longtime friend of Sami Zayn. It revealed that Owens’ contract will expire in the initial months of 2022. However, it is still unclear when Sami Zayn’s contract will reach its expiry date. 

Back in 2019, TVA reported Zayn inked a new three-year deal with the promotion before his injury. However, he has been absent for most of the time due to injuries that eventually increased the length of this contract. Some read this report and think Sami Zayn will be a free agent by Fall this year. 

Fightful Select reached out to WWE to get an update on Sami Zayn’s contract situation. The promotion cleared out the rumor that the expiry date isn’t this year in Fall. However, they haven’t provided any more details on this matter.

Sami Zayn is yet to talk about this confusion but he might find himself in an interesting contract very soon. WWE restructured several contracts after the pandemic, and Kevin Owens’ contract was one among them. But there were no words on whether Zayn’s contract has been restructured or not. 

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