Tony Khan to IMPACT & NJPW: It’s Us Against Them!

Tony Khan on Impact

AEW President Tony Khan once again appeared on IMPACT Wrestling with a “paid” commercial to advertise AEW Dynamite: The Crossroads & AEW Revolution 2021 PPV.

During his promo, Tony Khan called upon IMPACT and NJPW and said it’s us vs WWE in the battle of pro-wrestling industry.

“Since it’s the Crossroads tomorrow night on Dynamite, I thought this was the perfect time to given an assessment on the pro-wrestling industry and where we all stand,” Khan said. Impact, we might argue but the truth is we are on the same side. Impact, you are one of us. New Japan, they are one of us. AEW, obviously is us. It’s us against them and I don’t have to tell you who they are.”

Khan also called IMPACT to that they were the main competitor for WWE before AEW came around. But now, AEW is the leader in this and NJPW & Impact must stand with them in this fight. He also revealed that he agreed to the Barbed Wire match at Revolution because the request came from Don Callis, who has helped him open the forbidden door.

“Impact, before there was AEW, you were a leader in this whole thing. But that time has passed. I am the captain now Impact. But I am a strong leader. I am firm but I am fair. You are one request Don Callis. You asked for exploding barbed wire match for Jon Moxley at Revolution. We are all on the same side. We are all on the same team, all on the same boat. You guys opened up the forbidden door. You helped me open myself up. That’s why I have agreed to your request. I am happy to grant your request to this Sunday on pay-per-view on Revolution.”

You can watch the complete promo below.

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