Huge Spoilers for Super ShowDown for Brock Lesnar and Battle Royal

Some huge spoilers are coming out for Super ShowDown 2019 regarding Brock Lesnar and 50 Man Battle Royal.

Brock Lesnar Super ShowDown Spoilers

Twitter handle Wrestle Votes has earlier reported spoilers on many occasions for WWE programs. It is once again reporting some huge spoiler for Brock Lesnar’s plan for Money in the Bank Briefcase cash in. Apparently, the plan is for Seth Rollins vs Baron Corbin match to open the show for Universal Championship. Once Rollins will take care of Corbin, Lesnar will come out to cash in.

But this is where things get interesting. Wrestle Votes is reporting that Rollins vs Lesnar match is going to end in a disqualification. This might set up another Lesnar vs Rollins match at the upcoming Stomping Grounds. However, the fact will remain that WWE is going to waste another MITB briefcase.

Another huge spoiler reported by Wrestle Votes is that Mansoor Al-Shehail is going to win the 50 Man Battle Royal. 23 years old young man is the first man from Saudi Arabia to be signed with WWE. And Saudi Arabia is going to get a historic moment when Mansoor would win the match.

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