WWE SmackDown Live Results and Updates- 28 May 2019

Hype package for Triple H vs Randy Orton match.

Andrade is with Sarah Schrieber backstage who asks for his comments on facing Demon at Super Showdown before taking us to an exclusive video of Finn Balor from last week. Andrade reminds Balor that he power-bombed him to the ladder at Money in the Bank. He also tells Balor that he will face his inner demons when he faces him at Super Showdown.

6. Roman Reigns and R-Truth vs Drew McIntyre and Elias

Roman Reigns enters before we get an extended break. R-Truth is beaten down and struggles to get in the ring, but Elias and Drew McIntyre jump him from behind. Roman Reigns comes in for the save while Shane McMahon runs back to keep some distance. The bell rings as Reigns pushes Elias in the ring.

Roman starts unloading in the corner until Shane distracts Roman so that Elias can take control. Drew McIntyre comes in and slows Reigns down. He quickly tags Elias back in. Elias gets stopped in his tracks by a Samoan drop. R-Truth offers to tag in despite being beaten up and it doesn’t take long for McIntyre to get the Glasgow Kiss. He slams him against the barricade outside.

McIntyre destroying Truth with a series of power moves. Elias comes in and continues to control the pace. Truth avoids a double back body drop attempt by kicking McIntyre. He sends Elias into the ring post and Drew over the top rope. Truth makes the tag to Reigns and he comes in with clotheslines for Elias. Elias gets a big boot and rolls out of the ring. Shane tries to attack Roman and gets punched in the face for it. McIntyre misses a Claymore and ends up landing on the announce table. Roman nails Elias with the Spear for the pin and the win.

Winner- Roman Reigns and R-Truth

After the match, Shane and McIntyre run to the ramp. Elias is still in the ring and Roman realizes that he is the 24/7 Champion. He nails him with another spear and R-Truth stutters his way to cover him and get the pin. R-Truth has again become the 24/7 Champion.

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