WWE SmackDown Live Results and Updates- 28 May 2019

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Kofi Kingston vs Kevin Owens SmackDown 28 May 2019

Quick Results

  • Kofi Kingston beats Kevin Owens
  • Mandy Rose beats Carmella
  • Elias beats R-Truth to become the 24/7 champion
  • Bayley beats Lacey Evans
  • Roman Reigns and R-Truth beat Elias and Drew McIntyre
  • R-Truth beats Elias to become the 24/7 Champion


We get the replay of Dolph Ziggler’s attack on Kofi Kingston last week. Kevin Owens enters the ring and we get another highlight of Kofi-Owens storyline. Owens cut a promo where he refutes that he attacked Big E last week. He makes fun of Big E’s tweet and tells us that he will soften up Kofi for Ziggler when they will face off at Super Showdown. Ziggler will win in Saudi and then he will beat Ziggler. Kofi enters and tells KO that he is lying about not attacking Big E and that he will not be able to soften him up.

1. Kofi Kingston vs Kevin Owens

Kofi runs at Owens and hits a dropkick as soon as the bell rings. KO comes right back with a big boot to the face and several stomps to the body. Kingston takes him down by the legs and hits a few punches to the face. He gets ready for a backdrop and KO slams his head into the mat.

Kevin pushes Kofi off the apron as we return. After hitting a senton at ringside, he goes out to hit some chops and takes him back to the ring for a nearfall. KO puts Kofi in a headlock. Kofi tries to fight back but runs into a clothesline. KO puts in the headlock again. Kofi fights out again but KO again slams his head to the mat. They trade strikes before Kofi low bridges KO out of the ring. Kofi follows it up with a dropkick and a suicide dive. He avoids a stunner and a superkick to hit SOS to get a nearfall. KO then pushes him outside as Kofi prepares for a moonsault off the top. Kofi falls hard on the barricade as we go to another break.

KO again puts Kofi in the headlock only for Kofi to fight out. He sends him to the apron and hits a superkick on Kofi’s head to send him outside. He follows it up with a splash on the outside and lets the referee count on Kofi. Kofi beats the count at 9 only for KO to hit another splash off the top to get a nearfall. KO goes to the top again but Kofi nails him with a step-up enziguri there. Kofi tries for superplex but KO pushes him from there and hits a senton to get another nearfall. Kofi counters the stunner and hits Trouble in paradise to get the win.

Winner- Kofi Kingston

Shane McMahon is seen backstage with Drew McIntyre and Elias. R-Truth and Carmella are running for their life backstage with 24/7 Championship. Truth He asks Carmella “Do you know how hard it is to be European Champion?” and tells us it is hard to get a cab with people trying to roll you up. They get inside a room and we see Drake Maverick posting the Wanted posters of Truth.

2. Daniel Bryan and Rowan Promo!

Bryan is having an interview with Kayla Braxton in the ring and Rowan is standing beside him. He tells us that the WWE Tag Team Division in a joke that makes him cringe and they will become the greatest tag team of all time. Bryan then trashes Oklahoma before putting out his message of “Save the tag team division and save the planet”. Kayla brings up that Heavy Machinery are interesting in challenging Bryan and Rowan for the titles.

Tucker and Otis make their way to the ring. Tucker gets the mic and says that they want to take the championship off them. Bryan agrees to their challenge but he refuses to defend the titles in a state with fracking.

Sonya DeVille and Mandy Rose are distributing out “Hers” Magazine which had Mandy on the cover. They end up disturbing Ember Moon who is reading a book. Mandy and Sonya dump a few copies on the magazine over Ember before leaving.

3. Carmella vs. Mandy Rose

These two are resuming their match from last week which was cut off by other wrestlers running on Truth. They lock up and Rose takes Mella down with a throw. Mandy brags about her magazine cover and Carmella kicks it out of her hand. Carmella hits a Thesz press followed by some shots. Rose sends her into the turnbuckle before hitting a knee to the face to get a near fall. Carmella makes a comeback. Sonya ends up causing a distraction to allow Mandy to rolls up Carmella to get the pinfall.

Winner- Mandy Rose

R-Truth is still running to protect his title. He hides in a photo booth. Drake Maverick finds him and runs after him.

Aleister Black cuts a promo via a video where he says he is waiting for someone to pick a fight with him.

4. Shane McMahon Appreciation Night

Shane McMahon comes out to the ring with Drew McIntyre and Elias for Shane McMahon Appreciation Night. He calls himself a humble man and just wants the best for the fans. He takes us to a video package about himself. After the package, he tells Roman that he will not only beat Roman Reigns but he will beat the respect into him. Elias tells him that he has made a special song for him on this appreciation night and starts performing.

R-Truth runs into the ring with Drake Maverick still in the chase. He stands in the middle and shows off his belt. He hits a DDT on Maverick and pins him to retain the 24/7 Championship. Shane McMahon is angry at R-Truth for interrupting his segment. He beats up R-Truth. Elias and McIntyre also beat up R-Truth. McIntyre hits a Claymore Kick on R-Truth before Elias pins him to win the 24/7 Championship.

Shane fixes a tag team match between Elias and Drew McIntyre vs R-Truth and Roman Reigns. He also suspends the 24/7 rules until the conclusion of that match.

Lacey Evans is having a tea party with Charlotte Flair backstage when Kayla Braxton asks for the interview. Charlotte takes a shot at Becky that she was not man enough to beat her at MITB. Lacey also chimes in and tells her that if Bayley did not cash-in on her after the grueling match, she would still be SmackDown Women’s Champion.

5. Bayley vs Lacey Evans

Bayley makes her way to the ring. After the break, we see Charlotte Flair joining the commentary team before Lacey enters. A quick start sees Bayley attempting a submission but Evans gets to the ropes. Bayley puts on a headlock but Evans counters it into a waistlock. More back and forth action until Bayley lands some big forearm strikes. Evans comes back with an elbow drop to get a two-count. We cut to a break.

After the break, Bayley starts making a comeback and hits a splash. Evans hits a broncobuster. Bayley blocks an elbow drop. She hits a neckbreaker from the second rope. Evans rolls out to the floor. Bayley follows her out and hits a dropkick and a clothesline. Bayley drops Charlotte when she gets in her face. Charlotte ends up distracting the referee as she goes after Bayley. Bayley takes advantage with a roll-up on Evans to get the pinfall.

Winner- Bayley

Bayley celebrates as Flair and Evans stand in the ring looking angry. Evans attacks Flair from behind and Flair retaliates until the two are separated by the referees.

Hype package for Triple H vs Randy Orton match.

Andrade is with Sarah Schrieber backstage who asks for his comments on facing Demon at Super Showdown before taking us to an exclusive video of Finn Balor from last week. Andrade reminds Balor that he power-bombed him to the ladder at Money in the Bank. He also tells Balor that he will face his inner demons when he faces him at Super Showdown.

6. Roman Reigns and R-Truth vs Drew McIntyre and Elias

Roman Reigns enters before we get an extended break. R-Truth was beaten up backstage it seems as he struggles to get to the ring. Elias and Drew McIntyre attack him once again from behind. Roman Reigns runs to save his tag partner. Shane McMahon steps back from the attack.

The match starts once they all get into the ring. Roman starts unloading on Elias in the corner. Shane runs a distraction to give Elias a chance to take over. McIntyre and Elias make quick tags to keep Roman under control. Roman hits a Samoan drop on Elias. R-Truth tags in despite being worn up. McIntyre drops him with the Glasgow Kiss. He takes R-Truth to the floor to send him into the barricade.

McIntyre keeps beating up R-Truth as we return from the break. R-Truth avoids a double back body drop by kicking McIntyre. Elias gets sent into the ring post. Drew is thrown out. Roman gets a tag and runs over Elias. Elias hits back with a boot before getting out to the floor. Roman drops Shane with a Superman punch when he tries to interfere. McIntyre misses a Claymore on Roman and lands on the announce table. Roman then hits a spear on Elias to get the pinfall.

Winner- Roman Reigns and R-Truth

After the match, Shane and McIntyre run to the ramp. Elias is still in the ring and Roman realizes that he is the 24/7 Champion. He nails him with another spear and R-Truth stutters his way to cover him and get the pin. R-Truth has again become the 24/7 Champion.

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