WWE SmackDown Live Results and Updates- 28 May 2019

Welcome to the Live Results and Updates blog of WWE SmackDown Live episode from 28 May 2019.

Kofi Kingston vs Kevin Owens SmackDown 28 May 2019

Quick Results

  • Kofi Kingston beats Kevin Owens
  • Mandy Rose beats Carmella
  • Elias beats R-Truth to become the 24/7 champion
  • Bayley beats Lacey Evans
  • Roman Reigns and R-Truth beat Elias and Drew McIntyre
  • R-Truth beats Elias to become the 24/7 Champion


We get the replay of Dolph Ziggler’s attack on Kofi Kingston last week. Kevin Owens enters the ring and we get another highlight of Kofi-Owens storyline. Owens cut a promo where he refutes that he attacked Big E last week. He makes fun of Big E’s tweet and tells us that he will soften up Kofi for Ziggler when they will face off at Super Showdown. Ziggler will win in Saudi and then he will beat Ziggler. Kofi enters and tells KO that he is lying about not attacking Big E and that he will not be able to soften him up.

1. Kofi Kingston vs Kevin Owens

Kofi runs at Owens and hits a dropkick as soon as the bell rings. KO comes right back with a big boot to the face and several stomps to the body. Kingston takes him down by the legs and hits a few punches to the face. He gets ready for a backdrop and KO slams his head into the mat.

Kevin pushes Kofi off the apron as we return. After hitting a senton at ringside, he goes out to hit some chops and takes him back to the ring for a nearfall. KO puts Kofi in a headlock. Kofi tries to fight back but runs into a clothesline. KO puts in the headlock again. Kofi fights out again but KO again slams his head to the mat. They trade strikes before Kofi low bridges KO out of the ring. Kofi follows it up with a dropkick and a suicide dive. He avoids a stunner and a superkick to hit SOS to get a nearfall. KO then pushes him outside as Kofi prepares for a moonsault off the top. Kofi falls hard on the barricade as we go to another break.

KO again puts Kofi in the headlock only for Kofi to fight out. He sends him to the apron and hits a superkick on Kofi’s head to send him outside. He follows it up with a splash on the outside and lets the referee count on Kofi. Kofi beats the count at 9 only for KO to hit another splash off the top to get a nearfall. KO goes to the top again but Kofi nails him with a step-up enziguri there. Kofi tries for superplex but KO pushes him from there and hits a senton to get another nearfall. Kofi counters the stunner and hits Trouble in paradise to get the win.

Winner- Kofi Kingston

Shane McMahon is seen backstage with Drew McIntyre and Elias. R-Truth and Carmella are running for their life backstage with 24/7 Championship. Truth He asks Carmella “Do you know how hard it is to be European Champion?” and tells us it is hard to get a cab with people trying to roll you up. They get inside a room and we see Drake Maverick posting the Wanted posters of Truth.