Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor WWE SummerSlam 2023 Live Blog

Seth Rollins SummerSlam

Seth Rollins retained the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Finn Balor at WWE Summerslam 2023 in a rematch. Check below for our live blog as we post updates from the match.


Seth Rollins and Finn Balor will put an end to what started seven years ago at SummerSlam. Finn Balor became the inaugural Universal Champion, but Seth injured him during the match which forced Finn to relinquish the title. Ever since then, Finn had never won the World Title. Rollins defeated Finn Balor in the semi-finals and then AJ Styles in the finals to become the inaugural WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

In an attempt to take his long-awaited revenge, Balor faced Rollins at Money in the Bank. He was close to finishing the match but got distracted by his own teammate Damian Priest showing his Money in the Bank briefcase and lost the match to Rollins. On the July 17 episode of RAW, Balor interrupted Rollins’ interview and challenged him to a trilogy match at SummerSlam. Rollins hesitated a bit, but accepted the challenge after Balor attacked him with a chair.

Live Blog

Finn Balor comes out first flaunting his new “SEVEN” tattoo to signify the Universal Title match seven years ago. Rollins comes out second wearing the same vest, he used seven years ago in that match.

Rollins throws the vest on Balor’s face and the latter attacks Rollins out of anger. The referee separates them, but Rollins tackles him again and then the referee separates them again. 

The bell rings, and the match finally starts. Balor and Rollins start trading shots. Rollins comes up with a chop followed by a flying forearm. Balor hits the boot followed by a stomp on the chest. 

Balor works on Rollins’ arms and shoulders and eventually drives his shoulders into the turnbuckle. Rollins tries to fire back with the chops but Bbalor hits the Russian leg sweep. Balor locks the armbar, but Rollins reaches the ropes. 

Rollins hits the clothesline after a whip from Balor. Rollins also hits headbutts and kawada kick before he goes for the pedigree. Balor blocks it and goes for the slingblade but Rollins counters it and hits a falcon arrow. 

Balor rolls to the floor and Rollins hits him with three back-to-back suicide dives. Balor’s mouth is busted open. After some back and forth. Balor connects a powerbomb on the barricade, the same move which injured him in 2016. 

They get back inside, and Balor connects a shotgun dropkick. Balor locks the armbar, but Rollins overpowers him with a powerbomb. He hits the bucklebomb and then goes to the top. 

Seth Rollins hits a frog splash from the top rope for a near fall. Rollins tries for the stomp, but Balor rolls over and hits a stomp. Finn goes to the top but Rollins goes there and hits a superplex. 

Rollins hits a kick to Balor’s face and the latter return the favor with an overhead kick. They start trading blows before Balor hits the running dropkick. Balor goes for the Coup de Grace, but Rollins moves out and hits the pedigree for another near fall. 

Damian Priest walks to the ring with his Money in the Bank contract. Balor rolls Rollins for a two-count. Priest sneakingly hit Rollins, and Balor hits the pedigree for a near fall. 

Dirty Dom and Rhea Ripley also come to the ringside. Priest offered the briefcase to Balor, but the latter refused. Balor rolls Rollins, but the latter counters with a stomp to cover but Balor kicks out. 

Rollins hits suicide dive to Priest and then hits stomp on Dominik. Balor connects Coup de Grace inside the ring but Rollins kicks out. Domain Priest slides the briefcase inside and when Balor tries to pick it up, Rollins hits the stomp on the briefcase to get the pinfall.


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