Rousey & Baszler vs Morgan & Rodriguez Live Blog, WWE Money in the Bank 2023

Liv & Raquel MITB 2023

Shayna Baszler turned on Ronda Rousey which allow Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez to pin her and become the new WWE Women’s Tag Team WWE Money in the Bank 2023. Check below for the live updates from the match.


Shayna Baszler & Ronda Rousey defeated Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn in a WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship unification bout on the June 23 episode of SmackDown. After the match, they were confronted by Raquel Rodriguez. 

Raquel demanded a shot at the titles and claimed that they never lost. Shayna interrupted and said she can’t see anyone else with her, and just then Liv Morgan made her return. Liv Morgan’s injury caused Raquel and Liv to relinquish the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. And now, they are set to get a shot to claim their titles back in London. 

Live Updates

The champions Ronda and Shayna are the first ones to make their entrance. The challengers Raquel and Liv Morgan walk down the ramp second. 

Liv starts the match with Shayna. The latter starts to work on Liv’s shoulder from the beginning. Shayna goes for the stomp on the shoulder but Liv avoids and then replies with a dropkick. She hits the hurricanrana and then takes her out with a springboard kick. 

Raquel sends Ronda to the floor and then throw Liv on Ronda and Shyana. Liv brings Shayna in the ring and goes to the top before getting distracted by Ronda. Shayna pulls her down and then hits a stomp on his shoulder. 

Ronda comes in and starts to dominate Liv. Shayna comes back and hit her with a running kick. Liv tries to go for a tag, but Ronda quickly comes in and locks the ankle lock. Liv converts it into a pinfall but Ronda kicks out at two. 

Liv tags Raquel who takes down Ronda with a clothesline. Ronda locks the armbar on Raquel on the top rope but the latter counters it with a powerbomb. Raquel covers but Shayna breaks the pinfall. Liv and Shayna get the tag, and Shayna locks her in the Kkimura lock. Ronda comes in and lock the ankle lock but Raquel breaks the submission. 

Ronda tags in but Shayna Baszler attacks Ronda Rousey and shocks everyone. She beats up Ronda and locks up Kirifuda clutch before walking away. Raquel hits Ronda with the Tahaha bomb before Liv hits the oblivion to get the pinfall. 

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