Roman Reigns Stated “He Would Fight The Rock” on The Tonight Show

Roman Reigns on Jimmy Fallon show

On Wednesday, November 17, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns appeared on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon where he stated that if he gets a chance then he would fight The Rock. 

The conversation began with Jimmy Fallon talking about Roman Reigns’ children then they also talked about the struggle Roman faced in his early days of football.

Eventually, Jimmy Fallon stated that Survivor Series will take place this Sunday and it is the 25th anniversary of The Rock as well. So, he heard the rumors he might make an appearance. So, he heard the rumors that he might make an appearance on Survivor Series. 

Roman Reigns replied that he is closer to him and he hasn’t heard these rumors. Fallon also asked Roman Reigns if he would ever fight The Rock. Reigns replied by saying, “I would yes, I don’t know if he wants it.” He clearly expressed that he is willing to fight The Rock. 

Reigns also stated that when it comes to his family professional wrestling is their platform and they like to solve problems in the squared ring. 

Now, it will be really interesting to see whether The Rock makes an appearance at the Survivor Series or not that also happens to be his 25th anniversary.

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