WWE RAW Results 9 Sept 2019: WWE Return to MSG

Welcome to the Live Results and Updates Blog from WWE RAW episode of 9 September 2019 (9/9/2019).

  • Location- Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, US
  • Time- 8 PM EST(10 September 2019 12 AM GMT/5:30 AM IST)
MSG Steve Austin Universal Championship Contract Signing
Stone Cold Steve Austin will oversee the Contract Signing as WWE will return to MSG after 10 years

The go-home RAW episode of Clash of Champions is also special because WWE will return to Madison Square Garden for TV tapings after 10 years. And since World’s Largest Arena commands some respect, WWE is bringing back Stone Cold Steve Austin for a special contract signing segment. Also announced is the tag team match between WWE’s 4 Horsewomen and the triple threat semifinal of King of the Ring Tournament. For more details, please check the preview below:

Stone Cold Contract Signing

Stone Cold Steve Austin come out to open the show. He starts his promo by acknowledging that it has been 20 years since he has been at MSG. He recounts his MSG memories, match against Bret Hart, the first time he hit Vince McMahon with a Stone Cold Stunner and how he lost sense during the match against The Undertaker at Highway to Hell in MSG in 1998.

He introduces Braun Strowman first. Braun comes out, tries to shake Austin’s hand. Austin ignores it and Braun finds that funny. Austin introduces Rollins as “Seth frickin’ Rollins” as he heads to the ring. Austin finally shakes the hands of both men as he gets the contract signing underway. Seth starts his promo amid the what chants. He assures Braun that there will be no backstabbing from his side. He is the best wrestler in the world and that he’s still going to be Universal Champion after Clash of Champions.

Strowman says he has nothing but the most respect for him but a rattlesnake is still a snake. Strowman tells Rollins he’s not going to turn his back on him, and loves being tag team champions, but he’s going to also love being the WWE Universal Champion. Both men have signed the contract.

The OC comes out to the stage and AJ starts talking trash to Steve Austin while also ridiculing Rollins and Strowman. The crowd is livid with their what chants and is not even letting him say anything. Styles brings up the fact that Gallows and Anderson did not even get their rematch for the tag titles and asks Austin how did Strowman get the Universal title shot. As Styles, takes a shot at Austin and asks him to shut up, the crowd starts the a–hole chant.

All hell breaks loose as Austin removes the table from the ring and Rollins and Strowman take it to the OC. Strowman runs down Gallows and Anderson outside the ring and Rollins is pushed out of the ring by Styles. Austin is waiting for him to turn around and hits a stunner with a great pop from the crowd. Austin drops down and gets in AJ’s face. He calls for some of his Broken Skull IPA beers to be tossed in the ring, then hits the corners to pose as the music hits.

AJ Styles vs Cedric Alexander

Alexander rushes Styles after the bell and beats him down in the corner. He throws AJ into the turnbuckle and AJ gets out for a breather only to be hit from behind with a clothesline. Cedric continues controlling the pace until AJ counters a suplex and jabs him in the throat. Alexander hits a handspring kick to send Styles out of the ring. Alexander takes him out with a dive over the top rope. Styles hangs Cedric up by his arm on the top rope as we head to a break.

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