WWE RAW Results 9 Sept 2019: WWE Return to MSG

WWE RAW Live Results and Updates- 9 September 2019 – Page 3

Rey Mysterio vs Gran Metalik

The match starts with a quick exchange, takedowns, counters and everything one would expect from a luchadors bout. Rey gets Metalik in position for the 619 but he dodges it and rolls Mysterio up for a near fall. Mysterio takes Metalik out of the ring with a headscissor before he slides out of the ring. Metalik avoids a splash and sticks him with a superkick. Metalik hits a dive out of the ring to take him down and the ref goes out to check on Rey. They get back into the ring and Metalik hits a springboard senton for two.

Rey sends him into the middle turnbuckle and hits a seated senton from the top rope. The King of the Ropes hits a boot to the face and a dropkick from the middle rope. They end up on the top turnbuckle together and Metalik hits a big hurricanrana for a close two count. Rey hits a snap sunset flip for another near fall. He gets Metalik on the ropes and hits the 619 followed by a frog splash for the pin and the win.

Winner- Rey Mysterio

We go backstage to The Street Profits. They hype tonight’s matches and Sunday’s Clash of Champions. After previously commenting on WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Nikki Cross, Dawkins is not flirting with Sasha Banks. They lead us to a video package on Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan from SmackDown.

Samoa Joe vs Ricochet vs Baron Corbin – Triple Threat, King of the Ring 2019 Semifinal

Ricochet starts the match by attacking both Corbin and Joe. Corbin ducks out of the ring. Joe clotheslines Ricochet from behind. Ricochet eventually clears the ring, nailing both Corbin and Joe with quick moves heading into the break.

Ricochet is in control as we return from the break. He gets slammed into the apron by Corbin. Joe jumps leaps off the apron to take Corbin down before he picks up Ricochet and sends him into the ring post. Joe and Corbin trade strikes until Joe hits a senton. Joe goes for the pin on Corbin but Ricochet breaks the pin attempt. Joe hits Ricochet with a power slam out of nowhere for another near fall. Joe has Ricochet on the top turnbuckle but Corbin prevents the move.

All three men take turns taking each other out until everyone is down in the ring. Ricochet and Corbin now in the middle ring, trading blows. Corbin hits a powerbomb followed by Deep Six but Joe pulls him out of the ring in the Coquina Clutch to prevent a pin. He chokes Corbin until Ricochet hits a shooting star press from the apron. After several counters, Ricochet hits Joe with the recoil. He climbs to the top rope and hits the 630. Corbin pulls him out of the ring and covers Joe for the pin and the win.

Winner- Baron Corbin(Advances to King of the Ring Finals)

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