WWE RAW Results 9 Sept 2019: WWE Return to MSG

WWE RAW Live Results and Updates- 9 September 2019 – Page 5

Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Cedric Alexander and The Viking Raiders vs Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode, and The O.C.

Rollins and Ziggler start the match. Dolph hits an armbar as they continue with some classic wrestling. Seth hits an armbar himself and tags in Ivar, who then tags in Erik. They scoop Ziggler and hits a slam. AJ Styles breaks the pin and it all breaks down into chaos. Strowman grabs Ziggler and hits a chokeslam s we go to break.

Back from commercial, Alexander is isolated and the opposite team is working him over with quick tags. He springboards a reverse STO on Styles but Gallows tags in and cuts him off before he can make a tag. Robert Roode comes in and puts boots to Cedric. Next, a reverse chin lock and works him for sometime before locking in a Fujiwara armbar. Alexander comes with a back elbow strike and tags in Rollins. Rollins comes in hot and hits a Sling Blade. He ducks a lariat and hits an enzuigiri to Gallows. Anderson meets his springboard knee strike before a Falcon Arrow.

Roode breaks the pin and once again the match is into chaos. Things are back in control as Rollins hits Avada Kedavra on Styles. He tags in Braun who starts the running shoulder tackles on everybody on the outside. He gets back into the ring and hits a running power slam. Roode and Ziggler shove Seth into the cover to break it up. Braun doesn’t know that Rollins was pushed. They are arguing as we go to break.

Back from commercial and the heels are working Rollins over with boots and quick tags. Anderson with a reverse chin lock applied before setting Rollins up in the turnbuckles. Seth hits the blockbuster but Ziggler tags in to stop him. A buckle bomb helps Rollins make the tag to Strowman. He shoulder tackles Styles a couple of times. He goes for a spear-like maneuver but AJ ducks out of it.

Erik tags himself in and hits a huge overhead exploder on Ziggler. A hip toss to Robert followed by a knee strike. Styles hits him with the Pele kick. Ivar tags in and hits seated senton out of the corner. He heads to the top as everyone is fighting it out on the outside. Alexander blind tags him as he takes everyone at the ringside. AJ hits Cedric with a boot. He goes for the phenomenal forearm which is countered to Lumber Check and Alexander gets the pin.

Winners- Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Cedric Alexander and The Viking Raiders

Post-match, Stone Cold comes out to celebrate with the babyfaces, tossing them all a beer for a good old-fashioned Stone Cold beer bash to close the show.

RAW 9 September 2019 Quick Results

  • Cedric Alexander defeated AJ Styles via DQ
  • Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair defeated Hug ‘n’ Boss Connection
  • Rey Mysterio defeated Gran Metalik
  • Baron Corbin defeated Samoa Joe & Ricochet to advance to King of the Ring 2019 Finals
  • Natalya defeated Lacey Evans

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