NXT Deadline: Wes Lee Out, Dragon Lee vs Dominik Title Bout Set

Dominik Mysterio vs Dragon Lee NXT Deadline

Dragon Lee is stepping in for Wes Lee at NXT Deadline 2023 event, set to challenge Dominik Mysterio for the NXT North American Championship.

Regrettably, Wes Lee revealed during December 5 episode of NXT that he requires surgery and is experiencing a lack of sensation in his legs. Consequently, he stated that he won’t be able to compete against Dominik Mysterio for the NXT North American Championship at NXT Deadline.

Wes Lee is scheduled for back surgery, and the commentary team disclosed that he will be sidelined from action for a duration of 8–12 months. Lee himself confirmed that, despite this setback, he remains determined not to give up and plans to return even stronger after his recovery.

Following this, Dominik Mysterio arrived to mock him, but Wes Lee interjected, confirming that the championship match is set to take place on December 9. To intensify the situation, Rey Mysterio surprised his son with a video message, revealing that Dragon Lee would be the one stepping up to challenge him at Deadline instead.

Rey Mysterio further announced that he would be present at ringside alongside Dragon Lee during the match. Subsequently, Dominik attacked Dragon Lee, but Lee managed to stand tall, causing Dominik to retreat from the situation.

Lee previously had an opportunity for NXT North American title on the September 25 episode of RAW but was unsuccessful in defeating Dominik Mysterio at that time. Dragon Lee’s most recent fight took place at WWE Survivor Series 2023 PLE, where he faced Santos Escobar and was defeated in the match.

Dragon Lee is also set to compete against Santos Escobar on this week’s SmackDown Tribute to the Troops card.

NXT Deadline 2023 will take place on December 9 at Total Mortgage Arena in Bridgeport, CT. NXT Championship match is also set for the main event, where Ilja Dragunov will face Baron Corbin.

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