The New Day Become 7 Times Tag Team Champions

New Day Become 7 Times Tag Team Champions at SmackDown 8 November 2019
New Day Become 7 Times Tag-Team Champions

The New Day pair of Kofi Kingston and Big E have become the new WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions by defeating the Revival in the title match at SmackDown episode of 8 November 2019 in Manchester, England, which will start 7th tag team championship reign.

Earlier, The Revival defeated Xavier Woods & Big E to become the SmackDown tag team champions at Clash of Champions 2019 show. Later, Kofi Kingston lost the WWE Championship to Brock Lesnar at SmackDown’s premiere episode on Fox. Kofi then replaced Xavier Woods in the Tag Team Turmoil match at WWE Crown Jewel. During the match at Crown Jewel, Kofi rolled-up Dash Wilder to pin and eliminated the Revival from the match.

WWE earlier announced the title match between the New Day and the Revival for last week’s SmackDown episode. However, the travel delay in Saudi Arabia meant that both teams were still on their way to the United States by the time SmackDown started airing. The match was then moved to this week’s SmackDown episode, which aired from Manchester, England.

Kofi started the match strongly for the New Day. But Dash Wilder then faked an injury and bait Big E into an attack. For a short while, The Revival used the tag team tactics to keep Big E in their corner. Big E countered Wilder and Kofi ran riot after the hot tag. Kofi was looking for Trouble in Paradise when Wilder pulled Dawson out of the way.

The Revival once again used the double team moves to hit a tornado DDT on Big E. But soon, Big E showed his strength when he grabbed Wilder as Kofi hit him with the Trouble in Paradise and got the pin for their fifth SmackDown Tag Team championship win.

This is the seventh Tag Team title for the New Day in total. Also, with this win The New Day will now replace the Revival in the Survivor Series tag team champions match against the Viking Raiders and The Undisputed ERA.

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