Clash of Champions: Mixed Day for New Day as Kofi Retain

Kofi Kingston WWE Clash Of Champions 2019
Kofi Kingston WWE Clash Of Champions 2019

The New Day had a mixed day at Clash of Champions 2019 show as Kofi Kingston retained the WWE title over Randy Orton but Big E and Xavier Woods lost the SmackDown Tag Team Titles to the Revival.

Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton continued their feud after their SummerSlam match ended in a double count-out. Since then, Orton aligned with the Revival and has been assaulting Kofi and his New Day mates. The trio managed to injure(kayfabe) Xavier Woods and Big E while also trapping Kofi into various attacks week after week.

After being away from WWE TV in last two weeks attributed to an injury, Xavier Woods and Big E returned to face the Revival for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. The Revival’s tactics meant that Woods was once again sidelined for initial part of the match. After Big E’s lone for some time, Woods came back in the match in later part.

However, the Revival were on point with their tactics again as they managed to incapacitate Big E and used Woods’ knee injury. After refusing to give up on an inverted figure four lock for some time, Woods had to submit due to the injury. The Revival has now become the SD Tag team champions for the first time.

Later in the evening, Kofi faced off with Orton for the WWE Championship. Orton went close to win with RKO, but Kofi kicked out of the pin. As a frustrated Orton went for the punt kick, Kofi dodged him and hit the Trouble in Paradise to get a clean pin.

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