Mustafa Ali Thinks He is the #1 Contender For US Title

Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali took to Twitter to express his displeasure over not being named #1 contender for WWE United States Championship.

Last week’s RAW saw a six-man tag team match between WWE United States Champion Riddle & Lucha House Party vs Slapjack, Mace, and T-Bar from Retribution. After that match, the leader of Retribution Ali challenged Riddle for a singles match as he wanted to show his Retribution mates how to win a match.

Ali and Riddle faced-off in a non-title match. Ali was able to pin Riddle after some distraction from Slapjack and Reckoning. Now, Ali has come to the conclusion that he deserves a title shot after beating the US champion.

Ali tweeted that he is the #1 contender for the WWE United States Championship match but still has not got that opportunity. Ali’s original tweet was,

“PSA: I pinned the United States Champion and have yet to be named the number one contender. Thank you.”

This tweet may be a part of WWE storyline which might see Mustafa Ali getting the US Championship match at upcoming episodes of RAW or at Fastlane 2021 PPV. Ali recently expressed his interest in facing Riddle for the US title at WrestleMania 37.

WWE has also teased the breakup of Retribution. In the last couple of weeks, Ali was shown snapping at Retribution members on losing their matches. They were also not happy after Ali was mocking them after pinning Riddle last week at RAW.